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Top 13 Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews (Most Safe in 2022)

What if we tell you to skateboard without a helmet? You won’t.

Although it’s entertaining, skateboarding is an adrenaline-pumping sport posing high injury risks. That’s why you need safety precautions. Whether you are a professional skateboarder or do it for fun, you must put on the safety gear before taking a ride.

Skateboard helmets are essential safety equipment without which you must never hit the road. WIth so many options in the market, it’s tough to find the best skateboard helmet that guarantee safety, value for money, and ease of use.

Top 13 Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews 2022

To help you find your fit, we will go through a detailed analysis of a variety of skateboard helmets. Keeping the latest trends and safety features in mind, we have carefully hand-picked the best available products.

We will skim through the pros and cons based on skateboard helmet reviews by the users. Whether you’re looking for the safest skateboard helmet or the best-looking one, we have it all.

1. Triple Eight 3037 Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet – Best for Overall

best skate helmet

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As the name suggests, this helmet from Triple Eight is dual-certified. I have heard about two standards, CPSC and ASTM-1492. However, it is unexpected because this hat can fully meet these standards. With its ABS shell and EPS foam inner lining, I have complete peace of mind that it can withstand the most severe shocks.

It meets CPSC and ASTM-1492 standards. It has an ABS shell with an inner lining of impact-absorbing EPS foam to absorb severe shocks. Hence, it is among the safest skateboard helmets.

The Triple Eight 3037 Bike and Skateboard Helmet has a matte finish, and it comes in a variety of colors that make it more appealing to the users. It can be used in multiple sports such as derby, biking, skateboarding, etc.

The helmet has proper ventilation to keep things fresh. It also has a sweat-saver lining that prevents odors and moisture inside the helmet.

Because of proper moisture management and heat control, longer rides become more manageable, and you don’t have to stop to dry your hair now and then.

There is an adjustable chin strap with a side release buckle, and there are multiple sizes, ranging from extra small to extra-large. Therefore, it should fit most head sizes.


  • Meets safety standards for skateboard and bicycle helmets
  • A High-quality ABS shell is durable and lightweight
  • Customized fitting
  • The matte finish makes it appealing to professional skateboarders


  • The size chart is not accurate so fitting on the head can be a problem

Verdict: Overall, I have great confidence in the Triple Eight because it is one of the few helmets that qualify for a skate helmet, board, and bicycle. So besides skateboarding, I am very secure when choosing it to use in many sports such as derby or cycling.

2. Pro-Tec Skate-and-Skateboarding-Helmets – Best for Effective Impact Resistant Materials

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Pro-Tec Classic Cert appears first in our list of best skateboard helmets. While using the hat, I feel delighted by its trendy and diverse design with its sporty polymorphism. In addition, the bearing shell is also a big plus that I trust to choose in my hat list.

It has a trendy look, and you can use it for all sports. The design features a high-impact ABS shell to withstand a severe shock. Hence, this is a certified helmet for protection according to modern standards.

Because of its looks, it is one of the best-looking skateboard helmets on the market. It features compression molded pads along with 11 vents to keep your head fresh.

There are adjustable straps that you can secure with buckles. It allows you to adjust the helmet according to the size and shape of the head.

Since it is available in a range of sizes and has vibrant colors, it is one of the best kids’ skate helmets.

Pro-Tec has continued its legacy for nearly 50 years. It is one of the best skateboard helmet brands. Therefore, you can trust the product’s quality and reliability.


  • Extra padding makes it easier to adjust with the head size
  • Light weight allows young skateboarders to keep their balance while riding
  • Available in multiple colors, so there are several options to choose from
  • Useful for casual biking because of proper ventilation


  • The liner pads tend to wear out every six months

Verdict: Compared to most products on the market, ProTec made me more comfortable thanks to the padding that easily adjusts to the size of my head. In addition, it comes in many colors, so I can freely choose the hats that best suit my skateboard.

3. JBM Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet – Best for Diverse Colors

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JBM Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet is a multipurpose product. There’s nothing wrong with this product because I’ve used this hat while skateboarding, biking, and more. Besides, I also strongly believe in choosing JBM for my son. Fortunately, the bright colors of the hat made my children extremely excited.

