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8+ Best Skateboard Backpacks [Top Choice 2022]

If you use your skateboard for traveling, be it to your local library or school, you probably have to carry your essentials along with you. However, every skater knows it is vital to maintain your balance and keep your hands free too.

So what’s the solution?

Well, instead of carrying multiple bags and risk tripping over sharp turns, you should opt for one of the best skateboard backpacks for a smoother ride.

An ideal skateboard backpack offers ample space to keep all your gear, water bottles, essentials, and even your laptop safely. What’s more, many of them come armed with straps to keep your skateboard secured too.

Keep reading the following article to learn more about the difference between a regular backpack and a skateboard backpack, and find the best one for your needs.

Top 8 Best Skateboard Backpack Reviews in 2022

To help you out with your search, we have narrowed down eight of the best skateboard bags in the following section. Read their reviews to find out more about high-quality features.

1. Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack – Best for Overall

best skateboard backpacks

View at Amazon || View at Eastsport

The Eastsport Skater Backpack is one of the most spacious bags on this list. It comes with a large main compartment containing a couple of mesh pockets and a large padded pocket for your laptop. Here, you can store and organize all of your gear with ease.

Apart from this, you get two smaller front pockets and two side mesh pockets for your water bottle. The manufacturer has even added two heavy-duty Velcro straps at the front to hold your skateboard securely. The certainty, smoothness, and sustainability are what I feel when directly wearing this backpack. It’s better than I imagined.

Moving on to its construction, the bag is entirely polyester with a waterproof coating to keep your luggage safe. Besides this, it has a fleece interior, robust stitching, and a rubber handle to carry your bag to.

What’s more, you get ergonomic, padded back and shoulder straps to reduce stress while carrying heavy luggage.

Since this bag is available in 16 different colors and patterns, you can find the perfect bag to match your skateboard and style too.


  • 16 different styles
  • Padded back and straps for support
  • Velcro straps for your skateboard
  • Spacious compartments
  • Durable, waterproof construction


  • Side pockets are not fitted

Bottom line: The best overall backpack, in my opinion, must be light, durable, and have good water resistance. Fortunately, the Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack completed my most challenging test. This backpack is worthy of your top investment.

2. Ronyes Skateboard Backpack – Best for Comfortable Design

best skateboard backpack

View at Amazon || View at Ronyesbag

If you are looking for a truly versatile backpack with various pockets and a comfortable design, look no further than the Ronyes Skateboard Backpack.

The all-black, polyester bag has a substantial 30L capacity with a waterproof coating on the exterior to keep your luggage safe. So is it waterproof? I have directly poured water on the backpack, it only gives a certain level of waterproofing, and there is still a risk of wetting everything inside.

Considering that, it is still acceptable for light rain. It features a built-in, external USB cable to keep your wires organized while charging your phone from your power bank.

Besides this, you get two sturdy buckle straps at the front of the bag to store skateboards of any size. Meanwhile, the bag contains numerous pockets for all and any luggage you might have.

This includes a large front pocket with two separate departments, a top hidden pocket, two side water bottle pockets, four pen slots, a padded iPad pocket, and a large laptop pocket.

The unique feature, however, is a net, hidden in its bottom pocket. You can attach this net to the front and keep any sports balls like volleyball, football, or basketball.

Moreover, the bag is exceptionally comfortable, owing to its S-shaped, padded shoulder straps with its breathable air mesh. Even the back has ergonomic padding and mesh for better air circulation. You can easily adjust the sternum and waist buckle for the best fitting too.


  • Multiple spacious pockets
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • The padded back offers support
  • External USB cable
  • Hidden net for sports balls
  • Front buckles for carrying a skateboard


  • Only one color
  • Pricey

Bottom line: I am satisfied with the design of this backpack. It is comfortable for many different consumers. It also has plenty of roomy pockets to keep your favorite items in.

3. Dakine Wonder Pack – Best for sustainability

best skate backpacks

View at Amazon || View at Dakine

Dakine is a well-known brand that offers high-quality sports accessories to its customers. Hence, it is not surprising that their Dakine Wonder Pack is on our list.

