Am I Too Old To Start Skateboarding? Helpful Tips For Adult Skaters

Am I too old to start skateboarding? If you wonder this question in your mind, we only want to say, go for it. You are never too old for this stuff as long as you are still healthy and strong enough.

There is not any age limit to learn skateboarding. It is probably slightly embarrassing when you begin learning skateboarding in your 30s and 40s, yet practice makes perfect.

am i too old to skateboard

It might be a little awkward on your first day. But remember gaining a new skill needs time; think about where and when you will practice.

If you practice only one day per week, it takes a great amount of time before you see results. That’s why you should try to practice two times per week at least.

Today, SkateAdvsors will share some tips to learn skateboarding and other helpful information to help you be more confident in playing this sport.

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Skateboarding in age groups

#1. Skateboarding in the 20s

how old is too old to start skateboarding

You probably think skateboarding is just for young people, but it’s just a cliche. It is for those who love to ride and are still in good shape. It is perfectly fine to start learning to skateboard in your 20s.

You might not become a master, but that does not mean you cannot have fun. You have a lot of time to skate, so it’s time to stop saying you are too old!

#2. Skateboarding in 30s and 40s

am i too old to start skateboarding

Here is when age begins to matter. You will need to take extra precautions. In these years, it will hurt when you are in your 30s and 40s. You can bruise some ribs and injure your heel shortly and realize you have to slow down.

It will be best to keep it at the standards and do difficult tricks when you are in a good mood. And stop thinking, “Am I too old to skateboard?”.

#3. Skateboarding in 50s

too old to start skateboarding

We highly recommend you pick a long skateboard if you are in your 50s. There will be less risk, and you need to avoid risks as much as possible at this age.

You can think about electric skateboards as well. They are easy to learn and don’t require much physical strength.

10 Tips to Learn Skateboarding For Aged Skaters

And here are our ten tips for adults who are eager to learn skateboarding and wondering, “How old is too old to skateboard?”. These tips are based on our observations and experience. And in the end, we will recommend several boards for aged skaters.

1. Opt for Bigger Board & Decent Trucks

Ensure you will get an 8.25 – 8.5-inch board. You should go for venture or size-free trucks in case you want more stability. It takes a longer time to seek balance.

Thus, the wider board and trucks will help you find your balance and erase the feeling of aliens at first.

In case you don’t know which skateboard you need, please check out our suggestions in the end.

If you want to commute or cruise, look at a mini-cruiser.

2. Go for Protective Gear and proper Shoes

As you get older, it is more difficult to recover, and falling will have a larger impact. You should wear a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and padded shorts.

am i too old to skateboard

You also need to put on butt pads. You may take several hits, but after that, it is likely to become unpleasant quickly.

Put on quality shoes with the right cushioning, or your feet will get great impacts, and you will injure your Achilles and heels.

That’s why protective gear will make you feel confident. The right equipment will stay longer, and proper gear makes the difference.

3. Start a Patch of Grass

It seems slightly strange, yet it is a good way to begin. To know your board, start patching grass. Attempt to balance your board first and then lean forward and backward. You can try jumping on and off the board even when you might fall.

Repeat this for at least one hour to get used to using the board. You can practice inside your house if there is enough space, and make sure everything is kept away.

4. Learn & Record

If you can take lessons, there is someone that can help you. You can get a head start and do not have to study everything by yourself. Some basics such as posture, foot position, balance, and bending your knees are the parts you should begin working on.

You can record by your phone or any device. Observe and analyze what you are doing to see if it is right or wrong.

too old to skateboard

5. Go to Skateparks Early

Skateparks are good to skate. The only drawback is other skaters. As a skateboarding novice, it is difficult to obey the rules.

You probably know them, but it is challenging to follow when lacking the skills. So it’s time to go there soon, there will not be many skaters, and you are free to practice with your skateboard.

6. Observe Your Gear, Remember to Bring Your Old Phone

Remember to check your skateboard wheels can spin well and the bolts on the ends of the trucks are. You probably come down crashing if they come off. Your trucks, occasionally, are slightly stiff or loose.

As you may know, being too loose can make you be over your board, and you will have a struggling time seeking your balance. Meanwhile, being too tight means you will have a difficult time managing the board.

If you practice on your own, you can bring your old phone and record what you do. It will be best to leave your high-end devices at home as you don’t need to mind losing them. You will need a cellphone in case you, unfortunately, have an accident.

7. Do Some Muscles Warm-ups

Ever since we pass our 30s, we notice muscle aches after skateboarding. Before we begin our routine, we warm up our muscles and cruise a little.

too old to skate

If you cannot ride yet, walk around and loosen up. We notice this when we ride a mini ramp. Just take several minutes, and you will be able to come back in several days.

