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Abec Skateboard Bearings – What Does It Tell You?

Each type of skateboard bearing has its own difference. Therefore Abec skateboard bearings index has been introduced. Based on that, you can pick up the best Abec bearings.

What part do you think keeps your skateboard rolling? The standard answers from many skaters are wheels, but they are not completely correct. Instead, bearings are the ones having the primary responsibility of moving your skateboard forward.

The importance of skateboard bearings is unavoidable, so in today’s article, we will introduce you to its Abec, which is the rating system of the bearings. Hurry up and scroll down for more information.

What Is Abec Rating? 

abec skateboard bearings

How Skateboard Metal Bearing Looks Like

First of all, it is crucial to understand the Abec rating fully. What does it do, and how important is it?

Abec rating means the levels of bearings in terms of durability and level of precision; its name stands for annular bearing engineer’s committee. And the standards are set by the American bearing manufacturer association

They are inclusive of thousands of titles which are a large outer and inner ring; between these rings are miniature steel bearings that function the wheels to turn. Outside of the rings are the rubber shields covering both sides to prevent the ball bearing from dirt and mud.  

The higher the Abec rating is, the more precision it delivers. Unfortunately, some manufacturers poorly produce the bearings by slapping them together, but the others give the bearings spaces between the parts.  

What happens if the cheaper material bearings assemble into the expensive skateboard? Sudden stops or starts will be one of several consequences, and they will probably ruin your skateboard regardless of how expensive the board is. 

Abec Ratings Review

There are four primary levels of Abec rating, below will be the information regarding them. Scroll down to know more.

Abec 1 And 3 Skateboarding Bearing Review

abec 3 bearings review

Abec 3 Bones Bearing 

Abec 3 and Abec 1 are commonly used on cheap bearings, especially the ones from China. They fit most applications but will negatively impact smoothness and tend to have short longevity. Also, they have lower dimensional tolerances compared to other models.

Bearing with lower Abec will go along with less tolerance compared to other higher Abec ratings. It is not feasible for a low Abec index to accommodate applications with high speeds. In other words, your safety is in danger if you increase the speed of your skateboard with a low ABEC rating. 

Abec 5 Skateboarding Bearing Review

Compared to Abec 1-3 classes, the Abec 5 has more bearing precision and durability. It should be treated as a norm in skateboard installation as it features an acceptable speed and at an affordable price. 

abec 5 bearings review

Abec 5

As we have mentioned above, the manufacturer typically equips Abec 3 for its cheap application, so the Abec 5 will hardly exist on an affordable factory-made product. But you can choose to upgrade it, and this decent bearing will mostly fit all the skateboard textures. 

Abec 7 Skateboarding Bearing Review

Welcome to the world of high-end industrial application, where the ball precision and skateboard bearing are scrutinized and tested through various steps to achieve the highest level. 

The branded skate-bearing manufacturers usually include the Abec 7 on their high-end products. The higher the Abec rating is, the more speed it can handle, which means you can speed up your skateboard without worrying about sudden stops or instability. 

Many skaters love the Abec 7 and choose it to race. The reason is that the Abec 7 has a cheaper price than other high-end products, but the quality is excellent and long-lasting. Compared to Abec 3 or 5, the Abec 7 has 4 and 5 times higher precision, respectively.

Abec 9 Skateboarding Bearing Review

We have to say Abec 9 or higher Abec rating is not for any beginners, and its existence is to satisfy professional skaters loving the craziness of high speed. 

Also, the Abec 9 is especially supportive to any downhill luge-style skating. So, it can be a worth-thinking option for skater-loving challenges or extra speed, especially for people living on the West Coast.

abec 9 bearings review

Abec 9

Another point we should advise you is that a higher Abec score does not mean it can carry neither a higher load nor a lower load, but it does effectively maneuver when you are at an incredible speed. 

The higher Abec will cost you more than other Abec levels and require design specifications. For instance, you need to adjust your axle size to fit with the bearing size. Also, wheel size and degree of the ball need to be paid attention to when assembling with higher Abec. 

SkateBoarding Bearing Maintenance

best abec bearings

Skateboard bearing maintenance

Regardless of how much you paid for the bearings, you need to maintain them to ensure a clean, well-oiled condition. When you maintain the bearing well, that means your skate wheels are protected effectively and give them a better heat resistant support.

Let’s use lubricant as your daily habit, and it is in charge of fulfilling natural imperfections of the bearing hole when using. It puts the layer between the moving steel ball bearings and rings to help reduce the heat that occurs when you skateboard at high speed. 


We hope that through this article, you will gain a better understanding of the Abec skateboard bearings. Always remember to keep the passion for what you are doing, and if you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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