High Trucks Vs Low Trucks – Which One Is For You?

High trucks vs low trucks, which is the better one? Keep reading to know the answer!

It’s crucial to consider all skateboard components before making a purchasing decision, and a truck is one of them. It determines the shape of the structure and height that make different impacts on your rides.

Obviously, high trucks will create a longer distance between the deck and the ground, while low trucks will shorten it. But which is the best for you? Let’s get started with the basic information of each truck!

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Overview On High Trucks


high trucks vs low trucks

Skateboard high truck

Simply put, high trucks will make your deck farther from the ground, making you stand taller than on the low ones.

Depending on the manufacturers, high truck height isn’t the same. You can refer to the specifications of some popular brands:


  • Size 5.0 High: 53 mm
  • Size 5.25 High: 53.55 mm
  • Size 5.8 High: 53.55 mm


  • Size 145 High: 50 mm
  • Size 147 High: 50 mm
  • Size 148 High: 50 mm
  • Size 149 High: 52 mm
  • Size 151 High: 52 mm


  • Size 139 Standard: 55 mm
  • Size 149 Standard: 55 mm
  • Size 159 Standard: 55 mm
  • Size 169 Standard: 55 mm


  • The average height of high trucks will vary from 50 mm to 55 mm, and it’s dependent on each manufacturer’s design and dimension.
  • High trucks create an appropriate distance from the ground to the deck for more convenient navigation.
  • The larger space to the ground they create will allow wheels of both small and large sizes to operate smoothly.
  • High trucks evenly distribute gravity, thanks to their design and various axle widths.

High trucks bring you both pros and cons

High trucks bring you both pros and cons

Pros & Cons


  • The low speed of high trucks is more suitable for beginners and won’t make you lose control.
  • High trucks are suitable for different sizes of wheels.
  • They minimize wheel bite situations – one of the common factors affecting your ride performance.
  • The large distance from your deck to the ground will facilitate your navigation more conveniently and easily.
  • Weight is evenly distributed across the truck to balance the center of gravity and prevent damage to bolts.
  • Suitable for downhill styles with low speed and flexibility in navigating.


  • You can’t ride at the highest speed like what low trucks provide you with.
  • It’s not easy to do tricks or techniques with high trucks. The height will force you to manage with moves like ollie, kickflip, etc.
  • The distance between the deck and the ground is slightly far, making you feel a bit wobbly at first.

Overview On High Trucks


high vs low skateboard trucks

Skateboard low truck

Contrary to high trucks, low trucks will reduce the distance of the deck to the ground with their lower height.

Some low truck dimensions from brands that you can consider to match your deck size:


  • Size 5.0 Low: 48 mm
  • Size 5.25 Low: 48 mm


  • Size 145 Low: 47 mm


  • Truck Size 139 Low: 48 mm


  • Size 5.0 Low: 46 mm
  • Size 5.25 Low: 46mm
  • Size 5.5 Low: 46mm


  • The average size can be from 44 mm to 48 mm or a bit higher.
  • The short distance between the deck and the ground when using low trucks will support skateboarders to balance.
  • You can reach a higher speed compared to the low trucks.
  • The skater’s center of gravity will be lowered when using low trucks. It’s appreciated as you can accelerate and stabilize your posture during the trip.
  • High techniques and tricks will be significantly supported by low trucks.

Pros & Cons

are high trucks or low trucks better

Low trucks include different pros and cons


  • Low trucks support you to ride at a higher speed than high trucks
  • It will be more straightforward for you to do tricks with a low truck. But it isn’t the main factor as you should consider others as well, such as the skateboard’s weight.
  • You can perform various techniques, and ledge grinds better with low trucks. That’s why professionals prefer them.
  • With low trucks, the deck is closer to the ground, and you can adjust the gravity of your body when riding easily and conveniently.


  • The high speeds that low trucks create can be dangerous, especially for those who aren’t proficient in using a skateboard.
  • Not for downhill style when you need to control skillfully and ensure safety in sharp corners.
  • Weight distribution when using low trucks isn’t as good as high ones. It focuses the force mainly on the bolts that can damage your skateboard if used for a long time at high speed.
  • Wheel bite situations usually happen.

High Trucks Vs Low Trucks – Which One Is More Suitable For You?

Who Should Choose High Trucks?

First of all, high trucks are ideal for beginners. Although you may find that the height of the deck further off the ground can make it difficult to balance, the truth is that this design is more supportive.

should i get high or low trucks

Beginners should use high trucks

Beginners will find it easier to navigate with such a height. At the same time, it will reduce the wheel bite which can negatively affect your ride.

And if you’re medium to tall, choose high trucks. With the advantage of having long limbs, it won’t be a problem for you to hold and control the skateboard tail.

In addition, high trucks are for those who use longboards. Their height will be suitable to balance the length and large size of the longboard smoothly.

Who Should Use Low Trucks?

For kids, low trucks are easier and safer to control. So if your children are curious and excited to start skateboarding, equipping them with a low-truck skateboard is ideal.

Besides, we all know that performing tricks and challenging techniques can be supported well with a low truck. If you train like a pro and want to enhance your ability to the next level, replace your skateboard with a high-quality low truck.

high or low trucks

Professionals should use low trucks

Riding at high speed is what you always aim for. The low truck will be your savior, which will satisfy your desire with “sharp” cornering. Moreover, cruising, carving, or street styles will match the low trucks well.

Tips On How To Choose High And Low Trucks

Not everyone knows how to choose the right one for their skateboard, especially beginners. Below are some tips to make life much easier for you when choosing between high and low-skateboard trucks.

Check Your Deck Size

There is no doubt that the truck will directly affect the stability and turning radius of your skateboard. For this reason, you need to check the size of the deck first before choosing.

A useful tip you can keep in mind is that the wider and longer the deck, the taller the truck. It’s best to measure the base width and wheelbase accurately.

high trucks or low on skateboard

Skateboard decks

Your Ability

What is your level currently? Are you a beginner or already proficient in using and controlling the skateboard?

If you’re a beginner, choose a slightly taller truck. It will facilitate you to get used to and control the skateboard and limit the wheel bite situation that many beginners face.

On the contrary, low trucks are preferred by professionals. They will be keen on high speeds and performing challenging techniques and tricks, and low ones are reliable supporters in this case.

Riding Style

As usual, if you want to ride street skating style or cruising, low skateboard trucks can support you more. In contrast, high trucks are the ideal choice for downhill skateboarding.

high trucks vs low trucks skateboard

Downhill skateboarding

The choice is flexible and dependent on your needs. That’s why you can consider which style you usually perform before looking for the appropriate truck’s height.

Wheel Size

As we’ve said over and over again, the truck’s height and wheel size will influence each other. You can choose one between high vs low trucks based on the wheel size or vice versa, anyway make sure you get the right one to avoid affecting the efficiency of the trip.

low vs high trucks

Skateboard wheels

With high trucks, finding a suitable size won’t be a problem. You can assemble them with small or large wheels without any fears of wheel bite or unbalancing.

However, you should pay attention when using low trucks. They work well with small wheels (from 50 mm to 53 mm in diameter) but not larger wheels (from 55 mm on).


And that’s all! We have revealed to you every important information about high trucks vs low trucks. Have you had the answer for yourself? Do you know which one is the best for you? We hope the answer is “yes!”.

Obviously, neither is better than the other. As mentioned above, it’s all dependent on your needs, styles, abilities, and so on. If you are still unclear about your answer, read the article before making a final decision.

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