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Top 9 Best Skateboard Under 100 Dollars (2022)

Are you looking for a new skateboard that costs less than $100? Well, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Your skating experience can completely change depending on the quality of your skateboard. Given the variety of models available in the market, finding a high-quality skateboard within your price budget can be difficult.

Don’t worry, though. As we mentioned, you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll be reviewing some of the best skateboards under 100.

In addition, we’ve included a general guide to help you better understand all the features of a skateboard. By the time you’re done with this post, you’ll be familiar with all the best complete skateboards under 100 and their features.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into the post.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Under 100 Reviews 2022

Looking at some of the best skateboards under 100 can give you a good idea of the type of models available in the market. It can also help you understand the importance of each skateboard feature.

Let’s take a look at what the best of the best have to offer skateboarders.

1. Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard – Best for Overall

skateboards under 100 dollars

View at Amazon || View at Cal-7

First up is the Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard, which measures up to 7.5-inches in width. This ready-to-ride skateboard comes with 52 mm 100A PU wheels. The hard wheels on this board allow you to glide at top speed smoothly.

These wheels are perfect for rolling in the streets or at skate parks. Plus, the ABEC7 carbon steel bearings give you additional smoothness.

You get 5-inch aluminum trucks with this pre-assembled board, which are durable and allow you to maneuver with ease. 

Controlling this Cal board becomes easier thanks to the medium concave shape of the board. Moreover, the 7-ply Maple wood deck on this board is quite sturdy.

One of the best things about this board is that you can prevent wheel bite thanks to the 3 mm riser pads and the HR96A bushings. Plus, this feature makes carving easier.

Fortunately, if you have any issues with this board, it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. So, if you have any issues, you can contact customer service.

  • 100A PU hard wheels allow you to glide smoothly even at top speed
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks make it easy to maneuver
  • 3 mm riser pads and H96A bushings prevent wheel bite
  • Carving on this board is easy
  • List Element
  • Weak grip tape

2. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard – Best for High-quality Construction

best skateboard under 100

View at Amazon || View at Stokedrideshop

If you’ve done a little research on skateboards, Powell is a brand that’s probably popped up at least once. The company is well-known within the skating community for the high-quality boards it provides. 

The Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is no exception when it comes to high-quality construction. This affordable board is a great option for beginners and pros.

As with all Powell boards, the Golden Dragon is also tested during the production process to ensure consistency in the quality.

Measuring up to 7.63-inches in width and 31.63-inches in length, this board has a medium concave shape. Moreover, the strong grip tape ensures you maintain your grip and balance as you perform all sorts of tricks on this board.

You can glide smoothly over bumpy surfaces thanks to the hard 99A durometer and high-rebound wheels. As you ride over bumpy surfaces, the PU wheels absorb the shock, allowing you to roll smoothly without losing your balance.

  • Tested during production to ensure high quality
  • Strong grip tape allows you to maintain grip and balance during high speed
  • High-rebound wheels allow you to ride over bumpy surfaces
  • Wheels can be a bit noisy

3. Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard – Best for Graphics

skateboards under 100

View at Amazon || View at Walmart

Minority is another name that probably showed up in your searches when you were looking for skateboards under 100 dollars. These skateboards are known for their high-quality and trendy graphics. 

The Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard has a concave deck that measures 32-inches in length and 8-inches in width. This durable 7-ply Hardrock maple deck can support a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Durability is one of the key characteristics of this board. From the deck to the trucks, every component of the board is made of high-quality materials.

Made of aluminum alloy, the 5-inch trucks combined with the carbon steel kingpin and the 78A PU bushings ensure that your board can endure all types of impact. Plus, you can enjoy a smooth ride even on bumpy areas thanks to the high-rebound bushings, which absorb shock.

This Minority board is all about speed, thanks to the hard 52 mm 102A PU wheels that allow you to perform all sorts of tricks at high speed. You can roll smoothly on the streets thanks to the ABEC9 precision chrome steel bearings. 