If you are looking for a durable yet compact bag, then the Wonder Pack’s 15L storage capacity is ideal for your needs. The bag comes with one large main pocket with further interior divisions to organize all your stuff.

However, this is not the end. You also get a top, fleece-lined pocket for your sunglasses, a spacious front pocket, and two sides mesh pockets to keep everything close to your hand.

You can also use the two front buckle straps to secure your skateboard and keep your hands free. While the bungee cords at the front offer a unique style, you can even use them to hold other items safely.

If all this was not enough, the bag has sufficient padding on the bag and comes in 14 different vibrant colors and styles. The backpack has a variety of colors, allowing me to choose according to my wishes freely. Accordingly, I can also use it to go to work or school.


  • Compact size
  • 14 different color options
  • Bungee cords for extra space
  • Hidden sunglasses pocket
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps


  • No padded laptop compartment

Bottom line: Sustainability is an essential factor that I always look for when choosing the best skateboard backpack. And Dakine Wonder Pack is the perfect choice for you; it is manufactured from premium materials and can last for a long time.

4. JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack – Best for Material Quality

best skate backpack

View at Amazon || View at Jansport

Since JanSport has a lifetime warranty on all its bags, you can rest assured that their JanSport SuperBreak Backpack can handle rough use without any breaks.

The durable bag has a 100% polyester construction with a large main pocket to safely keep all your books, accessories, or gear. Meanwhile, their signature front pocket is quite roomy and includes a built-in organizer to keep all your gadgets, stationery, or even a water bottle at hand.

The brand has added padded linings on the back and shoulder straps to reduce stress on your body. Hence, you can carry heavy equipment while cruising smoothly on the streets.

Moreover, JanSport has the best color variety, allowing you to choose from 19 vibrant colors and patterns. As a fashion and color enthusiast, this is probably my favorite advantage of this backpack. And I selected my favorite blue.

On a negative note, the bag does not come with any additional strap for carrying your skateboard.


  • Lifetime warranty for durability
  • Multiple vibrant color options
  • Storage organizer in the front pocket
  • Padded back and straps


  • No buckle straps for skateboard

Bottom line: The JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack is made from 100% polyester, my favorite material for its long-lasting durability and impressive water resistance. This backpack also epitomizes comfort and ease so that the user can carry the skateboard for long periods.

5. RVCA Curb Backpack – Best for Travel

best skateboard bag

View at Amazon || View at Rvca

The RVCA Curb Backpack is one of the best skate backpacks for traveling and skating comfortably on your favorite skateboard. It is sturdy, spacious, and durable enough to handle harsh wear and tear from regular use.

The bag has 95% polyester and 5% PVC construction and a completely polyester lining, allowing you to pack bulky essentials with ease. This backpack is also impressively water resistant. I tried pouring water directly on the surface of the product, and the result was that the water was quickly pushed down and returned a glossy, dry look to the backpack. Besides this, the bottom panel of the bag is thicker with abrasion-resistant material for further protection.

Moreover, it gives you almost 27L of capacity to organize all your gear and accessories inside. You get three zippered compartments, two sides mesh pockets, an internal organizer, and even a laptop sleeve to carry your tablet or laptop securely.

What’s more, the back has a mesh panel for additional space and comes with two adjustable straps in the front to place your skateboard.


  • Non-abrasive bottom panel
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Back mesh panel for further space
  • Adjustable skate straps


  • Zipper is flimsy

Bottom line: RVCA Curb is the best backpack in my collection for travel, made of premium waterproof material with unique pattern detail. This backpack is also large enough to meet your usage requirements.

6. Penny Backpack – Best for All Activities

best skateboard backpacks


The Penny Backpack is designed by the popular skateboard brand, Penny, for carrying their 22 and 27-inch boards securely. However, you can utilize the sturdy Velcro at the bag’s front to carry skateboards from other brands.

See also: Top 12 Best Penny Board For Beginners

Overall, the bag features one main zippered compartment, a smaller front pocket, and a tiny pocket close to the bottom. You even get a padded tablet sleeve and a laptop sleeve to hold laptops up to 15-inches in size. Even my 15.6-inch computer can fit in this backpack. Judging by the level of protection, this product has nothing to complain about.

