Do Skateboard Trucks Come In Pairs? Unlocking The Thrills

Skateboarding is more than just a sport for many people. It’s a lifestyle. Even the most passionate riders may find themselves thinking about the fundamentals. As a skateboarder, when I was a beginner, one common issue that came to mind was “Do skateboard trucks come in pairs?” It may be a small question, but the answer is important for understanding the mechanics of your vehicle. So, in this article, let’s talk about this simple question and reveal the complex structure of skateboard tricks.

Do skateboard trucks come in pairs?

Yes, skateboard trucks typically come in pairs, which are crucial to completing a skateboard. Without both trucks, a skateboard wouldn’t be able to perform properly.

do skateboard trucks come in pairs

Truck Thrash Fun

A complete skateboard is typically made up of two trucks, four wheels, and a deck. They come in various sizes and styles. So that we can customize our skateboard according to our preferences and riding style. Choosing the right truck width is really necessary for better stability and control of our skateboard.

These T-shaped skateboard trucks are designed to be set up at opposite ends of the deck, creating a balanced structure. Skateboards’ overall performance depends on this pair of skateboard trucks.

Even this pairing ensures weight distribution. It’s important to tighten or loosen the truck’s bolts to suit your preference for turning and stability and to avoid any kind of accident.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a street skater, a vertical skater, or a cruiser, having a pair of skateboard trucks is fundamental for a smooth and active ride. So, when you purchase skateboard trucks, they will typically come in pairs to complete your skateboard setup.

Understanding Skateboard Trucks

do skateboard trucks come in pairs 2

Truck Kickflip Joy

Understanding skateboard trucks is necessary for every skateboarder. Because they play a huge role in the board’s performance. Skateboard trucks are T-shaped metal components that attach the wheels to the deck. They are made up of some key parts such as the baseplate, hanger, bushings, and kingpin.

The width of the skateboard trucks should closely match the width of the skateboard deck. skateboards wider trucks offer more stability and narrower trucks offer more agility.

How easily you can turn during your ride depends on the angle of the baseplate. Lower angles provide smoother and greater turning ability than higher angles.

Bushings help to determine the truck’s responsiveness. It is made of urethane. Softer bushings make turning easier and harder ones provide stability, especially at high speeds.

Every skater should understand how to adjust skateboard trucks according to their preference and style. Because it significantly impacts your riding experience. Looser trucks are better for sharp turns and tricks and tighter trucks are better for downhill riding.

However, understanding skateboard trucks properly makes your journey easy and comfortable with your skateboard riding.

Skateboard trucks buying guide

When you buy skateboard trucks for your skateboard, it’s important to consider some issues to ensure you get the right and perfect fit for your board. First of all, understand the perfect truck width for your skateboard according to your preference and riding style. Standard truck’s widths are

  • 129mm for decks 7.4”- 7.8” wide,
  • 139mm for 7.8”- 8.2” decks, and 
  • 149mm for 8.2” – 8.6” decks.

After that, consider the truck’s height. Low trucks are great for stability and street and technical skating. Meanwhile, high trucks are suitable for ramps and cruising. And the material of the trucks matters too.

Aluminum is common, it offers a good balance of strength and weight. Also, bushings are important for trucks. Your skateboard turns out to depend on it. 

Lastly, choose between traditional kingpin (TKP) trucks for street and park skating or reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks for longboarding and cruising.

A closer look at truck components

A closer look at skateboard truck components reveals the essential features that contribute to the functionality and performance of this vital piece of skating hardware. Skateboard trucks are T-shaped metal components that connect the wheels to the board and are set up on the underside of the skateboard deck.

These trucks are made up of a number of vital pieces that are essential for the stability and flexibility of a skateboard.

The hanger and axle are the heart of a skateboard truck. The hanger, designed like an inverted “T”, supports the axle, which holds the wheels in place. The width of the hanger affects the stability of the skateboard. Wider hangers provide more stability and narrower ones provide agility.

The bushing on each side of the hanger controls the board’s turn radius, with harder bushing providing stability and softer ones sharper turns. The kingpin, securing truck components can be adjusted to customize truck tightness, affecting skateboard flexibility.

The baseplate connects the truck to the deck. It influences the truck angle, which in turn impacts how the skateboard responds to your movement.

Understanding these elements is important for every skateboarder according to their preference and style. And your skateboard performance depends on these individual truck components.

DIY skateboard truck maintenance

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Truck Slide Glide

DIY skateboard truck maintenance is very important for skateboarders to keep their boards performing at their best and ensure safety while riding. So, Here’s a guide to maintaining them properly. Many people also ask, do skateboard trucks rust? The answer is yes and you need to take care of the bellow methods–

Regular cleaning

Start by removing the wheels and cleaning the trucks with a brush to remove dirt, debris, and old wax.

Check for damage

If you see any kind of cracks, bends, or damage, replace them if needed. Because damaged trucks can be dangerous while you are riding. 

Tighten or loosen bushing

You can adjust your bushing according to your preference and riding style. Tighten for stability and loosen for sharper turns.

Reassemble carefully

Reassemble your skateboard trucks correctly, with the kingpin nut snug but not too tight to allow for proper turning.

Wheel Rotation

Rotate your wheels regularly to ensure even wear. It can help you to maintain smooth and active performance.

Replace grip tape

A good grip is essential for control. If your grip tape is worn out or damaged, replace it.

Proper DIY skateboard truck maintenance helps to make your rides smooth, comfortable, and safe. Regular maintenance is a small investment that makes your skateboarding experience great. Here is a video guide on how to maintain your skateboard.


In conclusion, the answer to the  “Do skateboard trucks come in pairs?” is yes, skateboard trucks are sold in pairs. These necessary skateboard components provide stability and control. It’s very important to have a balance between these two trucks. Doesn’t matter whether you are a professional skater or a beginner, understanding this fundamental is key to a successful riding experience.

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