Whether you are a biker or a skateboarder, this helmet will suffice your needs. This model is designed for kids, so it comes in a variety of vibrant colors. At the moment, it is one of the best kids skateboard helmets going around. Because of its matte finish, it has a professional appeal.

Therefore, young skateboarders who want to pursue professional skateboarding will like it. Moreover, there are three sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large, to choose from. There is an adjustable strap that makes it usable for both boys and girls.

Protection is guaranteed because of CPSC and ASTM certifications. The outer shell is made of sturdy PVC, while the inner lining is composed of EPS foam that can absorb high impacts.

Multiple vents allow proper airflow inside the helmet, so it becomes more convenient to manage longer rides and practice sessions.JBM is a renowned manufacturer for many years. Therefore, value for money is almost guaranteed with most of their products.


  • PVC construction makes it ideal for multi-sport activities
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Multiple vents for sufficient airflow
  • Mainly designed for kids but sizes fit some adults too


  • Strap quality is not the best as they may detach on severe impact
  • Extra lining for size adjustment is not available

Verdict: Overall, the most significant difference to the JBM hat is the PVC construction, which makes it ideal for multi-sport activities. Besides, I often choose to give to my best friend and my son every birthday.

4. Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner – Best for Multiple Sizes

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If you like matte-finish helmets, you will like this one too. This helmet has a Sweatsaver lining so that I can use it for many sports. In addition, the varied sizes and weights of the hat also helped me to be more flexible in choosing the color of my skateboard.

The Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner comes in a stylish design making it a fitting option for many sports. It is available in a wide range of colors and sizes to fit most head sizes.

One of the premium features of this helmet is its sweat-saver liner. It keeps the helmet stink-free, absorbs all the moisture, and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Also, it has 360-degree padding to keep your helmet secured on your head. In addition to that, it adds more safety to the skateboarder as well as the helmet.

For airflow inside the helmet, there are proper ventilation holes that keep things fresh while riding. Like most top skateboard helmets, its outer shell has ABS protection that makes it safe for professional use.

Since Triple Eight has been manufacturing skateboard helmets for more than 18 years, most of its products are durable and well-received.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes to fit both kids and adults
  • Removable sweat saver that attaches with hook and loop tape
  • Moisture-absorbing technology keeps it odor-free


  • Doesn’t fit round heads properly

Verdict: Overall, one of the biggest takeaways I got from the Triple Helmet is the moisture-wicking technology that keeps it odor-free. Thanks to that, I can easily remove it for cleaning and absorb moisture from the helmet.

5. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet – Best for Ventilation

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In terms of looks, Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet is one of the best skate helmets on our list. Whether you are biking or skateboarding, this helmet will be there not just for protection but for adding more stylishness to your sport too.

Highly ventilated with 17 vents, this helmet will keep you fresh during long practice sessions. It also features a quick-release side buckle that you can operate with one hand while skateboarding or riding a bike.

The outer shell is made of hard plastic that adheres to CPSC standards. I can comfortably adjust to my head thanks to the inner padding that fits securely. However, I found the inner lining of the foam quite fragile after prolonged use. The inner padding ensures both head safety and comfortable adjustment with the head.

As far as the size range is concerned, it ranges from 22 to 23.5 inches. Hence, it is designed for kids who are 8 to 14 years old.

Additionally, there is more internal padding to ensure that the helmet fits properly. It is generously padded to provide maximum skull protection.


  • One of the best-looking skate helmets, so it makes a perfect gift item for kids
  • Size chart is more accurate than some of the other brands
  • 17 vents provide comfort in long sessions
  • Has thicker inner padding compared to other models in the same price range


  • Chinstrap doesn’t have a fine adjustment so the helmet may shake a bit on smaller heads
  • The inner lining of foam breaks after frequent usage

Verdict: Overall, the helmet’s 17-vent configuration really makes me more comfortable during long periods of use. In addition, the price of the hat is also very suitable for my budget.