Along with this, the bag has two mesh pockets on the side to keep your essentials close by. The manufacturer has included ergonomic, padded back and shoulder straps to keep the stress off your body and carry your things comfortably.

Besides this, the shoulder straps have a 15-inch drop to adjust the backpack to your liking too.


  • Padded laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Sturdy Velcro straps for skateboard
  • 15-inch strap drop
  • Durable construction


  • Fewer pockets
  • One-color pattern

Bottom line: I am especially interested in Penny’s design style; it is made for many different activities such as carrying skateboards, traveling, or going to work. The backpack has a durable construction and a sturdy strap that allows you to take more for study or work.

7. Everest Griptape Skateboard Backpack – Best for Lightness

backpacks that hold skateboards

View at Amazon || View at Luggagefactory

The Everest Griptape Backpack is the best skateboard bag when it comes to durability and ergonomic design. It has a 600D polyester construction and features double stitching to support heavy luggage inside.

Although the bag is relatively compact and offers less space than others, it makes up with its comfortable design and multiple pockets. You get one main zippered pocket with a heavily padded laptop compartment and two roomy front pockets.

Besides this, the bag provides dual adjustable straps and loops at the front to keep skateboards of any size securely. I am pretty impressed with this backpack design; it helps to protect the belongings in the backpack entirely. Using this backpack for travel is also not a bad idea.

If all this was not enough, the bag’s back and shoulder straps are heavily padded to offer the best possible support on your back. Meanwhile, the curved straps fit well to your body posture.


  • Sleek, compact design
  • Heavily padded laptop sleeve
  • Adjustable skateboard straps
  • Curved shoulder straps
  • Heavily padded for comfort


  • No side or extra pockets
  • Small capacity

Bottom line: I recommend you buy Everest Griptape Skateboard Backpack because its lightness is remarkable. You can put a lot of things, but the feeling when wearing it is still very comfortable, not too heavy to create a burden on your shoulders.

8. Fuel Pro Skater Backpack – Best for Waterproof

backpacks that hold skateboards

View at Amazon || View at Fuel-usa

The Fuel Pro Skater Backpack gives you top-notch durability and functionality in just one bag. It has a sturdy, waterproof, polyester construction with heavy-duty zippers, leather-like zip pullers, and thick reinforced bottom panels for enhanced durability.

Besides this, the manufacturer has added thick padding on the back and shoulder for the best possible lumbar support. With the adjustable straps, you can get an ergonomic fit that contours over your back. Its adjustability was easier than I imagined, and I got less than 2 minutes cool for the act. This advantage makes wearing a backpack more comfortable and comfortable.

Furthermore, you get a large, main compartment, a padded laptop sleeve, two side zippered pockets for your bottle or sunscreen, and two adjustable, front straps to keep your skateboard safe.

If all this was not enough, you can hang your keys or extra equipment on the two lash tabs on the bag.


  • Spacious compartment
  • Heavily padded tech sleeve
  • Adjustable skateboard straps
  • Reinforced bottom panel
  • Zippered side pockets


  • No front pocket
  • Only two color options

Bottom line: Fuel Pro Skater Backpack’s waterproof feature is the best in my collection. In conditions of heavy or small rain conditions, this backpack still ensures absolute safety for all items inside. The product is also quite spacious for you to store more essential things.

Buying Guide For the Best Skateboard Backpacks

As we have seen from all our reviews, skateboard bags come in all sizes, and designs and offer many different features. Hence, it can get quite challenging to find the best skateboard bag for your needs.

We have discussed some of the most crucial factors you need to consider before investing in a bag to help you out. Keep reading the following section to learn more about their key features.

Backpack Size

Since backpacks come in various sizes, it is imperative to consider the right size for your bag. For this purpose, you need to ask yourself about your needs, use, and list down the entire luggage you have to carry.

best skate backpack

For instance, if you ride to school or make regular vlogs, you need to consider books, laptops, skating gear, water bottles, and camera equipment.

Although people prefer to carry compact bags, it beats their purpose if you cannot carry everything you need in one place. This is where skateboard backpacks are quite useful for their users.


