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How To Win Skateboarding Fear For Beginners To Be Professional

Every skater will have to start from zero to become a hero. However, skateboarding requires certain skill levels and especially courage. Newbies will often get frustrated at first, but they’ll make great skaters if they get through it.

No matter what, try to avoid chicken foot. Be wary of this situation if you are experiencing it because this bad habit will adversely affect other advanced skateboarding techniques in the future.

How To Win Skateboarding Fear For Beginners To Be Professional

Chicken Foot In Skateboarding

Dangers Of Chicken Footing You May Not Know

As mentioned above, chicken foot negatively affects the process of practising other movements. To be more specific, you will face the risk of injury when you perform moves like bail and jump gaps, resulting in bruised knees and strain calves.

In addition, when you land kickflips, the one foot that you reach out to touch the ground will experience more force, leading to a fracture. Therefore, keeping both feet on the board when landing is safest, minimizing injury.

Get Over Your Fear Of Skateboarding

Be mentally prepared before starting to practice this sport because you will definitely get injured and hurt. Nearly everyone has this same fear while skateboarding, and it will affect your training progress later.

Get Over Your Fear Of Skateboarding

Get over the fear of injuries

So, deal with this fear yourself first if you want to perfect your moves and live up to a pro skater. To minimize the risk of injury, buy good protective gear and practice with peace of mind.

In particular, prepare yourself a good skateboard to practice safely. There are many skateboard reviews for beginners from trusted brands for you to consider. A high-quality skateboard is the first safety requirement.

Prepare yourself against injuries

Focus And Trust

Before doing anything difficult, not just skateboarding, you need to believe in yourself and unleash your courage. Every time you do a move, tell yourself you’ll do it perfectly.

First and foremost, you need to understand how these moves need to be done. Then picture in your head how you will do it, what your pose will be. Of course, let’s imagine yourself doing this move beautifully. Finally, do this move with all your courage.

Focus And Trust

Believe in yourself

For example, if you are struggling with the 50-50 ledge, it’s helpful to visualize your trucks striking the exact area where they lock in on the wheels. If you want to practice kickflips, imagine you popping the Ollie, then do the trick, and later catch your board.

Practice this many times, and your body will get used to the movement, helping you to do it naturally.


This is the big moment: the skateboard wheels hit the ground. At this point, you will know if you have successfully done this move or not.

You need to have confidence in yourself and control the speed at the same time. Let’s just ignore everything and focus on the movement. Use all your strength to perform this pose.

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If you accidentally fall when you land, learn to roll to reduce the force of impact on a point on your body. Execution is a must-learn movement in skateboarding, so try to make this trick a habit.

Other Tips To Get Over Your Fear When Skateboarding

Don’t Overthink Your Fear

Don’t overthink your fear

Don’t overthink your fear

Have you ever had thoughts of giving up, or you can’t do it right before you start practicing? Usually, the result is that you will fail that trick.

The reason behind this is that when you overthink, your muscles get tight. This reduces your flexibility and movement, leading to misalignment and failure. Tell yourself you can do it and relax your body to win the challenge.

You Don’t Have To Be A Hero At First

Skateboarding is an interesting and exciting sport, so it attracts a lot of young people. Many people want to quickly become good at it, so they stretch themselves too thin. Sometimes it even leads to being demotivated.

Don’t stretch yourself too thin

Don’t stretch yourself too thin

Start slowly with some beginner tricks, according to your ability. You want to do a few tricks but professionally rather than all of the tricks amateurishly.

Practice With Friends

If you feel like practicing alone is boring, try inviting a friend or practicing in a group. Training with others will give you a sense of competition. You can even ask them for advice on how to improve yourself.


For skateboarding, you have to practice a lot and go through many falls to be able to do the tricks perfectly. If you are in fear of pain, you won’t get results. Setting goals for yourself and overcoming your fears is the best way to achieve greatness.

We hope this article will be useful to you. By promoting self-belief, you will soon master skateboarding. In addition, you can ask the help of friends or other skaters to be able to witness the techniques in real life.

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