Are My Skateboard Trucks Too Wide? Clear The Confusion

As a skateboarder, skateboarding is more than just a sport. It’s a lifestyle and an art for me. But I’ve always been thinking about the effect of a skateboard truck’s width on my riding experience. The one question that always comes to mind is, “Are my skateboard trucks too wide?” It can affect my performance, style, and comfort on the board. In this article, let’s talk about skateboard trucks and different types of widths. 

Are my skateboard trucks too wide? 

The width of our skateboard trucks plays a huge role in how our board performs. If they are too wide for our deck, we might experience so many difficulties during skateboarding. So, make sure the trucks always fit within the width of your skateboard.

are my skateboard trucks too wide

Truckin’ with Style

I’ve been skateboarding for a while. But recently, one thing that has come to mind frequently is, are my skateboard trucks too wide for my setup? So, I decided to explore this topic and discover some answers.

First of all, there are some basic rules for every skateboard truck’s width. For example, if your deck is 8 inches wide, your skateboard truck’s width should also be around 8 inches. But your personal choice matters too. Some skaters prefer wider or narrower trucks, it depends on their style and comfort.

But as I said, if your skateboard truck’s width doesn’t match your board, it may create a lot of problems. For that, there may be some risky, unstable, or unbalancing situations. So you should adjust your truck size if it’s making your skating difficult or uncomfortable. 

When my trucks became too wide, I measured the distance between the outer edges of my trucks and compared it to my deck’s width. And my trucks were wider than my deck.

For that, I felt less active during my skating. So I decided to make it a slightly narrower truck, and the improvement in my performance was observable. It’s totally resolvable.

A small adjustment can make a big difference. So, if you discover your skateboard trucks are too wide, examine your desk’s width, your style, and how you are feeling on your board. It’s all about making your skating experience enjoyable.

Factors to consider truck width

are my skateboard trucks too wide 1

Truck Tricks Unleashed

The width of our skateboard trucks directly impacts our performance. There are some factors to consider when deciding truck width. For example, deck width, wheel size, personal preference, riding style, etc

It’s very important to match your truck width with your deck width. If trucks are too wide for your deck, you definitely have to fix it according to your comfort. If they are too narrow, in this case, stability can be compromised.

Also, you have to consider the size of your skateboard wheels. Wider trucks are perfectly suitable for larger wheels and stability. Besides, personal preference and riding style matter a lot in skating. Everyone has their own riding style and personal choices.

Some skateboarders prefer wider trucks for a stable and comfortable ride, and some prefer narrower trucks for a more energetic and active feel.

So, it’s essential to experiment with different widths to find the perfect setup that suits your skating style and goals. Here is a skateboard truck-size guide for you. Or a video explaining truck size for better visuals.

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Benefits of wider trucks 

Well, wider skateboard trucks have some benefits too. Sometimes wider trucks provide us with better stability, improve our control, reduce wheel bite, and provide support for bigger wheels.

If I talk about stability, then wider trucks may make it easier to maintain balance, especially at higher speeds, and increase your stability during skate riding.

It will help you improve your control and activeness, especially when it’s time to turn at a higher speed. Wider skateboard trucks may help you reduce the chances of a wheel bite when they come into contact with the deck. It reduces the risk of accidents.

Also, for those who prefer a larger desk, wider trucks provide a better fit for them. Because sometimes it matched the larger desk so perfectly. And it may support bigger wheels, which can help make your overall riding experience easy and smooth.

Drawbacks of wide trucks

Wide skateboard trucks have some benefits, but they may also offer some drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of wide trucks is their increased weight.

Wider trucks are usually heavier than narrower trucks because of their additional material. This extra weight can make your skate riding feel unstable and uncomfortable.

Besides, wider trucks may not be suitable for all skateboarders and their riding styles. Because all skateboarders have their own preferences and riding styles. Also, wider trucks aren’t that suitable for street and park skateboarding.

Especially for those who are not used to the different characteristics of wider trucks, it can be a reason for sudden stops, falls, or risky riding during skating.

Finding the right balance

are my skateboard trucks too wide 3

Truck Life Balance

Finding the right balance on skateboard trucks is necessary for a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Skateboard trucks are the metal T-shaped parts that attach the wheels to the deck, and their balance plays a huge role in board performance.

Wider trucks provide us with more stability, while narrower ones offer increased activeness. The height of the trucks affects the velocity of gravity.

With higher trucks providing more clearance for tricks and lower ones providing stability and control. Balancing these elements depends on your skating style and personal preference.

So, all skateboarders need to find the right balance between the skateboard truck’s wide and personal preference for a beautiful journey with their beloved sport.


Are my skateboard trucks too wide? In conclusion, all I want to say is that the width of your skateboard trucks should match your deck width for a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Too-wide trucks can cause activeness and wheel bite issues, while too-narrow trucks may compromise stability.

Skateboarders’ personal preferences and styles play a huge role, but overall, mixing it up and finding a perfect balance between everything can make your relationship with skateboarding memorable.

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