Bamboo Vs Maple Skateboard: Which One Is Suitable For You?

Material really matters to your skateboarding performance. So what should you choose between bamboo vs maple skateboard

The maple is more durable and studier. It can also accommodate more weight. However, when it comes to flexibility and environmental impact, bamboo wins.

If you still don't know what to choose, keep reading. The detailed comparison we share right here can help you make up your mind quickly. 

Bamboo Skateboards

Although we call them "bamboo skateboards," it doesn't mean that the manufacturers only use bamboo wood to make these products. 

The decks are bamboo boards blended with other materials like maple and fiberglass.

The upper and bottom layers of this skateboard are bamboo. However, makers sometimes use maple hardwood to construct the inner layers. The more pieces on the deck, the more sturdy it will be.

In general, since this wood is flexible and light, the end product is naturally more flexible and more lightweight than many other skateboard materials.

Maple Skateboards 

Because of its elasticity and durability, maple is quite popular. Furthermore, it is pretty simple to shape the wood without sacrificing its toughness.

The wood comes from several locations in the United States and Canada. The climate is quite cold across the regions.

Because of the weather, towering trees have a greater density. As a result, the hardwood substance has more rings.

Maple skateboards are popular among beginners and experienced skateboarders. The extra rings in the wood can make the board pop easier. 

Differences Between Bamboo Vs. Maple Skateboard 

In this section, we'll compare maple vs bamboo skateboards and how each affects your skateboarding experience. 


Bamboo is considerably lighter than its competitor since it does not contain much wood. Most of the plant's inner areas are empty or airy.

With such a minimal weight, decks made of this material are ideal for activities that require fast speeds with little propulsion work.

The maple wood is more solid. As a result, engaging its skateboard will need a lot of physical strength.

bamboo vs maple skateboard

The weight determines how much force is needed to ride on the skateboard


Bamboo is thinner and also less woody. Manufacturers find it easier to bend and shape in the desired form. Skateboards also appreciate this feature since it helps them turn the board effortlessly. 

What's more, the flexibility makes the decks excellent for handling challenging terrains. Skaters can also perform sharp turns with ease. 

If you plan to practice these specific routes, you consider this option. You can learn some tricks via this video.

On the other hand, skateboards made of maple wood are very rigid. They are ideal for some level and straight terrains. But if you often ride on rocky paths, go for the other choice.

maple vs bamboo skateboard

The more flexible the deck is, the easier it to work with it


As aforementioned, maple is more rigid. Hence, its strength surpasses its competitor. Although the wood can't offer a high level of flexibility, it does help in some cases.

The skateboards constructed of this wood are durable and sturdy. They can tolerate heavy impacts. Even if you use them consistently, they can still be strong.


Maple wood is not only sturdy but also long-lasting. The wood grows and extends its body over time. As a result, they can produce tough and strong hardwood pieces that are resistant to wear and wear.

Skateboards made of this material take years to degrade and just demand minor treatments from users.

Skateboarders last for a long time and remain their quality. They are the best option if you expect repeated and extended use.

Bamboo is also durable. However, it can't win this round because of the maple's impressive durability.

bamboo or maple skateboard

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is an important feature to consider when buying skateboards: the higher capacity, the better. 

The maple skateboard has a great weight capacity thanks to its exceptional stability and strength. It can support up to 330 pounds.

The bamboo itself is pretty weak. However, manufacturers often mix it with other materials to strengthen the deck. 

Then, the skateboard can accommodate about 220 pounds. 

Environmental impact

The maple tree needs much time to thrive. It takes seven to ten years for this tree to reach full maturity. Meanwhile, its competitor Bamboo only takes three to five years to mature.

Harvesting maple wood to manufacture skateboards causes significant environmental damage and disruption. 

Bamboo pieces appear to be a more environmentally-friendly choice. They help handle and control deforestation thanks to their ability to grow fast. 

Technically, bamboo is a form of grass. It can grow back stronger if correctly chopped. The tree is ready to cut after five years. 

These plants are famous for their ability to soak up enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and release ample oxygen

They can also help recover damaged soil, allowing other plants to flourish naturally.

are bamboo skateboards better than maple

Environment is a big issue to consider


Generally, the maple is more expensive because it's more robust and durable. If you don't want to break the bank, the bamboo model should be your way to go. 

Comparison table 

Now the outstanding characteristics of these items are evident. Let's summarize their differences with this table.


Bamboo skateboards

Maple skateboards













Weight capacity

220 pounds

330 pounds

Environmental impact


Not eco-friendly



Quite expensive

What Should You Choose? 

Are bamboo skateboards better than maple? Each option comes with a set of benefits and drawbacks. It all comes down to your requirements to opt for the better one.

Check out the pros and cons of both, and you will know what to choose. 

Maple skateboard

The wood is durable. Go for it if you need a piece of equipment that can last for a long time. The deck is also better at handling more weight pressure.


  • The deck can withstand up to 330 pounds.

  • You can keep it for a long time.

  • The material for this equipment is solid. 


  • You should expect a high cost for this study wood.

  • The wood is not very eco-friendly. 

Bamboo skateboard

On the other hand, you may like this wood since it's flexible and eco-friendly. If cost is your top concern, this option is also a great idea. 


  • The board is lightweight.

  • Its flexibility allows you to perform most types of tricks.

  • The price is affordable. 


  • The deck is very strong.

  • It can only support 220 pounds.

Which to choose?

If you still can't decide, consider these aspects:


How much are you willing to pay for it? If you have a tight budget, choose the cheaper one.

Type of terrain

What kind of terrain are you working on? Since bamboo is more flexible, it's suitable for all settings.


How heavy are you? If your weight is a headache during the practice session, buy a skateboard that can accommodate more weight.


While the maple is strong, the flexibility of bamboo may win your heart. Before making your purchase, check the comparison table of bamboo vs maple skateboards we have shared to determine which suits you more.

Hopefully, you can find an ideal skateboard to maximize your skateboarding experience. Thank you for reading!

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