Moreover, this board has been tested on the street, ramps, and pools to ensure it provides riders with the control they need to perform tricks.

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  • Minority, well-known for its variety of trendy graphics
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks combined with carbon steel kingpin and 78A PU bushings ensure impact endurance
  • High precision AEC9 bearings
  • You may need to tighten or loosen hardware according to your riding style

4. Krown KPC Pro Skateboard Complete – Best for Smooth Wheels

skateboard price under 100

View at Amazon || View at Tgmskateboards

Krown has been manufacturing skateboards since 1996, which means they’ve been in the market long enough to know exactly what skateboarders are looking for. 

The KPC Pro Skateboard Complete measures 8-inches in width and 32-inches in length, a perfect size for more advanced riders. If you’re looking to upgrade from your beginner skateboard, this Krown skateboard makes popping so much easier.

You get this board pre-assembled with 5-inch aluminum trucks and 52 mm 99A PU wheels. The ABEC7 precision of these high-rebound wheels allows you to glide along with skate parks and streets smoothly.

However, you may need to loosen the wheels a little for a smoother and easier rolling experience.

The 80 grit grip tape allows you to stand steadily on your board, even at high speeds.

  • 80 grit grip tape provides stability at high speeds
  • Vibrant color options
  • High-quality and robust trucks
  • The deck is not impact-resistant and cannot bear a heavy load

5. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard – Best for Performing Tricks

best complete skateboards under 100

View at Amazon || View at Tgmskateboards

If you’re inspired by pro skateboarders and want to try out trick skateboarding, then the POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard is a good board for tricks. 

If you’ve had the misfortune of owning low-quality boards, you’ll know that minor tricks like ollies and kick-lips might cause your board to crack. Fortunately, with POSITIV, you won’t have to worry about your board snapping into two.

This POSITIV skateboard uses the AirLam pressing process, which means that the various plies of wood are fused using a water-proof glue that protects it from moisture. An additional coat of SST on the board ensures high performance.

Equipped with POSITIV trucks, this board allows you to maneuver through obstacles and sharp corners easily. Plus, the 54 mm 99A durometer wheels provide an amazing grip.

The excellent maneuverability combined with the firm grip of the wheels makes this a great board for beginners. 

  • AirLam pressing process uses water-proof glue
  • An additional coat of SST ensures high performance
  • 54 mm 99A PU wheels provide excellent great
  • You may need to sand the grip tape

6. CCS Skateboard Complete – Best for Symmetrical Design

best skateboard under 100

View at Amazon || View at CCS

Next up on our list is the CCS Skateboard Complete with its classic, symmetrical shape, making it a great board for cruising and performing tricks. Plus, the maple deck has just the right amount of stiffness and flexibility, allowing you to maneuver with ease.

The nose and tail are almost the same sizes, which makes this board great for switch skating. Plus, this board’s performance is quite remarkable, thanks to the medium concave deck with an excellent pop. 

Moreover, this board is lightweight yet durable. You can perform tricks on it and easily carry it around with you. 

It comes equipped with 52 mm 100a durometer wheels, which means that they’re faster and smoother than most wheels. 

Given that you’re on a limited budget, the CCS Complete Skateboard gives you some excellent features at a fairly reasonable price. 

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Not only does the board come fully assembled, but if you need to make any adjustments, you can do so with the skate tool that comes with it.

  • Deck has just the right amount of flexibility and stiffness
  • The nose and tail are the same sizes making it great for switching skating
  • Excellent pop
  • It comes with a skating tool
  • Bearings aren’t suitable for advanced skating

7. Rimable Complete 22-inches Skateboard – Best for Kids

skateboards under 100 dollars


If you’re looking for a skateboard for a child, then the Rimable Complete 22-inches Skateboard is an opinion to consider. Measuring at 22-inches in length and 6-inches in width, this mini cruiser is the perfect size for younger riders.

Moreover, the long-lasting, bright, and colorful graphics on this Rimable board makes it quite popular among children.

