Do Rusty Trucks Matter Skateboard? Let’s dig into it.

Picture this, I am standing there gazing at my battle-scarred skateboard. It’s seen better days and now seems not so cool. It becomes rusty with days and months. Those two metal axles that hold the wheels to the board have been through the wringer. But as I have learned, rusty trucks are like the political debate that you can’t quite figure out in the world of skateboarding.

For years, I have wondered, Do rusty trucks matter skateboard? It’s a hotly debated topic as I told you. Some go with the charm of the rust, while others despise it. In this article, we are going to settle the score on whether rusty trucks truly matter in skateboarding, offering insights, science, and personal stories. 

Do rusty trucks matter skateboard?

A rusted truck may make your skateboard appear old and exhausted due to long-time service but it will extend its life by protecting it from rust and corrosion. A rusted truck not only adds character to your board but also extends the life of your deck by protecting it from falls and other accidents. 

do rusty trucks matter skateboard

Truckin’ with Style

You can protect your skateboard for years by putting a rusted truck on it. Skateboarding is all about having fun, so don’t allow anything to get in your way. A rusted truck is a great way to add originality to your board collection. Many of my street-smart friends have it as a status symbol and showcase as pro players. 

Let’s talk briefly about those dependable old skateboarding trucks, the rusted trucks to be very focused. As a long-time skater, I have had my fair share of encounters with the metal axles that link your wheels to your board. 

Rusted trucks are considered a sign of honor by some. They claim that rust gives your motorcycle character, delivering greater grip and rough, rebellious edges. It’s the punk rock of skateboarding and I can not deny its fascination.

So what’s the verdict? Rusted trucks are important but how much depends on your particular choice, taste, and personality. 

Do you strive for perfection or do you embrace skateboarding’s raw and core spirit? Personally, I like to keep my trucks a little rusted for extra traction and to evoke memories of my attitude. It’s a reminder of my past, youth, and importantly skateboarding life. In the end, it’s just life and it is all about finding our sweet spot and where we are comfortable. 

How rusty trucks are good for your skateboard?

do skateboard trucks rust

Turn and Burn

If you want my personal opinion, in this case, I would say the best part of a rusted truck is that they have personality.

That is my straight, full, and final answer to the longer question. Rusted trucks are like seasoned skateboarding veterans, having seen more street sessions than most of us have and hot meals, haha. They recount the narrative of rebellious youths just like me. 

But it’s not just about looks, my friends. Rusting trucks provide character to your journey and experience. The corrosion gives a distinct texture and dare I say, an element of unpredictability. It’s like you are constantly being tested, “Can you handle this wild beast?

Additionally, there’s a financial benefit. Rusty trucks often come dirt cheap or even free, a blessing for broke skaters like myself. The money saved can be invested in other parts of the setup, like fresh wheels or a snazzy deck. I know we are all one to change these kinda things more often, don’t deny, I know. 

Finally, some serious talk for you guys, I know you all love our mother planet. With the rusty truck to continue, you are minimizing waste contributing to a more sustainable skateboarding culture, and encouraging other youth to save our planet and preach the mentality.

That’s a very respectable stand for the world and growing respect for the skateboarding community. 

Also, I love collecting rusty truck skateboards to tell the next generation about the history and culture, who knows, you might discover a newfound appreciation for the history and art of skateboarding- one grind at a time. Anything can happen in life, my friend. 

Factors Affecting Skateboard Performance

do rusty trucks matter skateboard 1Truck Tech Triumph

Skateboard performance is determined by a lot of factors and elements, including deck size, and wheel hardness, as well as truck tightness and bearing quality.

Deck size and shape have an impact on stability and control, whilst wheel hardness and size have be impact on grip and sliding capabilities. truck tightness may be adjusted to fine-tune turning responsiveness while high-quality bearings decrease friction for a smoother ride. 

Bushings influence carving ease and stability, while your hardware and deck material influence the overall feel. The terrain you skate on, your maintenance practices, your personal abilities, and the environmental conditions are all important.

Consider the interplay of these variables and customize your setup to suit your style and preference to maximize the performance of your skateboard. 

Do Skate Trucks Get Rusty?

The question you might ask is, do skateboard trucks rust? Yes, skate trucks get rusty over time. Skateboards are often exposed to many facts such as the environment.

It can get rusty due to moisture. Rust can compromise the structural integrity of the trucks, potentially making them weaker and less responsive.

This rust is not just a visual concern, it can compromise your skateboard’s performance and safety. Weakened truck metal can lead to reduced control and responsiveness when riding and attempting tricks.

Furthermore, the pivot cups in your trucks may also be affected by rust, resulting in less smooth turns. If you put your skate in damp or wet conditions, it is most like rusted. 

Maintenance and prevention

Hi, we already talked a lot. Raised up a lot of questions and explained rusting issues. Are you scared or confused about the rusted truck? Hang on, I can tell you a few things to change the game. How do we maintain to skip rusting? To begin with, prevention is the name of the game.

Ah, It even sounds like a rhyme, LOL. First thing first, dry out your board after each rainy session, especially those trucks! If you live near the coast, the salty sea air is your enemy. 

So rinse and towel dry your trucks ASAP. Apply a coat of clear nail paint to the exposed metal component to add some DIY skills for better protection. Maintenance is essential I am telling you once again.  Keep your kingpins and pivot cups lubricated with skateboard grease.

Also, remove rust from the skateboard trucks regularly. You can watch this video on how to clean a rusty skateboard truck on YouTube.

Remember, rust is your mortal enemy in many ways if you consider it that way. But with it, you can also keep those trucks rolling smooth and rust-free. No need to thank me, you are welcome. Happy skating cool dudes. 


The rusty truck is one of the most debatable topics in the skateboarding world. Everybody asks, Do rusty trucks matter skateboard? The relevance of rusty trucks can not be overlooked by any means. They influence overall performance, safety, and longevity, while the rugged look appeals to a lot of people like me.

To smooth a faster and smoother ride experience, you are advised to maintain your skateboard and the trucks so that it doesn’t get rusty. Happy skateboarding for all.

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