To put it simply, it is not feasible to purchase a bag for just one particular use. Who wants to invest in a backpack that you can only use while skateboarding? Why can they not use it for camping and hiking as well?

Therefore, most manufacturers keep versatility in their minds while designing their bags. Hence, it is best to look for bags with more storage space, compartments or organizers, padded laptop and tablet sleeves, and even back padding for those strenuous trips to the mountains.

Strap Strength

The strap strength is another thing you need to keep an eye out for in your skateboard bag. Since they have to support the whole weight on your shoulder and back, their stitching should be excellent, and they should have adjustable buckles.

best skate backpack

Although you can find both single-strapped and double-strapped bags in the market, it is best to opt for the latter for the best balance. They offer better support and hug your frame more snugly while carrying heavy luggage. Who wants aching shoulders anyway?

What’s more, check for the padding on the shoulder straps too. If you do not want your bag to dig in your shoulders or breastbone, select one with a heavy pad to reduce the stress on your body.

Sturdy & High-Quality Zips

When you are riding on your skateboard on your way to work, school, café, or just the skate park, the last thing you need to worry about is the safety of your luggage. Here, heavy-duty zippers play a significant role in your security.

backpacks for skateboards

Before investing in a backpack, check for the sturdiness of its zips to prevent your bag from spilling open. A weak zip will risk dropping your expensive equipment or laptop on the go and create a massive hassle for you later on.

Similarly, velcros tend to get loose over time too. Look for high-quality zips to make your rides and life more manageable and secure.

Weight When Empty

If you have experience in skateboarding, you already know how weight affects your ride’s maneuverability and quality massively. Therefore, you need to keep your backpack as light as possible for better balance on your skateboard.

backpacks that can hold skateboards

One sure way to reduce the weight on your shoulder is to opt for a lightweight backpack than a heavier one. Although this weight might seem insignificant, believe me, it adds quite a bit to the final weight.

Isn’t it better to cut down the weight right at the start rather than leaving essential gear at home?


Instead of investing in low-quality, cheaper bags that barely last a couple of months, it is much better to opt for more durable ones. Although they might stand at a slightly higher price tag, they are more convenient for the lung run.

If you are on a very tight budget, either try waiting for a sale or look for a durable bag without extra features to lower your cost.


If you are still confused about a few things regarding the best skateboard backpack, check out the following FAQs to find the solution.

Q. Who is a Skateboard Backpack for?

Most expert skateboarders prefer to use skateboard bags to carry their luggage and keep their hands free. So if you are using the board for traveling, a bag will help you organize your essentials like gear, phone, laptop, bottle, or books on your back securely.

best skateboard backpack

What’s more, these bags are quite versatile and can be used for other purposes as well. You can use them as a school bag or take it camping or hiking too.

Q. How Much Does a Skateboard Backpack Cost?

Typically, a skateboard bag can cost you anywhere from $20 to $200. However, this price range depends entirely on the manufacturer and the brand.

The high-end bags offer more features, a higher quality construction, and further versatility. In contrast, you do not have to spend quite a bit and just as easily find an incredible skateboard bag for under $50.

Q. What is the Best Way to Carry Your Skateboard?

The best way to carry your skateboard is not to hold it in your hands but invest in a skateboard bag to go hands-free. These bags are mostly equipped with front straps, either buckle or Velcro, to place your skateboard in securely.

Besides this, the bags are an efficient means to carry your gear and other essentials from one place to another.


If you love to ride in style, you need a skateboard bag to carry your gear and look cool all in one. What’s more, going hands-free will massively improve the quality of your ride to your destination.

So what are you waiting for? Replace your old bag with one of the best skateboard bags in our list, and make your life much easier!

Although all of the skateboard backpacks listed in our article are high-quality and offer incredible features, the Roynes Skateboard Backpack takes the lead. You get numerous pockets, durable construction, a hidden net for carrying a sports ball, and sturdy straps for your skateboard.

best skateboard backpack


And if you do not know how to find a suitable one for your needs, check out our helpful buyer’s guide to learn everything you need to know about your bag.

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