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How Do Skateboard Trucks Work? A Complete Guide You Need To Know

Every skateboard never lacks these important parts, skate trucks. But how do skateboard trucks work? More specifically, it is a metal truck axle responsible for holding two wheels under each skateboard. 

Trucks are what determine the way you turn, grind, ollie, etc., so getting to know its operation will come in handy for your skateboarding journey. 

All About Skateboard Trucks 


how do skateboard trucks work

Different Widths For Different Purposes

The width of your skateboard trucks is the first thing to consider. They should always fit the board’s width to concentrate the force onto the center of the trucks. The size of the trucks is not standardized, so it is okay if they are slightly wider.

An ideal set of trucks has a width margin of approximately 0.25 inches. The measurements are rounded, so minor variance will not affect your performance.


Many skaters often neglect the height of skateboard trucks; however, it is an important part since it decides the size of the wheels and the overall height. The height of the trucks affects your ability to push down while popping.

how does a skateboard truck work

The Height Of The Trucks Is An Essential Part To Consider

Higher trucks are more suitable for tall and stronger skaters, as they can push the tail to the ground with ease. Lower trucks are for shorter and less acquainted players for easy tail pushing.


The majority of skateboard trucks are made of aluminum, along with steel, brass, and occasionally nylon in some specific parts. It is recommended to choose from trusted brands for better material quality.

Main Parts

how do trucks work on a skateboard

Parts of trucks

The main parts of skateboard trucks are baseplate, kingpins, bushings, hangers, and risers. Further descriptions of each part of the trucks are listed below.

How Does A Skateboard Truck Work?


how skateboard trucks work

Truck Baseplate 

This part is located on the lowest part of the truck, placed on the skateboard’s deck that provides stability for the board under pressure. There are usually 4-6 holes drilled on the surface to attach it to the deck, so look out for the ones with the same number of holes. 

The baseplate will significantly affect the hanger’s angle. For example, high baseplate angles of more than 50° allow riders to cruise, carve, and freestyle better thanks to the leverage.

Meanwhile, lower baseplate angles will enhance stability, which is great for high-speed freeriding or skating downhill.


how do skateboard trucks work

Kingpins are specially designed bolts used to keep the entire structure together, including the hanger and the baseplate. The kingpins can be easily replaced if broken. Surrounding the kingpins is a layer of cushion to reduce metal damage and vibration called a bushing. 


skateboard trucks how do they work

Bushings are paddings around the parts that support the vital areas, reducing the concentrated force in one area as you move around and perform actions on your skateboard. Each pair of trucks has four bushing joints for balancing.

There are two types of bushings based on their toughness. Hard bushings are designed for athletes or heavy skaters, as they provide less resistance. Softer bushings are more elastic and responsive, which is suitable for smooth and easy tricks.


how do skateboard trucks work

If you look closely underneath the board, you’ll notice a titanium T-shaped unit with two side-mounted wheels. That’s the hanger. Kingpin lies inside it. This part is in direct contact with the ground, and riders utilized it for some stalls and grinds. 

It needs to be more durable, and more stable than all the other elements in skateboarding. In addition, in the regular skateboard, is replaceable. Some hangers have unique applications, the hollow inside. This makes the trucks lighter. 


how does a skateboard truck work

Risers is an application that allows you to adjust the height of your skateboard deck as you like. A lower deck makes all the flips simple, while the higher one allows you to jump higher. If you are focusing on a specific trick, it is advisable that you notice this intended application for better performance. 

Tightening The Truck

The kingpin is a solid counterpart responsible for securely attaching trucks to the board. After a period of use, a lot of steering and rides will cause the bolt to loosen. 

how does a skateboard truck work

A Lot Of Steering And Rides Will Cause The Bolt To Gradually Loosen

This is very dangerous because it has many potential accidents. Regularly check the hardness of the kingpin and re-tighten the screws with a tool if necessary.

Check out this video for the detailed instructions on tightening the truck to avoid any unwanted incidents from happening.


Now you know the answer to the question: how do skateboard trucks work? 

They are one of the most essential parts to help you freely lean right and left. That is also the secret behind your perfect jump and outstanding performance.  Hopefully, this article will be a great asset to you.

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