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Top 15 Best Skateboard Trucks in 2022 (Reviewed & Tested)

Are you on the hunt for the perfect pair of trucks for your skateboard? Maybe you’re building your own custom skateboard or looking to replace your old trucks. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help you find the best skateboard trucks in the market.

In this post, we’ll review some of the top skateboard trucks available in the market. We’ll also include each model’s pros and cons so you can assess for yourself if these models fit your preference.

In addition, we’ve also included a general buying guide and an FAQ section to answer any questions you may have regarding skateboard trucks.

Let’s get right into the review.

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Top 15 Best Skateboard Truck Reviews in 2022

Our list includes some of the top rated skateboard trucks in the industry. We hope our skateboard truck reviews help you find the perfect trucks for your board.

1. Independent Silver 139 mm Trucks – Best Overall

best skate trucks

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First up on our list are the Independent Silver 139 mm Trucks. These can be mounted onto any type of skateboard.

They provide skaters with the stability to perform all sorts of tricks. Moreover, these trucks also make it easy for skaters to maneuver around corners and sharp turns.

These 139 mm trucks are the best option for any board with a deck size of 8.25-inches or more. If your deck is smaller than 8.25-inches and you still install these trucks, they will stick out from both ends. This can also be very dangerous.

So, we suggest you measure your deck to ensure whether these trucks are suitable for your board or not.

Plus, these trucks are made of high-quality materials, so they’re robust and will last you a long time. Installing them onto your board is also a simple task. It only took me about 5 minutes to fit the truck into the favorites board, and all was ready for a new exciting race. I bought this car many years ago, and so far, it still maintains the same stability and certainty. That’s more than proud!

If you’re a beginner, these trucks are an excellent option for you to consider.


  • Flexible with all skateboard types
  • 139 mm trucks suitable for decks of 8.25-inches or more
  • Provide stability and control for beginners


  • The trucks make noise the first few times you take them for a ride.

Bottom line: Independent Silver 139 mm is the complete truck in my collection overall. It is flexible with all types of skateboards to provide good stability and control for beginners. Affordable product prices are suitable for all different consumers.

2. Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks – Best for Lightness

best skateboard trucks

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If you’re looking for a lightweight yet high-quality trucks, then we suggest you take a look at the Venture Polished Low Skateboard Truck. A key feature of these trucks is their lightness. However, don’t think these trucks are damage-prone just because they’re lightweight.

Despite the thin profile, these trucks have really strong construction and are quite durable. You’ll be able to maintain your balance as you maneuver through sharp corners with ease. I was pretty surprised about the balance of this board after testing. Even on an uneven surface, it proved to be stable and robust. That feature makes my trips more exciting and safe. These trucks are perfect for cruising along the streets or for commuting from one place to another.

With a width of 5.25-inches, these trucks are perfect for boards with a deck size between 8.25-inches and 8.75-inches.

If by any chance your trucks arrive damaged or break during the first week of use, you can contact the manufacturer, and they’ll send you replacements.

The only downside of these trucks is that they’re a bit on the pricey side. However, if you can afford them, they’re good skate trucks to use.


  • Lightweight yet high-quality trucks
  • Not easy to damage
  • Perfect for larger decks size – 8.25-inches and 8.75-inches


  • High price

Bottom line: In my many years of reviewing, I have never seen any truck as light or professional as the Venture Polished Low. This advantage has made my overall skateboard lighter to perform professional flips efficiently.

3. Thunder Unisex Team – Best for Sustainability

good skateboard trucks

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Have your previous trucks given you wheel bite issues? Is this one issue you want to avoid at all costs? Well, in that case, the Thunder Unisex Team could be the perfect option for you.

These trucks grind perfectly and won’t take too long to break into. In addition, the bushings on these trucks are durable and don’t wear out or get flaky easily.

Measuring up to 149 mm in width, these trucks are great for boards with a deck size of 8.2-inches to 8.5-inches. The best part about these trucks is that you get high-quality construction at a fairly reasonable price.

This is a great option, especially if you have a limited budget. These trucks ensure riders get the stability and control they need to maneuver their board through different obstacles. Quite skeptical about this feature, I decided to install it on my favorite whiteboard. The result surprised me as it was able to balance and stabilize me for hours. For beginners like me, this is probably the most needed feature.