6. Punisher Skateboard Pro Series 13-Vent Dual Safety – Best for Easy Sizing

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The Punisher Skateboard Pro Series 13-Vent helmet is an all-in-one product. It’s one of the cool skateboard helmets mainly because of its looks. Backed by all the necessary protection standards, this skateboard will suffice all your skateboarding and biking needs.

Firstly, it has a 13-vent cooling system making it more suitable for longer rides. Secondly, its ABS protection shell meets CPSC-1203 and ASTM F-1492 standards to allow severe impact absorption and head protection.

This helmet comes in vibrant colors with a metallic finish protected by a UV sticker to prevent color fading. Hence, the helmet preserves the look, looking new and shiny all the time.

Good skateboard helmets always have size adjustability. Besides, the Punisher helmet has 3 heat-sealed foam pads, so it’s easier for me to disassemble it than ever. Not only that, thanks to the 3-vent configuration, I did not have too many difficulties when cycling or doing games at the skate park. Thanks to the adjustable chin strap and 3-heat sealed removable padding; this helmet can fit any head size. The chin straps are designed to quickly out on and off.


  • Dual safety standards ensure maximum protection
  • Vibrant colors with UV protection will preserve its trendy looks
  • Doesn’t wobble around and fits securely on the head
  • 3-heat sealed removable padding for snug fit


  • Durability is a question because of the material quality
  • Lining separates from the shell in a couple of weeks

Verdict: Overall, the most significant advantage of the Punisher is its UV protection and trendy, modern look. Also, when owning this hat, I can use the chin straps designed to turn it on and off quickly.

7. Triple Eight Downhill Racer Helmet – Best for Drop Resistance

lightest skateboard helmet

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From the looks, this helmet is much different from the other models that we have discussed until now. The Downhill Racer Helmet from Triple Eight is completely covered, featuring a shatter-resistant flip-up visor.

This helmet meets the CPSC 1203 and ASTM-1492 standards. In addition, because the shell of the hat is made of fiberglass and has a waterproof design, it is pretty sturdy during my use. I usually use it when cycling, even though it has an added protection element for skaters.

The shell is made of fiberglass with an attractive air-resistant design. Because it is mainly designed for bikers, there is an element of extra protection for skateboarders.

Also, it comes with extra padding for size adjustment. The extra padding becomes important for secure positioning on the head as there is only one standard size available.

The inner lining is made of EPS foam with velvet lining. Therefore, it helps in absorbing the sweat while you’re on the go.

Although it is not the lightest skateboard helmet, its aerodynamic design helps downhill racers without any reduction in their speed. It’s ideal for not only skateboarders but bikers and roller-skaters as well.


  • EPS foam helps absorb sweat
  • The fully covered design keeps you comfortable during cold weather
  • The shatter-resistant visor is easy to replace
  • Guarantees high-speed performance because of aerodynamic design


  • Face visor reduces air supply to the head
  • One size can’t fit all heads

Verdict: Overall, this hat has a complete coverage design, making me more comfortable in cold weather. In addition, it is also ideal for me to choose every time I use it for cycling and rollerblading.

8. Pro-Rider Classic Bike & Skate Helmet – Best for Kid-Safe Design

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Pro-Rider Classic Bike & Skate Helmet is an example of a classic bike helmet that can be used for skateboarding as well. I perceive it as a helmet that is resistant to severe shocks. However, I only use this hat when walking around the park near my house because it is not ASTM certified, even though its outer shell is quite hard.

From the outset, it looks like a sturdy helmet that can resist severe shocks. Surprisingly, it only complies with CPSC standards for helmet safety. You’re not getting ASTM certification with this one. The outer shell is made of a hard material—the interior consists of polyester padding and straps for size adjustment.

There are eight ventilation holes to allow air passage during rides. For proper size adjustment, additional padding is also available. The size range is quite extensive, starting from extra small that can even fit 3-year-old kids, and going up to extra-large.

From the looks, it’s pretty similar to those cool skateboard helmets from the ’90s. It has a glossy finish and a classic bicycle helmet design. It is available in a variety of colors, so it appeals to people of all ages. Pro-Rider mostly manufactures professional-grade equipment. Therefore, this helmet can be a high starting point for professional bikers and skateboarders.


