Do Skateboard Trucks Come with Bushings? The Ultimate Guide

Hello, fellow road warriors and pavement pirates! So you have chosen to jump into the exciting world of skating, ready to shred the streets and alleys like a pro. But wait, you have heard of these mysterious “skateboard trucks” and their enigmatic friends, the “bushings”. Do skateboard trucks come with bushings? Or is this merely an urban legend? Fear not, my fellow skaters, I am about to solve this enigma for you. Grab your skateboards and prepare to enter the world of skating hardware. 

Do Skateboard Trucks Come with Bushings?

Yes, every truck does come with bushings. Every truck is installed with two bushings. And they are called the street-facing top bushing, and the board-facing bottom bashing.

do skateboard trucks come with bushings

Bushing Blissful Beauty

Skateboard trucks are a very important element of a super skateboard experience. But what exactly are these bushing things? They are often overlooked components that keep your board spinning butter smoothly.

I have been on four wheels for a long time, 8 years exactly if I count, still, I am not too aware nor familiar with bushing as much as I am with other skateboard elements. The reason for that is, that it is very underrated. Let’s talk about it then. 

Bushings are common equipment on skateboard trucks. These donut-shaped rubber miracles nestle within the trucks and serve as the pivot for your board’s spin.

They determine the responsiveness of your bike. Bushings are essential whether you are carving like a pro or cruising like a cool cat. 

Some skaters may now want a more customized experience like me. That’s where the adventure starts. You can fine-tune your ride by swapping out your bushings. There are many forms, durometers, and materials available to accommodate diverse styles and tastes.

Harder bushings provide a firmer ride, while softer ones improve the turning radius of your board. It’s like a feast for your board. 

In terms of the cost (which is the most important thing for many of us), stock bushings come standard with your trucks, but if you want to step up your artistic games, investing in some after-market bushings might be a worthy thing to do. I had a good experience upgrading my bushing but it was worth it. 

In a word, skateboard trucks come with bushing but don’t you as a skateboard guy should be adventurous and not be afraid of trying something new but also take care of your pockets as bushings are not the most important part of upgrading in skateboarding.

What Are Skateboard Truck Bushings?

do skateboard trucks come with bushings 1

skater’s Turning Tool

Bushings are amazing pieces of rubbery material that fit between the skateboard wheels of your trucks. Consider them one of the most important parts of your adventure. 

The utmost purpose of bushings is to provide ultimate control in your experience. They control each and every move of your skateboard while the wheels spin. 

If it’s too soft you will wobble like a baby giraffe on a skateboard who can’ control the neck. If you push too hard and try to show off you will feel like you are guiding a war tank. Trust me, I have done both and it is my own experience. 

But wait, there’s more, Bushings are available in a variety of durometers (harness levels)) and forms. Some have a corner form, while others have a barrel shape. It’s similar to a menu of options for your skateboard taste buds. 

You may mix and witch bushings to fix your own signature style, whether 

you are a speed hero who demands stability or a trickster who enjoys abrupt bends. Changing bushings is also very personal for me, it’s like giving my skateboard a new personality just like myself so that it can act like myself. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Bushings

do skateboard trucks come with bushings 3

Turn Like Pro

Bushings determine the responsiveness and stability of your board. You will not be comfortable with the wrong bushing no matter how much pro you are or a genius. You will find yourself in a dangerous place. Dangerous might be too hard a word. Let’s say uncomfortable. 

Choosing the proper bushings is like discovering your skateboard’s lover. It is a skating pairing made in paradise, LOL. Consider your walking style, weight, and the terrain you will be traversing.

In a nutshell, choosing the right bushings can transform your ride from “meh” to “hell yeah”. It’s up to you. But my advice is, don’t be a soggy noddle on wheels, comfort and self-style is all about skateboarding. Happy flying my friends, HAHA. 

Do Skateboard Bushings Fit All Trucks?

Skateboard bushings are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and durometers as I already told you. The question here is, do skateboard bushings fit all trucks? The straightforward question is, Yes, but not quite. Confused? Don’t be. I am here to help. 

The durometers function similarly to the skateboard bushing’s mood ring in that they indicate how fast or firm they are. So, do these work on all trucks? Technically yes, because most of the bushings have a standardized diameter to match your trucks and kingpins.

One, and this is a huge one, choosing the proper bushing for your riding style and weight is the key to a decent ride. 

Try fitting into your thin pants after a Thanksgiving meal, it is tolerable but you will feel comfortable for the obvious reason. Exactly the same if you are a heavier skater who likes tight, responsive turns, you will want firmer bushings.

Softer turns may be preferred by lighter riders or those who prefer surfy, loose corners. It all comes down to personal choices. 

So the moral of the story is, yes skateboard bushing does fit all trucks but you should not take it for granted and you have to be very particular and fit the perfect one. don’t try to fit anything and complain about your skateboard experience. I am warning you. 

How to Replace and Maintain Skateboard Truck Bushings

Replacing your skateboard bushing is not as hard as it sounds. It doesn’t need a NASA degree. Every skateboarder should learn these small skills and do it by themselves so that they can save time and money. If you don’t know yet, here I am coming to help you once again. 

All you need is a skate tool, a wrench, and a level surface for this expedition. Remember to bring your beverage for the post-maintenance toast. Here is a step-by-step guide for you–

  • Step one– Use your wrench, unscrew the kingpin nut, and keep a close eye on it, nuts will vanish within no time. I lost them a hundred times in my lifetime. 
  • Step two- Swap bushing- replace old bushings with the new ones. Softer bushing for a more relaxed feel, firmer ones for stability. 
  • Step three– Carefully resemble and finger-tighten the kingpin nut. 
  • Step four– Adjust
  • Step five– Test ride and adjust if needed. 

See it is not that complex. This bushing replacement guide might help you a little more.


Finally, the answer to the question of do skateboard trucks come with bushings is not complex. While skateboard trucks normally have bushings, the quality, type, and durometer of these bushings might vary. Riders should consider their riding style, weight, and preferences while selecting bushings. Understanding bushings is important for a personal and comfortable ride.

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