Moreover, these best budget skateboard trucks are quite lightweight. You’ll have no trouble carrying your skateboard around.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect grind and easy to break into
  • Bushings don’t get flaky.
  • No wheel bite issues


  • These trucks get scratched easily.

Bottom line: Sustainability is always my top priority when looking for the best truck because it is directly related to safety on each trip and annual costs. And this truck is the prime example you should have to ensure the certainty of your races.

4. Caliber Truck Co. 10-inch Skateboard Trucks – Best for High Responsiveness

top skateboard trucks


If you enjoy downhill skateboarding, then the Caliber Truck Co. 10-inch Skateboard Trucks are an excellent option to consider. With a low angle of 44 degrees, this board will give you the agility and balance you need to glide down slopes and hills.

Keep in mind that these trucks can handle light slopes. I tried it on my pitch, and its performance is excellent. Not too noisy, light and durable is what I feel from my testing. And you should try them, and you’ll love them for sure! For downhill skateboarding on steeper slopes, we suggest you look at some of the other options in this list.

In addition, these trucks allow you to stably skate on flat surfaces as well as light slopes.

The bushings on these trucks are highly responsive. In addition, the bearings in these trucks come with two 89A Ultra-high rebound barrels. These ensure that your board doesn’t wobble while you skate at high speeds. However, these trucks can be a bit loud at times.

The kingpin on these Caliber trucks is made of grade steel. This means that it is very durable and will not snap no matter how much you put it through.


  • Low angled trucks give you more agility.
  • Great for low slopes and flat surfaces
  • Highly responsive bearings with high rebound
  • Durable kingpin


  • Can be loud

Bottom line: Regarding truck responsiveness, I recommend Caliber Truck Co. 10-inch. This model has a unique design and high durability, which allows me to extend the working life of the skateboard.

5. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks – Best for Design

the best skateboard trucks

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If you enjoy carving on longboards, then the Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks may seem appealing to you. The construction of these trucks is explicitly done to provide skateboarders with the best carving experience.

Maneuvering through tight spaces is a piece of cake with these trucks. The Sidewinder features a double kingpin design that allows skaters more control to steer than other trucks. With this truck, I am more satisfied with the ability to control and go on small streets. Even as a beginner, I could windsurf easily on my own with this smart truck.

If you want more rebound, you can simply tighten your turning radius. Plus, the conical bushings provide additional stability and control.

To use these trucks to their full potential and avoid wheel bite, we suggest ensuring the trucks are compatible with your deck.

You can use these trucks for both uphill and downhill skating.

Unfortunately, if you’re a newbie, installing these trucks and understanding how to use them is going to be a challenge. In addition, these trucks are a bit expensive.


  • The double kingpin design provides more maneuverability.
  • Great for uphills, downhills, and carving
  • Conical bushing provides additional control and balance.


  • Difficult to install

Bottom line: The unique design is the key highlight of the Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard, which I love most about this truck. The dual kickstand design provides complete maneuverability to make your races safer and more secure.

6. Paris V2 180 mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks – Best for Material Quality

skateboard truck reviews

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Are you looking for a durable pair of trucks? The Paris V2 180 mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks may fit your preferences as these are one of the most durable trucks on this list.

Constructed in the USA, the trucks are made of aluminum. Combined with the pressed-in kingpin and grade 8 steel axles, these trucks provide skaters with durability. As all the components go through the T5 heat treatment process, these trucks can hold through all types of tricks.

Another added bonus is that the baseplate is a 6-hole model. Regardless of whether you have an old-school deck or a newer version, these trucks can easily be installed onto your board. It only took about 5 minutes to fit the truck into the slide. Compared to the products I have used, it is the most complete to have meaningful trips quickly.

These trucks have a carving angle of 50 degrees, which combines well with a 180 mm hanger to provide skaters with smooth curves and more control.

These trucks also come with a lifelong warranty, which means if you have any issues, you can easily contact the manufacturers.


  • T5 heat treatment process adds more durability
  • The baseplate is a 6-hole model making it suitable for both old-school and new decks
  • 50-degree carving angle
  • Life long warranty


  • The baseplate is a little too close to the truck sides

Bottom line: I appreciate the material quality of this truck. It’s sturdy and durable for training and competition. It also comes with an attractive, long-term warranty. And of course, there is no reason why you should refuse such a good product.