  • Quick-release polyester straps make it more convenient to wear and take off the helmet
  • The robust outer shell resists high impact without any scratches on the surface
  • Additional padding makes size adjustment easier
  • Covers the forehead, so it’s a safe design for kids


  • The inside isn’t deep enough, so it may sit on the head
  • The shape is too round for an average head, so it doesn’t fit properly

Verdict: Overall, the Pro-Rider makes wearing the helmet easier thanks to the polyester straps that quickly detach while putting on and taking off the helmet. In addition, I am also delighted with the unique extra padding that makes it easy to adjust the size of this product.

9. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter – Best for Many Activities

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If you prioritize certifications and safety standards, then Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter is the right skateboard helmet for you. This model is certified and approved for biking, skating, and skiing.

These standards include STM F2040-11, ASTM F1446, CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, EN 1077, and EN 1078.

The helmet’s outer shell is made of ABS quality material. The inner head protection is made of EPS foam. You get two sets of pads that you can use sequentially for both safety and size adjustment.

There are eight vents to allow for optimum cooling during hot days. So it’s great because I won’t have to wring out the liner every time I clean my hat through the innovative ventilation system. Also, because the two sets of pads are interchangeable, I can easily reassemble them according to my preferences. Proper ventilation also keeps it dry and fresh, so you don’t have to squeeze-dry the helmet’s inner lining.

The helmet features a matte finish, which gives it a sleek and stylish look. Also, it comes in various colors.

It is designed for people older than 14 years, so it’s an ideal product for professional sports. There are three sizing options, so it will seamlessly fit most adult heads.

Razor V-17 lies in the lower half of the skateboard helmet price range. Also, it has several safety certifications making it a durable option in the longer run.


  • Multiple certifications make it an all-in-one sports gear
  • Interchangeable pads increase the durability of the helmet
  • Eight vents for optimum cooling inside
  • Precise measurements and size accuracy


  • ABS shell feels a bit heavy on the head
  • EPS padding can give trouble fixing the helmet on bigger heads

Verdict: Retrospec CM-1 impressed me from the first use with proper ventilation. Thanks to that, it keeps my helmet dry and fresh, and I don’t have to wring out the inner lining of the helmet every time it rains or needs to be washed.

10. Flybar Skateboard Helmet – Best for bBudget

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This helmet features in a lower price range, which makes it an ideal option for starters. It’s a multi-sport helmet meant for biking, skateboarding and roller skating, etc. Flybar Skateboard Helmets are dual-certified. They comply with CPSC and ASTM safety standards. Hence, protection is pretty much guaranteed.

It’s an ideal skate helmet for high-speed applications such as professional skateboarding and roller skating, etc. Ensuring safety during high-speed rides, the helmet has a sturdy ABS outer shell and an inner EPS foam lining that makes it highly resistant to sudden shocks and substantial impacts.

One of the best things about this helmet is the range of choices. I’m always looking for a simple and colorful design. It’s excellent that Flybar fulfills my wish. Besides, Flybar helps me feel secure when using it for both children and adults when performing diverse sports. There are nine different colors available and multiple designs to choose from. You can have a custom-printed design or a plain matte-finish single-colored helmet.

There are three standard sizes to choose from. The skate helmet features a quick-release chin strap along with a spin dial adjustment knob at the back for fine adjustment.

In addition to stylish colors and designs, there are 12 stylish vents at the rear and top to make it easier for riders on hot practice days. As there are a sufficient number of vents, you can use the vent holes to mount a small light facing front for night-time skateboarding adventures.


  • Plain or printed design outer shell options
  • Substantial shock absorption makes it useful for high-speed sporting activities
  • Padded chin strap along with spin-dial for size adjustment
  • Bigger vent holes to ensure better airflow


  • Straps wear out sooner than normal
  • Plastic shell quality is not the best

Verdict: Overall, the Flybar Helmet is a perfect choice for me for high-speed sports activities because of its remarkable shock absorption ability. I can adjust it better thanks to the detachable chin strap with a convenient rear swivel knob.

