How Dangerous is Skateboarding? Shred The Skating Risks!

How dangerous is skateboarding? Strap on your helmet and ride with us. Here we are to shred through the skating risks! Yes, we will not tell you the magic spell to vanish the risk, but surely we will reveal the tales of bruises, and triumphs.

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How Dangerous is Skateboarding

You might be thinking why is skateboarding so dangerous? It depends on you and your expertise level! If you deal with it like a kids toy, obviously it is dangerous! Again, if you seriously take all the safety precautions before starting to ride, it is not as dangerous as people often think!

Its like, you are going through rough terrain if you are experienced and cautious you can even go through easily. But, if you are unaware of the danger coming through, you can not take that unknown danger, right?

Skateboarding carries risks but with the proper gear, caution, and skill development, you can bypass these risks.

The more you practice, the more you can stop the injury, and the more you can gain the controlling over the board. So continuous training not only develops your skills but also helps you to be confident and powerful on the demon road!

The degree of danger depends on various factors. Like the possibilities of falls down, collision with the surface or other subjects, etc. New skateboarders, in particular, may face a steeper learning curve therefore they face the unwanted incidents most often.

However, experienced skateboarders who prioritize safety measures, and practice more can significantly reduce skateboarding risks. However, the fact is, that the danger of skateboarding is subjective. Also, it can be managed through proper practices, training, and awareness.

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Common Skateboarding Injuries

is skateboarding dangerous

Skateboard injuries

Many ask, Is skateboarding a dangerous sport? The main injuries that come from skateboarding are head injuries, fractures, and sprains. Some other injuries also can attack you if you dont follow the safety measures properly.

Some of the most common skateboard injuries include:

  1. Sprains and fractures: These are common skateboard injuries. Sprains or fractures particularly in the wrists, arms, or ankles, due to falls and collisions from the board are very common nowadays.
  2. Road rash: Falling on the pavement from the skateboard can result in road rash. Due to road rash, the skin is scraped off and gives severe irritation.
  3. Head Injuries: Head injuries are a serious concern in skateboarding. If you do not take it seriously, and if you do not wear a helmet, severe head trauma can occur. If a skateboarder falls, the study surface immediately could hit his/her head.
  4. Dislocations: It happens in the worst cases. Suppose the rider falls suddenly on the pavement or has to give an awkward landing. All these can lead to joint dislocations. Especially the joint of the shoulders or elbows.
  5. Cuts and abrasions: Cuts and abrasions are very common injuries for new skaters. The sharp edges on the skateboard or collision with other objects could lead to this sort of injury.

How to Deal With a Skateboard Injury?

why is skateboarding so dangerous

Injury precautions

The first thing you have to do is, stop panicking! Then carefully assay the severity of the injury. If it’s a minor scrape, clean the wound with soap and water. Gently apply an antiseptic ointment. As antiseptic ointment is an over-the-counter drug, you can use it on your own. But never dare to intake any prescribed medicine without consulting with a registered physician.

However, for more serious injuries like sprains or fractures, immediately consult with the doctor. Before the doctor comes, take enough rest and do not touch your affected areas.

Apply ice to the affected area gently. If you have a minor injury, give your body the time. Naturally, you will heal. Don’t rush back onto the ride until you’re fully recovered. And hey, use the downtime to make a dreamy riding session in your mind. Mental skate sessions count too to recover you soon, right?

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Safety Measures For Skateboarding

is skateboarding dangerous

Safety tool

If you do not want to get a bone fracture or brain damage, this session is a must for you! How? Just read us there

Do you know you can reduce the number of riding accidents if you can take the safety measures accurately? However, the most fundamental safety measure is the use of protective gear. Wearing a helmet is non-negotiable, as head injuries can have severe consequences.

Additionally, never forget to use the knee and elbow pads. If you slip on the road accidentally, these pads will protect your knee and elbow. Also, skateboard enthusiasts focus on wrist guards. Wrist guards provide the best protection against fractures, sprains, and road rash.

Suppose you have worn all the safety gear before you start riding. Still, you are not safe yet! Why? You have to ensure that the protective gear you wear, fits properly. Always keep in mind, that a loosely fitted helmet, wrist gear, or knee pad never could save you from any unwanted incidents.

Moreover, before starting the ride, you also have to check the skateboard. Overall it should stay in the well state so that you can rule the road easily. Skate in designated areas to minimize the risk of collisions with other vehicles, persons, or pets.

Lastly, for the newbie, it is a must, please do not start riding alone if you are unaware of skating. Proper training and education in skateboarding techniques can enhance a skateboarder’s skill level. As continuous practice makes a man perfect, thus way continuous skating also offers a safer and smoother riding experience.

Read the safety precaution that comes with your skateboard. Carefully follow all instructions written there. Also, read the individual safety sheet you got with your safety gear. Once you start prioritizing the safety measures, you can get the thrill of the sport in a risk-free way.

Before ending this session, we want to share one thing. Safety gear helps, but caution is key. So take the help of the safety gear, and be cautious always.


Is skateboarding a high-risk sport?

Yes, skateboarding carries risks. However, categorizing the risk as “high-risk” or low-risk depends on factors like skill level and safety precautions. If you are a newbie, it is highly risky. For experienced players, it is not that risky.

Are skateboarding injuries painful?

Any injury is painful! However, it depends on the severity of your injury whether it will give you intense pain or just a minor discomfort feel. Bruises and scrapes may sting, while fractures or sprains are severely painful.


Skateboarding, frankly, is not without any risks and injuries. The fact is, if you know how to control your skateboard in any situation, you can expect injury-free riding.

That is all about how dangerous is skateboarding. Please do not allow your kidding thoughts or unnecessary curiosity over the skateboard deck! Be serious, know the safety issues, and take proper training.

If you have more questions, I’m here. What’s on your mind?

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