7. Caliber Trucks Cal II – Best for Budget

top rated skateboard trucks

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The Caliber Trucks Cal II is the second Caliber Truck on our list and is also one of the best cheap skateboard trucks. Despite the cheap price tag, they still have some great features to offer.

These trucks are great if you want to freeride or downhill. On the slopes, it proved to be strong, personal, and fierce in each handling phase. It’s always sure not to lose your balance when free-running or downhill. And that’s the advantage I like the most in this super product. Similar to the earlier model, the kingpin for this board is also made of grade 8 steel, making it quite durable.

Caliber uses an in-house treatment process to improve the strength of the trucks. When the durability of the trucks combined with the snug reinforced baseplate and the pressed-in kingpin, you get a pair of trucks that are strong and long-lasting.

Moreover, the 89a bushing provides skateboarders with a high rebound. These trucks are also quite easy to mount onto your board.

An added bonus of these Caliber trucks is that they’re available in a variety of colors. If you want to add a little color to your board, this is a good option to take into consideration.


  • Pressed-in, durable kingpin
  • Snug reinforced baseplate
  • 89a bushing provides high-rebound


  • Bushings may be too soft for some skateboarders.

Bottom line: As a person whose economy is not very developed, I always prioritize finding affordable products. And Caliber Trucks Cal II is one of them. It possesses high durability and the ability to move gently on slopes. Not only that, but it’s also stable to get you up to speed.

8. Krux K4 Tall Trucks – Best for Shock Absorption

best skateboard trucks

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Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro skater, the Krux K4 Tall Trucks are great for all types of skaters.

When you’re performing complicated tricks or when maneuvering around sharp turns, these trucks provide you with stability, so your feet stay firmly planted on the board. I used the gravel road behind the house to test this function of the truck. It’s great that it was able to complete the test well. It brings lightness, calmness, and stability so that your trip is not affected.

These trucks’ baseplate comes with a shock-absorbent cushion that ensures you glide smoothly down the streets. In addition, this shock-absorbent cushion allows the baseplate to fit nicely against the deck of your board.

If you prefer medium to low trucks, these will be perfect for you. Moreover, they’re also quite lightweight yet durable, which means you won’t have any trouble carrying this board around.

The best part is that they’re available at a fairly low price.


  • Shock absorbent cushion
  • Great for beginners and pros
  • Medium to low trucks perfect for performing tricks and cruising


  • It may be a bit too loose for some skateboarders.

Bottom line: The shock absorber function is always my most sought-after, to keep a high concentration level for professional movements. This truck is the perfect recommendation for you. And there will be no reason why you should refuse it.

9. Thunder Polished Hi 147 – Best for Scratch Resistance

best skate trucks

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The second, but definitely not the last Thunder trucks on our list. Similar to the previous model Thunder Polished Hi 147 provides skaters with a smooth skating experience. Not only are these trucks suitable for skaters of all levels, but they’re also available at an economical price.

The light yet durable construction of these trucks ensure high performance and high reactions. If you come across an obstacle while skateboarding, you’ll be able to control your board with ease, thanks to the construction of these trucks.

Right in the first test, I chose the rocky terrain so that the effect was noticeable. And my ride went smoothly with this exclusive truck’s precise dodging and timely navigation. It is an important feature that you should pay attention to.

These trucks have a raw polish design, which is scratch-resistant and gives your board a nice rugged look.

If you’re the type of skateboarder who prefers lighter trucks, this is a better and safer option than hollow trucks.


  • Rugged look
  • Reasonable price tag
  • High reactions
  • Scratch-resistant


  • The raw polish design might not work for all skateboarders.

Bottom line: If you are a beginner with the desire to have a lot of unique experiences without sacrificing truck quality, Thunder Polished Hi 147 is a good suggestion. I highly recommend this truck and consider it a top-worthy investment.

10. Speed 5-inch Turbo Trucks – Best for High Stability

good skate trucks


Are you looking for affordable trucks that are easy to mount on your skateboard? The Speed 5-inch Turbo Trucks are one option that you can take into consideration.