11. Punisher Skateboards 11-Vent Multi-Sport Skateboard

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For all the ladies who love skateboarding and biking, this is an exceptionally designed helmet. If we keep other features aside, the looks alone are intriguing enough to lure you into buying this helmet.

Coming from one of the best skateboard helmet brands, the Punisher Skateboards Multi-Sport Helmet is one to look out for. The company is well-known for manufacturing awe-inspiring helmets, and this model is proof of it.

Apart from an attractive outlook, there is an adjustable chin strap to allow the proper size adjustment for users above five years of age. It’s available in a variety of vibrant colors creating a strong appeal to young girls.

The outer body is made of ABS plastic while the inner lining is made of EPS foam. The helmet complies with CPSC safety standards. It’s an 11-vent design to keep your head fresh while biking or skateboarding.

This model has a Butterfly Jive style that features a multi-colored outer shell. And yet, I’m delighted with this skateboarding helmet because of the outstanding balance between style and safety. It is light, durable, and comfortable. There is extra inner padding for a comfortable fit. Smart and attractive looks and accurate fitting lets girls make a style statement of their own.


  • Multiple color options in chin straps
  • Looks cute so it’s a suitable birthday gift for your little girl
  • Available in multiple styles, such as Cherry blossom, Anime, Jinx, etc
  • Inner-protection is equally efficient as looks.


  • The outer shell tends to melt at high temperature

Verdict: Overall, the Punisher satisfied me with its innovative 11-vent cooling system. So I can use it for various sports like skating, rollerblading, cycling, and more.

12. Bern – Watts Helmet

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When it comes to safety standards and certifications, this is one of the best skate helmets on the market. However, one of the advantages I think makes Bern Helmet so popular with users is its trendy and stylish design. Surely it would be the perfect gift to give to my best friend. The Watts helmet by Bern has a stylish design, which is why it’s also one of the best looking skateboard helmets on our list.

This helmet comes in two sizes and fits head sizes of 22.5 – 24 inches. It features an intricately designed ABS protection outer shell. The inner lining is made of thin-shell EPS to allow for a low-profile fit.

The front of the helmet has a hard visor, and there are enough ventilation options to maintain body temperature during any biking or skateboarding activity.

For size adjustment, there is a crank fit dial given at the back of the helmet. Therefore, you can adjust your helmet with one hand.

The helmet comes in with a black matte finish giving it a graceful yet sporty look. Also, the helmet protects your skull and brain from severe injuries.

Hence, it is an excellent option for both professionals and hobbyist skateboarders.


  • Multiple certifications such as CPSC, ASTM F 2040, and EN 1078 ensure high-quality protection
  • Comes with a Separate winter upgrade kit
  • The removable inner lining makes it easier to clean the sweat stains
  • Comfortable and light-weight design, thanks to thin shell EPS foam


  • Larger sizes don’t fit unless you remove the padding
  • A low profile fit may cause the visor to block the front view

Verdict: Overall, the Bern Helmet is the perfect one I trust to recommend with its comfortable design and lightweight. In addition, I am also quite satisfied with the well-ventilated Hard Visor design, so it provides more safety, comfort, and style during use.

13. Krash! Youth 8+ Mohawk Helmet – Cool skateboard Helmets

cool skateboard helmets

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If you like to make bold fashion statements with your sports accessories, this may be just the right helmet for you. It has a matte finish with an accessorized outer shell. In terms of uniqueness of design, this is one of the cool skateboard helmets right now.

If your kid’s a daredevil who likes adventurous sports, Krash! Youth 8+ Mohawk Helmet is the best option. It’s styled for skateboarding and biking, in particular.

From the design perspective, it is an ideal option for kids. This helmet has head circumference sizes ranging from 54cm to 58cm, so it fits my 14-year-old quite well too. In addition, the easy-to-adjust strap design is also a significant plus that made me consider and choose it for my son. It has a spiky design with spikes running to the back of the helmet. These spikes are made of a rubber-like material, so they won’t pinch or harm while the helmet is not used.