8. Do Not Feel Embarrassed

It might happen at every age but do not feel embarrassed as you are not rocking it yet. It will take time before you can ride a skateboard smoothly. You might feel hard sometimes, and this feeling can even hinder you from moving forward.

9. Respect To Your Fellow Skaters

It is very crucial to be respectful to your skaters. They will be supportive when you want guidance, for instance, dropping in mini ramps at first. Do not ride anywhere. Remember to observe the space to avoid collisions.

10. Transition Skateboarding

As soon as you maneuver how to use a skateboard and are eager to improve, you can look at transition skateboarding. It means skating mini ramps and quarter pipes.

They are incredibly fun and less risky. Begin by riding up/down quarter pipes and practice fakies and kick turns. Once you are familiar with that, you can try out mini ramps.


Be persistent

Skateboarding is not a sport that you can learn within several days. Young people can pick up skateboarding faster, while aged adults will need time and persistence before they can master it.

how old is too old to skateboard

Try to practice skateboarding as many as three times per week for every 1-2 hours. More is better, but it might be hard due to your responsibilities such as family and work.

And remember not to try doing tricks if you are not ready. You can hurt yourself. Stop attempting to pull off a trick; you do it for more than one hour without success.

Frustration can make it more challenging, and you can lose concentration. Please go for something else.

How fit are you?

Your physical situation matters much. If you are in good health condition and boast a key core, it is easier to skate. If not, you had better get in shape by a workout at home or going to the gym to train your legs and core and improve flexibility.

And don’t forget to wear protection. Novices are likely to get injured and be more vulnerable regularly. Knees, ankles, elbows, and hips are popular to injure. Remember to protect your head as well.

Recommended Skateboards

Now, we have skateboards for your consideration. You can look at their features, pros, and cons to choose which skateboard is suitable for you.

1. Arbor Pilsner Cruiser B088K6KB92

Arbor Pilsner Cruiser B088K6KB92

The Arbor Pilsner Cruiser is our favorite cruiser. It is a decent board; you will get a quality board at an acceptable cost.

Some say its price is a bunch of money, but you can pay more if you choose the parts on your own.

We will adore the board, we do not know how its wheels can hold up for a long time, yet they are similar to some cruiser wheels we tested. You can get fancy trucks and a board only looking so rad, but you need to ride it.

Plus, this board is probably a little challenging if you are entirely a newbie riding a cruiser. It is small and will be more difficult to learn to maneuver at first. But you can have a fun cruiser if you get the hang of this board.


  • High quality
  • Affordable price
  • Stable and sturdy wheels
  • Fancy trucks


  • Small size

2. Arbor Oso B07PVZBKFM

Arbor Oso B07PVZBKFM

The lineups of Arbor Oso include the boards with the highest stability you can get. As you may know, stability is good, yet it does have disadvantages. The stable boards are mostly responsive and very agile.

Thus, you should alter them with other softer bushings, and you can get a stable board that is rather responsive.

It is about 10 inches in width and has a big kicktail. This board can ride any pool, and its Paris trucks will take a beating.

Like the top recommendation, the Arbor Oso looks rad. You will love its neat design in two variants Foundation and Artist.

However, we have to say, it is slightly heavy, and you can feel sluggish when turning it.


  • High stability
  • Fast acceleration
  • Stay stable even at a high speed
  • Can ride pools


  • Slightly heavy
  • The sluggish feeling when turning

3. Globe Big Blazer B07V9JF53M

Globe Big Blazer B07V9JF53M

This skateboard is ideal for newbies and one of the most stable cruisers. There are no concave, wider trucks, length, and wide wheels.

It is more responsive in comparison with the Arbor Oso. You can find it quite easy to ride as it is longer than other boards.

Its bigger contact patch on its wheels provides optimal grip but remains a comfortable cruising experience. There is a long kicktail and a flatter surface on the board deck to help you find balance.

We are really impressed with its components. The skateboard feels sturdy, mainly as it is slightly bigger than most other cruisers and trucks.

We have to say, it is a good bang for your buck. If you only want to cruise and hop several curbs, it might be the right board for you.

Nevertheless, it seems not to be durable, and the bearings should be better.


  • High stability
  • Deliver more response
  • Comfortable cruising experience
  • Great components


  • Low durability
  • Must-improve bearings

Final Thoughts

So you have gone through our topic for the question ” Am I too old to start skateboarding ?”. What’s your opinion? Are you still thinking picking up a skateboard is not for you?

You can ride it as long as you are in good shape and take your time to learn skateboarding regularly.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you for reading.

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