These trucks have a 7.63-inch axle and 5-inches hanger, which makes them perfect for narrower decks with widths between 7.5-inches to 7.75-inches.

There’s no doubting the quality of these trucks, thanks to the high-quality metal alloy that ensure a solid construction.

Frankly speaking, in terms of performance, these trucks tick all of the boxes. They offer great stability, are highly responsive, and provide an amazing grind. Overall, I’m pleased with its timely, complete navigational performance. With tricky turns, this car can efficiently complete the test quickly.

Plus, not only are these trucks sturdy, but they’re also lightweight, making it easy to carry your skateboard around.

They’re also reasonably priced and long-lasting.


  • Perfect for narrow decks
  • Made of high-quality metal alloy
  • Light and easy to carry


  • The bushing quality isn’t great.

Bottom line: Speed ​​5-inch Turbo Trucks’ stability is the perfect solution for approach and training. Although I have only been with the truck for a month, I have already mastered the skills of precise navigation. And that is a great advantage that should be recognized and selected.

11. BEAR Grizzly Longboard Trucks

best cheap skateboard trucks

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Last on our list is the BEAR Grizzly Longboard Trucks. These trucks are perfect for beginning-level skateboarders.

Not only is the price low, but the construction is also fairly decent. It’s perfect for when you’re just testing the waters, and figuring out your skating style and requirements.

Made from the highest quality materials, these trucks are durable and will hold strong even on the streets. Unbelievably, it can last for decades to be ready with your races. I bought it in 2018, it’s been 4 years now, but the sustainability and stability are still intact.

Also, as they’re made of aluminum alloy, they’re quite light and easy to carry around.

These trucks have a bigger angle than most trucks mentioned in this list. The 52-degree angle gives skateboarders a better skateboarding experience when they’re pumping or carving.

With a little practice and adjustment, you can also enjoy freestyle skating.


  • Aluminum alloy construction makes them light yet durable
  • The bigger 52-degree angle provides a better skating experience
  • Suitable for freestyle skating


  • Wheel bite may occur

Bottom line: This truck is designed specifically for beginners like me. It has sturdy construction and long-term durability that’s worthy of your top investment.

12. Quest Boards 5.25-inch Matte Trucks

best beginner trucks skateboard


While searching for the best skate trucks, you’ve probably come across Quest Boards trucks at least once. The brand is well known for the quality of the products it manufactures. The Quest Boards 5.25-inch Matte Trucks are no exception.

One of these trucks’ key features is that they’re manufactured with heavy-duty, high-quality metal, which means that these trucks are very durable. However, this also means that these trucks are a bit on the heavier side.

If you’re looking for low-profile trucks, then this is a good option to consider. Although, you may have to encounter wheel biting during caring.

A good way to avoid this issue is by installing risers between the deck and the baseplate of your trucks.

These trucks can be quite suitable for beginners as they provide a lot of stability to skateboarders. Moreover, the angled kingpin helps you control your board more easily. I tested the product’s controllability by free-floating on slopes. To my surprise, it was able to respond correctly to my brake request. That’s what I love most about this truck.

The best part is that not only are these trucks budget-friendly, but they also last a long time.


  • Made of heavy-duty, high-quality metal
  • Great low-profile trucks
  • An Angled king-pin provides more control


  • On the heavy side

Bottom line: I was captivated by the perfection in design and materials used by the Quest Boards 5.25-inch Matte. It’s not like the trucks I’ve used before; the strong and definitive is always the outstanding advantage of the product you need to pay attention to.

13. Thunder Hi 147 Sonora Black

best skateboard trucks reviews

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If you can afford to invest in a pair of high-quality trucks, the Thunder Hi 147 Sonora Black trucks are one option you need to take into consideration. These trucks are lightweight yet durable, which means they’re easy to carry and handle some amount of pressure.

The turning response of these trucks is remarkable and thrilling. The response is fast, yet the trucks still provide skateboarders with the stability they require.

If you’re worried about wheel bites, you can rest assured. These trucks have no issues with wheel bites, so you can enjoy carving as well. Before the emergencies I created, the truck proved decisive in responding quickly and ensuring my absolute safety.

The one downside of these trucks is that they’re not compatible with quite a few riser brands. If you intend to get risers for your board, we suggest you also look into the types compatible with this board.