Apart from a different look, spikes also provide an extra cushion during a collision or high impact. This helmet is designed for users aged five and above and complies with safety standards such as CPSC and ASTM.

The color scheme is very attractive featuring vibrant inner padding and a cool darker shade on the outside. There are enough air vents to promote the proper passage of air.


  • Has a unique ‘daredevil’ look
  • Complies with dual safety standards
  • Extra ‘Spikes’ offer added protection for children
  • Has a molded 3D design


  • There is no chin clamp
  • Outer spikes may become crooked after some time

Verdict: As someone always looking for bold and unique designs, Krash is a choice that I always prioritize. Overall, with its lightweight, it’s perfect for me.

Best Skateboard Helmets Buying Guide

Now that you have seen our picks for best skateboard helmets 2022, it must be more comfortable to detect a general pattern when it comes to the features of these products.

However, because there are so many brands and products available, it is easy for new buyers to get confused while buying these products.

To help you understand the core elements of a skate helmet, we will discuss some essential features to help you make better decisions for your next skateboard helmet.

Proper Investment

Unfortunately, a good percentage of buyers don’t know the value of a skateboard helmet. Many treat it as just another sports accessory, while it is something that your life depends on. Hence you must be ready to spend a few extra bucks for it.

Safety Features

The main objective of the helmet is to provide safety when needed. In case of a fall, looks won’t protect you. Therefore, give safety and construction priority over style.

best skate helmet

Good skateboard helmets are made of hard outer shells to provide better protection. The inner shell must have thick rubber padding.

Top helmet brands will always have safety certifications that are mentioned as a product feature. Therefore, your helmet must come with at least basic approvals and certification to ensure sufficient protection.

Size and Fitting

If the helmet wobbles on your head, you can never correctly concentrate on the task at hand. The correct size of the helmet is another important feature when you buy a helmet.

If you want the best fit, you must carefully measure your head size. For this purpose, use a soft measuring tape and place one end in the middle of your head. Wrap it around the head vertically, making sure that it covers the chin properly.

skateboard helmet reviews

Record the measurement and then choose from the available brands. Sometimes, your favored brand may not have the right size for you, so you will have to switch to an alternative.

For more accuracy in size adjustment, extra padding is also available. These removable fittings let you adjust the helmet correctly to the head. Since these paddings are removable, it is easier for you to replace and clean them.


If you look at the helmet safety recommendations, the helmet must be made of hard material. It limits the airflow to the head.

best skate helmet

As a result, sweat and moisture are accumulated on the head, causing a distraction to the rider. Also, it becomes inconvenient to ride with a hot head so you will need to take breaks.

However, if there is proper ventilation, it will not be a problem. Best skateboard helmets are designed to provide proper airflow to the head.

When buying a helmet, look for ventilation holes available on the top and either side of the helmet. Also, there must be an additional lining of sweat savers and wick that absorbs moisture from your head. This way, you can better focus on your ride.


While extra padding and accurate helmet size allow a proper fit, straps and retention mechanisms keep the helmet secured in one place. Straps allow you to keep the helmet in place while skateboarding on surfaces full of obstacles, and when you’re eating or drinking between sessions.

While there are multiple strapping options, forming a V-shape beneath the ears is the best choice. Good skateboard helmets typically include the V-shaped strapping option.

best skateboard helmet brands

Retention mechanisms are also crucial to save you from much distraction, especially when you are going at a high speed. The retention system allows you to adjust the strap length and to lock or unlock the straps quickly.

For this purpose, quick-release locks are the ideal choice. Most helmets have this type of locking feature. Many helmets also have an adjustment knob at the back that allows fine-tuning the strap length so that your helmet sits on the head snugly.


Color is an optional feature, but if you are too selective, helmet color can be a bit of a worry. Most brands offer a range of colors for every model.

top skateboard helmets

It mainly depends on what you prefer wearing. However, matte-finish helmets look graceful, and they have a professional feel as well.

Also, you can choose between plain colors and printed designs. It allows you to create a unique style template of your own.

Customized print options are also available, so there is no end to what you can do with these designs.

