Can Skateboarding Help You Lose Weight? – A Surprising Fact

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people riding a skateboard for their peace of mind. They consider it a hobby and also think of it as a new way to work out, “Can skateboarding help you lose weight?”.

This excellent workout will do you good if you know exactly how to take advantage of skateboards. The following article will offer some interesting insights about the way skateboarding helps you lose weight. Let’s get started!

Can You Lose Weight By Skateboarding?

“Can skateboarding help lose weight?” and the answer is yes if you apply some suitable techniques according to your preference. Riding a board is a great exercise for your physical and mental health, allowing you to keep fit by burning calories and building muscles.

This exercise is good for losing weight because it can burn as many calories as you wish when applying difficult techniques.

can skateboarding help you lose weight

Skateboarding does help you get rid of body fat

Once you try to keep your spirit up and focus on your goal, you will gradually see the desired result of weight loss. Skateboarding does help you get rid of body fat, but you need to be patient to notice the change in your body.

How Many Calories Will You Burn When You Go Skateboarding?

There is no accurate answer to the question, “How many calories do you burn skateboarding?”. The amount of calories burnt depends greatly on your skating track and your workout pace.

However, you can expect to burn about 300-500 calories when riding a skateboard for 60 minutes per day at an intense practicing rate.

Skateboarding exercises may not be as effective as running or cycling. However, when you find joy in your daily skating route, you will gradually notice positive changes in your body.

does skateboarding help you lose weight

Daily skateboarding will burn calories and lose weight

Any exercise can help you burn a considerable amount of calories. So, according to your personal preference, you can choose the level of your workout and comfortable practice routine.

Hard work and dedication to your goals will successfully strengthen your muscles and make you become healthier.

The more advanced your skating skills are, the more calories you burn during your ride. Difficult techniques require you to use all parts of your body, leading to the maximum amount of calories burnt.

Which Muscles Do You Use While Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a superb exercise that includes both riding and performing techniques. That’s why you need to use all of your muscles, especially your core and hamstring muscles, to improve your posture and provide increased flexibility.

Strong core muscles are essential for balancing and mastering the skateboarding ride. It provides you with greater stabilization and support for your body while skating. Your upper and lower body will have a close connection thanks to core strength, allowing you to ride a board easier.

can skateboarding help lose weight

Using Muscles While Skateboarding

It is advisable to effectively use both your legs and the upper body to maintain a lower center of gravity when moving from a high to a low position.

Learning to skateboard also benefits the hamstring muscles, allowing you to ride the board with amazing movement. You will need to rely on them to flex your knees and legs if you want to master different techniques without difficulty.

Does Skateboarding Help You Lose Belly Fat?

A regular skate routine will indeed lead to belly fat reduction and get rid of unwanted calories. However, don’t expect any clear results right after one or two practicing weeks. If you want to lose weight quickly, it depends on your practice hours and the level of movement you choose to skate.

can you lose weight by skateboarding

Frequently skateboard to lose belly fat

Normal skateboarding practice doesn’t make much difference to your belly fat. It is recommended to include some intense exercises like abs roll out or core twist to burn off excess fat effectively.

Step By Step Skateboarding Instructions For Losing Weight

Outdoor Exercises

Skateboarding is a wonderful outdoor exercise, requiring you to spend most of the time on the streets. When you have a suitable routine for losing weight, practicing skating will burn a considerable amount of unwanted calories.

how many calories do you burn skateboarding

Practice Skateboarding

You should ride at a slow pace to avoid losing your balance and falling off the board if you are a beginner. It is important to have daily practice to feel comfortable and learn to develop your skills easily.

Once you have improved your skating techniques, you will have a chance to practice more difficult movements. It will burn more calories because you have to try your best to balance and master advanced skills.

If you are a pro skateboarder, you can apply hard tricks like laser flip, backside tail slide, hardflip, etc., to get more energy burnt for each training session.

Indoor ExercisesOutdoor Exercises

If you don’t want to go outside, there are many alternative options for using a skateboard to practice indoors. Indoor exercises with a skateboard will do you good when the weather is not perfect for practicing outside.

can skateboarding help you lose weight

Indoor Workout With A Skating Board

You don’t have to worry about skipping your workout because you can do exercises comfortably at home. You only need a mattress and a skateboard for effective hours of practicing.

One of the most popular exercises is the unstable split squat. This exercise doesn’t require any specific skill to do, so everyone can follow this workout.

All you need to do is step one foot onto the board with the width more than hip distance apart. While sitting backward, you should bend down your knees as you keep them aligned with your toes. Stay in this posture for some seconds before returning to the standing position.

This exercise helps maintain your balance and increase your flexibility simultaneously. Other exercises such as push-ups, plank, or reverse lunges also contribute greatly to your weight loss.


After reading this article, we hope you will get yourself a proper answer to the question, “Can skateboarding help you lose weight?”.

Don’t hesitate to learn skating because you will be surprised by the brilliant benefits it brings to your body. Apart from that, you need to have a suitable skating plan and stick to it for the best result of a lean body.

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