Besides, these trucks’ sleek black design is sure to make a few eyes turn as you perform tricks in the skate park.


  • No wheel bites
  • Highly responsive
  • Sleek black design


  • Not compatible with various risers

Bottom line: Thunder Hi 147 Sonora Black is always my top choice when considering a long trip. It is lightweight and relatively durable, allowing you to perform professional flips and turns.

14. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

best budget skateboard trucks

View at Amazon || View at Tgmskateboards

Are you looking for the best cheap skateboard trucks? Look no further than the Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks. Available in a variety of color options, these trucks are available with a really low price tag.

However, don’t think that these trucks lack in terms of quality just because they’re cheap. Not only do these trucks have high-quality construction, but they also have high performance. Indeed, on every trip with it, I feel a more robust and perfect herd burst than any other product I’ve tried.

Measuring up to 5-inches in width, these trucks are suitable for decks sized between 5.25-inches and 8.1-inches. If you’re looking to replace trucks on a child’s penny board, these trucks are a great option to consider.

In addition, these trucks are also robust and provide stability for all skateboarders. The later feature is quite useful for beginners. These trucks also hold out well against impact.

The trucks are made of aluminum, which makes them strong yet lightweight. Moreover, they’re available in a wide range of colors. This means you can buy a pair of trucks that match the colors on your deck.


  • Standard size works for different sized decks.
  • Can hold up against impact
  • Low price


  • Difficult to mount trucks

Bottom line: Havoc 5.0’s impact resistance caught my attention. It can be strong and cope with all different hard surfaces without deformation. Besides, it also has standard sizes to fit all other sliding floors.

15. Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks

best skateboard trucks

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Next on our list are the Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks. These trucks are designed to provide skates with a smooth ride. Whether you’re skating through the streets or at a skatepark, these trucks will ensure you glide smoothly.

Made of aluminum alloy and Carson steel axle, these trucks are lightweight yet quite durable. You can perform complicated tricks on your board with ease, thanks to these trucks. From the moment I bought and used this truck, flips have always been the simplest and easiest thing to do for me.

The 95a black bushings allow users to control their skateboard and make sharp turns easily.

An additional bonus of purchasing these trucks is that you get Owlsome’s ABEC 7 bearings along with the trucks. These pre-lubricated wheels have high-speed steel balls and are easy to clean.

The one downside for these trucks is that the kingpin does not have a grinding clearance.


  • Made of aluminum alloy and Carson steel axle
  • Great for both the streets and skating parks
  • Comes with ABEC 7 precision bearings


  • No grinding clearance

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the best skateboard trucks, let’s look at some of the general features important to take into account when purchasing trucks for your skateboard.

Another thing to keep in mind before we begin is your own preferences. Thinking about the type of skateboarding you prefer. What types of terrains do you like skating on? Are you a beginner, an intermediate skater, or a pro?

Your own preferences also play a part in selecting the right pair of trucks.

Buying Guide For The Best Skateboard Trucks

Choosing the right trucks for your board is crucial as trucks have an impact on the stability and control you have on your board. Getting the wrong trucks might cause your wheels to brush against your deck, which may result in injuries as your board immediately stops.

The best way to avoid such situations is to familiarise yourself with the various features of the trucks.

top skateboard trucks

If you’re worried about it being complicated, don’t fret. We’ve got your back. We’ve compiled all of the relevant information in simple terms, so you’ll have no trouble understanding the importance and function of each component.

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Different Parts of Skateboard Trucks

Let’s begin by looking at some of the different parts of skateboard trucks.


The kingpin is one of the most important parts of your truck. They fit inside the brush and basically hold together all of the parts of your trucks. This is why it is essential for your kingpin to be high-quality and durable.


Brushings are usually made of urethane, and they’re a group of soft rings that are fitted around the kingpin. The purpose of the brushings is to ensure that your skateboard can turn more smoothly.

what's the best skateboard trucks


This is a long rod of sorts that is installed into the hanger. The axle is where you attach your wheels.


The hanger is a triangular piece of metal; it provides support to the axle. It really helps support your trucks when you make turns or perform tricks.


This is where all the parts of the truck are attached to. It is also the part that you use to mount the trucks onto your deck. You can install it using screws.