Know Your Skate Helmet Type

There are multiple types of skateboard helmets on the market. That makes it more convenient for a person to choose according to their preferred type. Here are different types of skateboard helmets:

Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain bike helmets are ideal for full-face coverage. They protect the head from all sides, so they are most suitable for downhill racing. Even though they are fully covered, you’ll get proper ventilation.

Time Trial Helmets

For racing against time, this is the best skate helmet. Its aerodynamic design helps in maintaining speed by countering air resistance.

Kids skateboard helmet

Wiggle has the range of some of the best kids skateboard helmet.

best kids skateboard helmet

Their products are lightweight, and a variety of sizes give more options to the buyers.

Multi-purpose Road Helmets

These are general-purpose helmets. They can be used for multiple sports such as skateboarding, biking, and roller skating.

Extreme Sport Full Face Helmets

If you’re into extreme sports, this is the right helmet for you. This helmet type offers full face protection, leaving no chance for any part of the face to hit the ground.


New to skateboard helmets? Reading this far must have provided you with ample knowledge. However, it’s okay to have specific queries of your own.

We will now look at some of the questions commonly asked by new buyers. It will give you a better understanding of the product.

Do I need a helmet for skateboarding?

Yes, you may be an experienced skateboarder. However, there is no point in risking your life.

Everyone is bound to take a hit or two. Therefore, professional skateboarders emphasize the importance of safety gear and are willing to pay extra bucks.

Best Skateboard Helmet

Still, there is a good percentage of people who don’t use helmets. However, because of so many products available in all price ranges, they are gradually shifting towards safety gear. It also encourages them to try skateboarding stunts.

If you are a beginner or buying a skateboard for your kid, make sure to buy a safety helmet. Other than preventing high-impact injuries, this will promote safety habits as well. Remember to buy a certified helmet from well-known brands. That way, you can make sure you or your kid are fully protected.

What helmet do pro-skateboarders wear?

Most helmets are designed for specific sports. If you are a skateboarder, make sure that you are using a skateboarding helmet and not an ordinary one.

Pro-skateboarders focus on specialized skateboarding helmets. It is because they are designed according to the sport.

For professional skateboarders, safety is the priority, so they always wear safety-compliant helmets. Non-compliant helmets may be durable, but there is no guarantee to back them up.

In this regard, Pro-Tec is a reliable name that manufactures high-quality skateboard helmets. These helmets comply with national safety standards. Hence, there is guaranteed protection.

Is it lame to wear a helmet while skateboarding?

If this question pops up in your mind, you must know that it is better to survive an accident with a bulky helmet than to hit the road head-first without protection.

So first of all, it’s not lame to wear a skateboarding helmet; otherwise, they won’t be selling at $40. Secondly, they look stylish.

That said, some people think skateboarding without a helmet is bravery. We call it ignorance towards your life and loved ones. You never know when you may take your next hit.

Many professional skateboarders have faced severe injuries even while wearing protection, let alone not wearing safety gear at all. Therefore, ignoring a helmet can be lame, but wearing it, certainly isn’t.

What size skate helmet do I need?

Firstly, you must know your head size. Once you know the exact measurements, it will be easier to select the right fit. Moreover, most top brands have their size charts. These charts may vary from brand to brand because of the variation in size ranges.

Generally, size charts start from extra small, which measures around 21 inches to double extra-large measuring about 25.5 inches.

Some brands specialize in helmets for kids, while others produce the best skateboard helmet for adults. Therefore, you must be sure about your head size. Only then will you be able to select a brand that provides the perfect fit.


Helmet safety is a crucial factor when it comes to skateboarding. No matter how fast or slow you ride, accidents can happen anywhere.

In this respect, proper safety gear can be the difference between life and death. Therefore, you must be well-prepared for any mishap.

Skateboard helmets are primarily meant for safety. However, there are many unique, stylish designs and attractive features available. Hence, you can ensure safety while looking trendy too.

We hope that our compiled list of skateboard helmets has helped you narrow your search. We’ve covered a wide variety based on safety features, style, or comfort, so you’ll have multiple options to choose from.

Now that you know all about skateboard helmets, we wish you luck getting the best one.

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