This board may be lightweight, but that doesn’t mean the deck isn’t durable. It has a weight capacity of around 198 lbs. This means that not only will this board bear against light impact, but it’s also easy to carry around for your child.

The 59 mm 78A is on the softer side, which means that they provide a better grip. Plus, the 3-inch aluminum trucks provide easy control, ensuring a comfortable skating experience.

  • 59 mm 78A wheels are softer and provide better grip
  • The lightweight deck can withstand up to 198 lbs
  • Bright and colorful graphics are long-lasting
  • Low speed

8. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard – Best for Performance

skateboards under 100

View at Amazon || View at Retrospec

If you’re looking for a cruiser, look no further than the Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard. This 44-inch artisan board is a combination of sustainable bamboo and 8-ply Canadian maple.

The 70 mm 85A PU wheels with ABEC7 precision bearings are responsible for the high performance. If you’ve noticed, the wheels on this board are slightly larger than your average skateboard wheels. This is because the larger contact area gives riders more stability and a smoother riding experience. 

Another great thing about this board is that reverse kingpin is highly responsive. Plus, the wheel wells prevent wheel bite. You can easily commute from one place to another on this board.

  • The combination of bamboo and maple wood makes the deck sturdy
  • Larger wheels give more stability and ensure a smooth ride
  • Wheel wells prevent wheel bites
  • The 8-ply Canadian maple makes it a heavy skateboard

9. Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards – Best for High Control and Stability

best skateboard under 100

View at Amazon || View at Flybar

Lastly, we have the Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards, which measure up to 27.5-inches in length and 8-inches in width. This cruiser board has a 7-ply Canadian maple medium concave deck with a kicktail making it ideal for cruising and carving.

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If you’re worried about stability and control, this is the board for you. The black grip tape allows you to comfortably control your board and remain stable as you glide along the streets. 

The ABEC9 chrome bearings in the 60 mm 78A durometer wheels make this a great board for cruising. Not only do they promise speed, but they also ensure your ride is smooth and stable.

Moreover, this board comes with 6 mm rubber riser pads, which help avoid wheel bite. The risers also add more height to the board, which makes it easier to pass bumps without scratching the bottom of your deck.

  • Kicktail makes it easier to maneuver
  • Offers seamless cruising and carving experience
  • 6 mm risers add height, making it easier to pass bumps without scratching the bottom of the board
  • Smaller and can get caught up in cracks
  • Air bubbles may appear in grip tape

Buying Guide for Best Skateboards under 100 Dollars

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best skateboards under 100 dollars, it’s time to look at specific features.

skateboards under 100 dollars

As mentioned earlier, the quality of your skateboard can change your skating experience. If you don’t get the right board, not only are you hindering your learning process, but it can also be dangerous.

In this section, we’ll look at specific features of the skateboard and discuss why it’s important to take them into consideration when buying a skateboard.

Knowing Your Skating Style

If you’re a newbie, you need to think about your requirements and skating style before you decide to purchase a skateboard. 

Sit down and ask yourself:

  • Where will I be riding my skateboard?
  • Do I plan on learning tricks?
  • Do I want to use my skateboard for cruising?
  • Am I looking for speed, or do I prefer stability?
  • What sort of graphics do I prefer?

Once you answer some of these questions, it’s time to move on to specific features.

Why is Deck Shape and Size Important?

Selecting the right deck is linked to your skating style and usage. 

If you want to skateboard to commute from one place to another, we suggest going for a longer and wider deck. As you travel over distances, you need a deck that gives you enough room to stand on top comfortably.

skateboards under 100

As longboards are usually larger, they’re also heavier. This means that they can be quite heavy and difficult to carry around. So, keep that in mind. 

On the other hand, if you want to learn how to perform tricks, you’ll need a deck that gives you the right amount of flexibility and stiffness. Moreover, it needs to be durable so it can hold up against impact as you perform tricks.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at the deck specifications is the weight capacity. You need to ensure the deck you purchase is able to hold up your weight. Otherwise, it will crack during rides and can be very dangerous.

