Do Skateboard Trucks Come With Hardware? Let’s Find Out

Skateboarding is not just a sport. It’s a passion and lifestyle to me, even for every skater. And every component of your skateboard setup matters a lot. Skateboard trucks are T-shaped metal that connects the wheels to the deck. 

But a common question among beginners and even some experienced skates is, “Do skateboard trucks come with hardware?” The answer seems so easy but there are some more issues that you should understand if you want to build up your skateboarding experience. So, in this article let’s talk about skateboard trucks, exploring the hardware that comes with them and different types of hardware.

Do skateboard trucks come with hardware? 

Skateboard trucks typically don’t come with hardware. You need to purchase separate hardware to attach your skateboard trucks. You need bearing, bushing, and urethanes for the installation.

When you buy a set of skateboard trucks, you usually get only the truck, which includes the baseplate, hanger, axle, and kingpin. Hardware, which includes bolts and nuts, is an additional component necessary for connecting the trucks to the skateboard deck.

skateboard hardware is made up of eight bolts and eight nuts that connect the trucks to the deck. These bolts are typically 1 inch (2.54 cm) long and were designed to fit flush with the grip tape that covers the skateboard.

Trucks and hardware are provided separately, but they are necessary for any skateboard setup. When setting up a skateboard, it’s important to have the correct length of hardware to match the width of your deck. 

You can choose different kinds and brands of trucks and hardware according to your riding style and performance preference. It’s important to have the right hardware to ensure a safe and functional setup for riding and tricking.

Understanding Skateboard Trucks

do skateboard trucks come with hardware

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Understanding skateboard trucks is important. Skateboard trucks are the essential components that connect the wheels to the deck, helping riders to turn, tricks. These components are necessary for the functionality and performance of a skateboard.

Skateboard trucks are usually made up of two major components, the hanger and the baseplate. These parts are responsible for stability and agility.

Skateboard trucks do not typically include hardware. For skateboarding, hardware refers to the nuts and bolts used to protect the trucks to the deck. These components are usually sold separately.

Skaters have different types of preferences for the length and tightness of their hardware, for this reason, skateboard trucks come without hardware. So that you can customize your setup according to your riding style and the width of your deck.

when you buy skateboard trucks, make sure to buy the necessary hardware separately. To avoid accidents, you have to select hardware that is long enough to properly attach the trucks to the deck without sticking out unnecessarily.

So it’s really important to understand the unique characteristics of skateboard trucks and the hardware that goes with them for a safe and comfortable skating experience.

The importance of hardware

Do skateboard trucks come with hardware 2

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Skateboard trucks are an essential part of any kind of skateboard. And their hardware also plays a huge role in increasing board performance and safety. So the importance of skateboard truck hardware cannot be ignorable.

First of all, the hardware is very important to secure the trucks to the deck for better stability and control. And the tightness of the hardware affects the skateboard rides. You can adjust the tension according to your preference. This flexibility is important for personalized riding experiences.

Also, the skateboard hardware is strong and designed to stand up to the demanding requirements of skateboarding. The trucks have to be securely attached with a pair of high-quality nuts and bolts to reduce shaking and improve overall performance.

So, overall skateboard truck hardware is very important for your safety, control, and customization in skateboarding.

Choosing the right hardware

Do skateboard trucks come with hardware 2

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Choosing the right hardware for your skateboard trucks is essential for a smooth and safe riding experience. Skateboard trucks are the metal components that connect the wheels to the deck. And the hardware used to secure them plays an important role in your performance and stability.

It’s very important to consider the size of the hardware. The bolt’s length should match the width of your skateboard deck. Too long bolts can protrude and interfere with the wheels and too short bolts may not properly connect the trucks.

Another important factor is the material. Hardware is commonly made of steel or aluminum. Steel is more long-lasting and less capable of removal.

But it is heavier. Aluminum is lighter, but it breaks out quickly. Now, the decision depends on your weight and longevity preferences.

Consider the type of head as well, whether Phillips or Allen. Allen’s heads provide a more secure connection. Spending money on high-quality hardware helps avoid risky problems like rusting or splitting. 

So, it’s necessary to match the size, pick the proper materials, and take the type of head that will help you find the perfect hardware for your skateboard trucks. That will keep your board in good condition and make your skate riding experience quality.

Installing skateboard trucks and hardware

Installing skateboarding trucks and hardware is a necessary process for skateboarding. It involves using volts and nuts for connecting the trucks, that hold up the wheels to the deck.

Select the font and back of your skateboard deck first. The kingpin should be facing the center when you set the trucks. Through the desk holes, insert bolts, and then secure them with nuts. 

To prevent shaking, make sure they are equally fastened. Then adjust the truck’s tightness according to your preferences. And finally, connect the wheels to the trucks to ensure that they may spin freely. A perfectly attached hardware ensures a stable and comfortable ride.


In conclusion, I’ve already learned that skateboard trucks usually don’t come with hardware. And described all the things about this question“Do skateboard trucks come with hardware?” 

So, as a skateboarder, it’s important to purchase the necessary bolts and nuts separately to secure the trucks to the deck. It ensures your riding experience is safe and smooth according to your preferences if you understand this properly.

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