Skateboard Truck Shapes

Skateboard trucks usually come in three different shapes. The shape of these trucks is determined by the distance between the deck of your board and the hanger of the trucks.

When selecting your trucks, you also need to ensure that the profile of your trucks is compatible with the wheel of your skateboard.

best skateboard trucks

Low Profile

If you like performing tricks and have smaller wheels, then a low profile pair of trucks would be the best option for you. Wheels between the sizes 50 mm to 53 mm are perfect for low-profile trucks.

Low profile trucks combine well with small wheels providing you with more stability as you perform tricks.

Medium Profile

If you enjoy cruising down the streets or in skate parks, then medium-profile trucks are the option for you. These are compatible with wheels sized between 53 mm and 56 mm. The wheel and the trucks combine well to give the control you need to maneuver through turns.

High Profile

High-profile trucks are compatible with wheels that are 56 mm or more. These trucks work best for boards that are used more on the streets.


The width of your trucks needs to match the width of your deck, which is why it’s extremely important to know the size of your deck when you go out to purchase trucks.

Here is a general guide on the different deck and truck sizes that are compatible with each other:

best skate trucks

While this guideline is helpful to get a general gist of what width is suitable for different decks. We suggest you also look into the deck size suggestions by the manufacturer.


As the name suggests, the risers give you a bit extra height while also acting as shock absorbers. Risers are usually made of hard plastic or rubber. The thicker the riser, the more shock it absorbs.

The riser already comes with screw holes, and you can install it between the baseplate and the deck of your board. These are optional and don’t need to be installed. However, if you want a smoother rider and don’t like feeling the vibrations, we suggest getting a riser.

good skateboard trucks

Moreover, the use of risers depends on your wheels. If you have larger wheels, you may need risers to ensure a smoother ride.

Some of the recent trucks come in various shapes and may not require a riser. We suggest checking the specifications of your board and of your trucks before you decide to purchase a riser.

Construction Materials

The last thing you may want to consider is the material used to construct your trucks. The better the quality, the higher the price, of course. But if you can afford it, it would be good to invest in high-quality trucks.

You can choose from various options such as steel, aluminum, and titanium. The latter will be more pricey but will provide you with sturdy and durable trucks.

Also, keep in mind what we mentioned earlier about the kingpin. It would be best if you don’t compromise on the quality of at least the kingpin as it holds the components of your trucks together.


What are the different types of trucks available for my skateboard?

You need to look at your preferences when looking for the best skate trucks for yourself. We suggest going over our guide above to familiarise yourself with the components of skateboard trucks and their use.

This will help you understand the importance of each component. Two things that you need to look at to figure out what type of trucks work best for you is the height and the width.

Your truck’s height needs to be compatible with the type of wheels you have on your skateboard. This is also connected to the type of skateboarding you prefer.

Next, you need to ensure the width of your trucks is compatible with the width of your deck. We’ve included a general guide on truck and width guide above that you can take a look at for reference.

Which brands are known as the best for skateboard trucks?

Brand preferences vary from individual to individual. Based on our research and reviews, these are some of the brands you can consider if you’re looking for good skateboard trucks are:

  • Independent Trucks
  • Venture
  • Thunder Trucks
  • Quest Boards Trucks

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Are slant trucks any good for skateboard tricks?

Slant trucks don’t bend, and they’re made to endure rough skating stills. So, you can perform all types of tricks with slant trucks without worrying about damaging the trucks and injuring yourself. These go particularly well with longboards.

What truck size is best for an 8.25 deck?

If your skateboard deck width is between the sizes 8.125-inches and 8.75-inches, you can purchase tracks that are 5.5-inches or 149 mm in width.


We’ve reviewed some of the best skateboard trucks in the market to help you find the perfect trucks for yourself.

By now, you’ve probably realized that the market provides a wider range of products. You just need to know your own preferences and what features to look into when purchasing trucks, and you’ll be able to find some good skateboard trucks for yourself.

According to our research, Thunder Unisex Team is one of the best trucks. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they also have high-quality construction. They’re durable and provide skateboarders with quite a lot of stability.

Moreover, these trucks enable skateboarders to maneuver through various obstacles. The bushings on these trucks are also long-lasting. They really check all the boxes for us.

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