Does Trucks Matter?

Yes, truck size and quality matter. The trucks connect your wheels to the deck of your board. The amount of control you have on your board is dependent on your trucks. 

Skateboard trucks have varying heights. If you’re still learning how to ride a skateboard, we would suggest going for a skateboard with lower trucks. Lower trucks have a lower center of gravity, which means they provide more stability.

If you want, you can get higher trucks. However, keep in mind that you may have a harder time learning to maintain your balance.

One disadvantage of lower trucks is that you get wheel bites. You can prevent this issue by installing risers to add more height.

With higher trucks, you can avoid wheel bite. Moreover, they make maneuvering easier. You can make sharper turns with higher trucks.

Wheels Make the Skateboard

There’s no point in getting a skateboard if you’re compromising on wheel quality. We suggest you pay close attention to the particular section because wheels are the most important component of your board. You literally can’t move without them.

skateboard price under 100

There are two things to keep in mind when looking at the wheels.

Wheel Diameter

The diameter of your wheel determines your acceleration as well as your maneuverability. Usually, smaller wheels provide more stability and less speed, while larger wheels provide more speed but less stability.

You should select your wheels depending on your usage. If you want to perform tricks, we suggest opting for average-sized wheels. If you’re a beginner, the stability of smaller wheels is what you need.

Here are some wheel sizes that you might come across:

50 mm to 53 mm

These wheels are smaller and slower. They’re great for performing tricks and riding in the streets and skate parks.

54 mm to 59 mm

These are great for beginners who want to perform tricks and want a little more speed. These are suitable for skating on streets and at skate parks.

60 mm or larger

These wheels are commonly found on cruisers and longboards. They provide quite a lot of speed and are great for riding on rough surfaces.

Wheel Durometer

The durometer refers to the hardness of your wheel and is measured using the Durometer A Scale. Generally, the harder your wheels, the more speed they provide. Softer wheels are slower but provide riders with more grip. 

Again, your riding style will influence the type of wheels your purchase. In addition, your preferred riding surface will influence your durometer choice. For instance, if you’re riding on smoother surfaces, like at the skate park, hard wheels are the option for you.

Here’s a general guide to help you choose a durometer according to your requirements:

78A to 87A

These wheels are on the softer side and suitable for rough surfaces. You can easily roll over bumps using these wheels. Great for street skating.

88A to 95A

If you want to cruise along the streets with speed, this is the size you’re looking for. These wheels are slightly harder, which means they’re faster. While they don’t provide as much grip as the previous size range, it is still enough.

96A to 99A

These wheels are faster while still providing some grip. Suitable for skating on smoother surfaces like skateparks.

101A or higher

These wheels are quite hard and provide a lot of speed. Only opt for these wheels if you’re a pro skater.


Lastly, you need to look at the quality and rating of the bearings. Skateboard bearings are small metal or ceramic balls located inside the wheel. The bearings are responsible for the smooth rolling of your wheels.

100 dollar skateboard

Bearings are measured using ABEC ratings. The higher the rating, the higher the precision and smoothness of your skating experience.

Here’s a general guide to help you understand ABEC ratings:


These bearings are very low quality. They’re super cheap but don’t roll smoothly at all.


You’ll find these at a relatively low price, but they’ll give you quite some trouble as they don’t spin very smoothly.


If you’re looking for a little speed but are on a budget, ABEC5 bearings are your best option. They’re affordable and have a decent performance.


These bearings are faster but are also more expensive.


If you’re looking for extreme speed, then we suggest getting ABEC9 bearings. However, these can be a bit difficult to control for newbies.


Finding the best skateboard under 100 can be difficult, especially if you don’t know much about skateboards. Fortunately, we’ve made this task easier for you. We’ve researched on your behalf and have reviewed some of the best models in this post.

If you’re having trouble finding the right skateboard for yourself, a model to consider is the Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard. Not only is it affordable, but it provides riders with high speed and durability.

skateboards under 100


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