What’s the Difference Between Penny Board And Skateboard? – Full Comparison

Penny boards and standard skateboards are not the same. Each type has its own special construction and design to support players at different levels. So, what is the difference between Penny board and skateboard?

In this article, we compare all the factors in the usage, components, and performance of these 2 skateboard types, including:

  • Wheels
  • Trucks
  • Griptape
  • Deck
  • Bearings
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Stability

After the comparison, we will tell which model is better to use. If you are having difficulty choosing the right skateboard for your skills, have a look at this article! We will help you pick out the most suitable product!

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About Penny Board

difference between penny board and skateboard

Penny board

What Is A Penny Board?

Penny boards are a special type of skateboard that has a lightweight and compact size. They usually come with a plastic deck that is taped at both ends.

The Penny company has invented, manufactured, and popularized this type of skateboard. As you can see, the Penny term is after the name of the company.

Nowadays, many companies other than Penny provide this skateboard. But Penny is still a principal player in the industry.

difference between skateboard and penny board

Plastic Penny board

The deck length of a Penny board is from 22 to 27 inches. The price of a good Penny skateboard is from $20 to $100, ideal for skaters on a low budget. However, due to the low price, you may not expect the components to have high durability.

Due to the small size, the board may be difficult for big people to use. Also, professional skaters may find it hard to perform tricks and skills with this type of skateboard.


  • Lightweight, highly portable
  • Easy to store in any personal package due to the compact size
  • Small decks, suitable for young kids
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for big skaters to control
  • Components of the board breaking down easily
  • Can’t support advanced tricks

About Skateboard

what's the difference between a penny board and a skateboard


What Is A Skateboard?

Skateboards come up in many different types, including longboards, normal boards, cruiser boards, and penny skateboards. The type that we compare to the penny board in this article is the standard skateboard.

A traditional skateboard comes up with a solid deck constructed of wood. It has a roughly rectangular shape with round ends. A standard skateboard features a kicktail on every end, supporting the skater in flipping the deck in the air.

what is the difference between a skateboard and a penny board

Skateboards are bigger than Penny boards

Skateboard is bigger than the Penny board. The deck length of it is usually from 28 inches to 32 inches. This type is also more expensive than the Penny. You need to pay from $30 – $200 for a good skateboard.

The big size makes the standard skateboard less portable. You may have to prepare a big package to store the board and carry it around.


  • Large sizes, suitable for big skaters
  • The kicktail on the deck ends supporting trick performance
  • The heavyweight for a more stable and balanced experience
  • Long service life, thanks to its durable components


  • Not portable to carry around due to the heavyweight
  • May not fit some personal packages because of the large deck
  • More expensive

The Difference Between Penny Board And Skateboard


We have given you an overview of each skateboard type. The question is now, when should you use a Penny board, and when should you use the other type?

The usage is based on your age, your body size, and your purposes.

Both Penny boards and skateboards are good for learning the basics.

For small kids, you should go for Penny. The small deck makes this board suitable for skaters with small feet. On the other hand, if you are a teenager or an adult, you may consider learning the basic techniques with a standard skateboard.

Is a Penny board easier than a skateboard for learning difficult tricks? Our answer is no! The small size and light weight make the Penny skateboard hard to stay balanced and under control.

If you want to perform tricks, we recommend the traditional skateboard. The large size and tail kick design allows it to stay more stable during the ride.

To summarize, you should use the Penny board for kids who need to learn the basics. In contrast, you can use a skateboard when you are an adult or need to perform tricks.



which is better penny board or skateboard


The wheels of a skateboard are constructed of urethane material. Each wheel has a diameter of 49 mm to 75 mm.

Penny boards offer a set of wheels that are made of polyurethane and plastic materials. The size of each wheel is from 59 mm to 69 mm. Compared to regular skateboards, Penny boards feature wider wheels.

The bigger wheels allow Penny boards to go at high speed. You may have difficulty in reaching high speed with the wheelset of skateboards.

In contrast, as the Penny wheels roll faster, they are hard to control. Although skateboard wheels roll slower, they perform a smooth ride and are easy to control.

In fact, the wheels of Penny boards and traditional skateboards are quite similar to each other. That’s why many advanced skaters who like high-speed riding replace a Penny wheelset with the components in their skateboards.


penny board vs skateboard


Penny boards have their trucks built of cast aluminum. On the other hand, most manufacturers choose high-quality metallic materials, such as steel, alloy steel, brass, or aluminum to construct the trucks of the standard skateboards. You can also find some traditional skateboards that have nylon trucks.

The trucks in both Penny boards and regular skateboards contain 2 separate parts, which are the hanger and baseplate.

