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How Long Do Skateboard Bearings Last? Tips For Proper Maintenance

Skateboarding is a way of life for us who love adventure rather than a game. Skateboard bearings are no less than heroes in the rhythm of wheels on the pavement and they make sure that the ride is smooth and adventurous. The question is how long do skateboard bearings last? Let’s talk about it in this article about the lifespans of skateboard bearings. Let’s roll.

Factors decide how long do skateboard bearings last

Skateboard bearings longevity depends on factors such as usage frequency, proper maintenance regularity, weather and environmental conditions, bearing quality, and skating techniques.

When you swing your skateboard enjoy the adventure and feel happy in your chest, you have to know that skateboard bearings are the kings behind your pure happiness. 

These small wonders discreetly arrange the enchantment of your trip. Consider these bearings to be courageous fighters combating the unexpected adversary terrain. Rough roads create obstacle courses but smoother ones provide respite, lengthening the joy of trips.

Nature’s moods such as rain and extreme humidity become kryptonite-bearing, resulting in rust and corrosion which you wouldn’t expect to happen to you, not your enemy too.  

Have you tried biking with rusted bearings? I am sure 90% of you did. At least most of my friends and I have done it. I learned that it is as crap as attending a symphony with a muffled kazoo. 

After a rainy adventure, try to dry the bearings and TLC to get a  better experience. For those who don’t know what TLC is, it is the movable part of your bearing that keeps it spinning. 

Maintaining the little bearings is more important than you think it is. Have you ever warmed up before any games? Bearings need that type of stretching too. You get it, it’s not human but everyone needs and deserves care. 

Dirts are the most mortal enemies of bearings causing slow spins and turning joyrides into slogs. Grab a cleaning kit and give your bearing a spa day with your cheap massage home service. You can find a bearing cleaning kit online and as cheap as 10 dollars. 

Your riding style is akin to a signature to move and leave a sign. Stunts and tricks are skateboarding’s action movie, yet they hasten the bearing wear. The balance between adventure and care is the key to longevity. Most importantly, bearing quality matters. It’s like a healthy diet vs fast food. 

High-quality bearings are expensive it seems but it’s a good long-term investment. In summary, terrain, weather, maintenance, and style is the biggest factor in skateboard bearing lifespan. Treat it as you do your girlfriend.

The average lifespan of skateboard bearings

how long do skate bearings last

Tips for extending the lifespan

Fellow shredders, Let’s dive into the interesting point that is the average lifespan of skateboard bearings. Imagine this, you got those four little buddies living inside your wheels, working non-stop to give you an amazing experience. Now here is a deal, these little champs have an approximate lifespan.

Depending on numerous factors, the average lifespan of these small components ranges from 3 months to a year. Quality matters, guys. Get that into your head. Those bearings could stay with you for a long time if you have the good stuff.  But don’t forget about where and how if you are doing stunts going against gravity. 

Skating through monsoon (water skating, anyone?), or generally treating them like it’s made of iron and you can abuse every second, well, you know what will happen. They will die, guys. 

Don’t sweat it. Cleaning these bearings can earn you extra months. Remember, the more you skate, the more love they spread and the more they will close to retirement. So be prepared to give them a grand farewell when they can’t do it anymore. Get new heroes and roll again Happy skating.

Recognizing signs of worn bearings

how long do skateboard bearings last

Signs to replace the components

Fellow riders, let’s have some fun figuring out those worn-out skateboard bearings. Consider this- you are going along effortlessly, the wind in your silky hair, enjoying the adventure until your little wheels begin to sound like crap. At the very moment, you know it’s not working properly. 

Bingo, you figure this out, this crappy noise is the biggest indicator that the bearing is distressed. And if your once-glided ride feels like pushing it against its will then you have to know that these bearings are tired and need rest or perhaps retirement. 

The most important thing is to remove a wheel and look inside once in a while and if you see bearings dressed like wearing a dirt suit, it’s a red flag. But worry here, a round of cleaning and lubrication will make the bearings feel a lot better. 

So, remember, when your wheels start squeaking and groaning, it’s crying out loud and needs your attention and help.

Maintenance tips for extended bearing lifespan

how long should skateboard bearings last

Take caring skateboard bearings

We all want to extend the lifespan of things we own or love, but the truth is, that most of us are not aware of how to do things or are not willing to work. Let’s face it, we are all focused on our crazy adventure but mostly overlook the mechanism and skateboarders usually do the same. We need to talk about the maintenance of skateboard bearings. 

Here’s how to increase that, step one is to inner clean freak loose. To remove the dirt that has been adhering like a stage-five clinger, make a clean with a toothbrush or better cleanser. Although, people usually like to give me a bath in the bearings which is not good at all. 

They need dirt to get off, not a shower. You need genuine lubrication too. Grab some skate grease and apply a few drops to each bearing. That’s a relief for them.

The thing here is that we must remove extra oil or dirt so that it can smooth like butter. If you are those guys who love to do crazy puddle jumps, be serious about giving a towel to dry your bearings afterward. 

Finally, my cool dudes, avoid things like gravel and dirt holes, it will kill your bearings or make you work harder. So guys, please follow these tips to let your bearings give you a good experience while lasting longer. 


In the world of skateboarding, the lifespan of bearings is like the spice in the food. From a few months to a year, these small heroes endure the grind of our skate experience. So, next time your bearing sounds like a ghost is creaming.

Remember my friends, they are the unsung heroes we hardly look after who give us the overall experience. We tried to talk about how long do skateboard bearings last. Hope we gave you a perspective on this subject. Keep Skating, and see you in the next blog. 

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