When assembling, the manufacturers connect the trucks directly to the bearings and wheels.

Trucks of Penny boards appear in 2 different sizes. You can choose between 3 inches or 4 inches. A Penny board that is 22 inches big may fit a 3 inches truck. On another side, a 4 inches truck will fit a Penny board that is 27 inches large.

The skateboards have bigger trucks than Penny boards do. The size of skateboard trucks runs in the range of 6 inches to 9.35 inches.


penny board compared to skateboard


The deck is the most important component of the 2 board types.

Penny boards have decks constructed of plastic-based materials. The plastic construction gives the component high power and flexibility. Most Penny boards have a waffle top and an anti-slipping surface. You can easily stay stable while riding on this deck.

However, plastic material usually can not withstand high pressure. If this equipment can not tolerate a heavyweight, it may break down.

Unlike Penny products, regular skateboards have a stronger and more durable deck. The manufacturers usually choose natural maple wood to make this board base. As you know, wood is very solid and can keep its structure under high pressure. The wood material also prevents slipping.

Based on the strength of the deck, you may now understand why Penny boards are good for children and the other type is ideal for adults.


difference between penny board and skateboard


Bearings are small pieces of equipment hidden inside the board wheels. They support the boards running smoothly while keeping the wheels connected to the trucks.

The bearings of skateboards are sturdily constructed. You can notice that the material is high-quality stainless steel. With this material, the bearings do not break down quickly under your weight.

Unfortunately, there are not many things to say about the bearings of Penny boards. The common materials for this Penny board part are ceramic, steel, and titanium. To reduce cost, most manufacturers don’t focus on the quality of Penny bearings. That’s why they may not be as strong as ones of the regular type.


is a penny board easier than a skateboard


Griptape is extra equipment that helps increase the comfort and security of Penny boards and skateboards. You can choose either to use it or not use it.

Griptape is the same on 2 types of boards. It prevents slipping and keeps you balanced on the ride. You can equip a skateboard grip tape to a Penny board, and vice versa.

This equipment comes in multiple colors. You are free to choose your favorite color to decorate your board.

Skateboarding Performance


is penny boarding easier than skateboarding


However, the primary component – the deck of Penny board is only made of plastic, while one skateboard is made from wood. Most manufacturers also focus on the bearing construction of skateboards more than Penny boards.

As you can see, skateboards are a lot more durable than the other type.


what's the difference between a penny board and a skateboard


Penny boards are small. This type of board does not have many metallic materials. Most components of Penny products are from plastic and polyurethane. Thus, they are lighter than skateboards.


which is better penny board or skateboard


Skateboards with smaller wheels do not support fast riding, but they are easy to control. You are able to have a stable ride with this traditional type.

The wood deck is also rough and strong. It is not easy to be affected by your body weight. On the other hand, the plastic deck of the Penny boards may not withstand high heaviness. If you are heavy, the board may not stay stable and flip anytime.

For stability, the skateboard is surely the winner.

Price Range

The price of a Penny board compared to a skateboard is lower.

As mentioned above, a good Penny board may cost $20 – $100, while a quality skateboard costs about $30 – $200.

It is not difficult to understand the difference in price, as skateboards have a better construction with wooden and metallic materials.

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Penny Board And Skateboard: Which One Is Better?

The answer depends on your age, your body size, your level, and your purpose of the usage period.

If you shop for small kids, the Penny board is a good deal for you. Oppositely, if you are a teenager or an adult, go for the standard skateboard.

difference between penny board and skateboard

Penny board is a good deal for small kids

With a compact design, the Penny board is also good for skaters with small feet, a short shape, and a light body. Large and heavy skaters should consider practicing their skills with a standard skateboard.

Both skateboards and Penny boards are good for beginners. You can use them to learn skateboarding at skate parks.

But when it comes to performing advanced skills, the skateboards will have an edge over their counterparts.

Traditional skateboards are stronger, more stable, and more simple to control. You can easily maneuver your movements and perform your difficult techniques while riding on skateboards. The kicktail on both ends of the board allows you to jump into the air with ease.

If what you need is a skateboard that lasts long, the skateboard will be our best recommendation. The skateboard with a wooden base can deal with higher pressure. The metallic bearings and trucks also resist abrasion when the wheels contact the ground.


What’s the difference between a penny board and a skateboard? We have made a full comparison between all the factors of the 2 board types.

A small skater should go for a smaller board like the Penny type. On the other hand, if you are a professional skater who often does cool tricks, the large size of standard skateboards will please you at best!

It is your turn to consider and decide the type of skateboard that is more suitable for your requirements. After this article, we believe that you can make the correct buying decision!

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