How Long Do Skateboard Bushings Last? Get An Expert Opinion

One major question that continuously knocks the skateboard riders is, how long do skateboard bushings last? Well, before getting the details, tell me how you are taking care of these. Please do not take this question as a personal quest. The fact is, if you love your thing, obviously it will survive more.

Otherwise, it will certainly cause premature wear and tear. Skateboard bushings usually last from months to years, depending on how you are handling them. Here, some other factors are also related, which you will know when you read the whole article. However, let’s stop the ado and dive into the details.

How Long Do Skateboard Bushings Last? 

On average, they might last anywhere from a few months to a few years. However, you must know that the lifespan of any sports accessory depends on several factors.

how long does it take to break in skateboard bushings

Skateboard Bushing close up

Well, you must know that the lifespan of any sports accessory depends on several factors. These factors are the frequency of use, the material grade, and the type of usage! So skateboard bushings are also the same. 

How often you ride over these, your weight and the type of bushings you use are the main parameters on which the total service usually depends. And also, purchasing quality bushings is really important. A good brand of bushing will satisfy you, and the longevity will be way better than low-cost bushing. 

Factors that determine lifespan of Skateboard Bushing

how long do bushings take to replace

Bushing Life

The durability of the skateboard bushing is typically a broader matter that relies on several parameters. Such as the usage frequency, the implemented load, rider weight, construction of the bushings, types of the bushings, etc. 

The more you ride your skateboard, the more you will lose bearing. If you are an occasional rider, obviously your skateboard bushing will serve for a year! Again, some riders like to go for a hard ride, even on a rough trail.

In this case, it is pretty normal to damage the whole bearing ahead of time. Also, the weight of the rider is a great factor to be considered. If you are bulky, that means you are putting a heavy load on the skateboard. In that case, isn’t it normal to damage the bushing before the expiration date? 

Also, the environmental condition (whether it is a rain-prone area or you are riding near the salty sea) is a crucial factor. If you ride in a muddy area, obviously your skater bush gets relatively more muddy, so it will be damaged sooner than you expected. However, cleaning and regular maintenance are also important to maintain the standard durability of your bearings. 

What are the causes of Skateboard bearing damage?

when to replace skateboard bushings

Damaged Skateboard 

Skateboard bearings, the silent heroes can get premature damage for various causes. The primary culprits are the dirt and debris. They make an unwanted layer on the bearing surfaces and take them down before time. The second-biggest cause is the moisture. Long-term contact with water and humidity exacerbates rust formation, and the bearings lose their functionality.

Thirdly, the high-impact tricks and heavy landings both add extreme stress to the bearings. So far, the premature damage is unwanted for any skateboarder like me. 

Finally, the incorrect installation We often don’t talk about this. I suffered greatly from not being able to install my skateboard. Also, we should avoid using low-grade bearings. They also contribute to the ultimate lifespan of your skateboard bearings. Plus, the regular maintenance! If you neglect it as a zero-power villain, it will slowly eat your bearings. 

How do skateboard bushings affect performance?

Well, they are extremely crucial. Don’t underestimate the skateboard bushing as an additional component of your skateboard. Acts like the cushions between the skateboard deck and the hanger. 

The skate’s movement totally depends on the bushing’s response. Feeling confused? Consider your knee! How do you feel when the fluid inside the joints of your knee doesn’t respond to you properly? You will face walking difficulty, and there will be crack point hardness on the whole leg movement. 

Skateboard bushing is also like the knee of the board. If they are soft and good, you will get early and supportive skater’s movements. On the other hand, harder bushings provide stability at higher speeds. So the riders who engage in tricks and technical maneuvers might face difficulty. Additionally, the tightness of the kingpin nut compresses the bushings and affects the overall feel of the board. 

How do I take care of the Skateboard bushings? 

Regular cleaning is a must. If you regularly clean all the dirt and debris from the trucks and from the bushings, it will help your skateboard get damaged. Once you have done the cleaning process properly, go for the lubrication.

Apply the best skateboard-specific lubricant to the bushings. This will help minimize the friction and improve the skater’s rotation. Also, focus on the tightness of the kingpin nut. Don’t make it too tight or too loose. 

Finally, if you see any sign of damage to the whole bushing setting, please do not use them further. Watch this video about how to take care of your skateboard.

How to Repair and Replace Your Skateboard Bushings

Repairing and replacing the skateboard bushings is an easy process if you know how to do it properly. One more thing here I want to include, bushing installation is an important matter, as the skateboard rotation solely depends on it. However, here’s a step-by-step guide: 

Repair the skateboard Bushings: 

If you see there is negligible wear and damage to the bushings, instead of replacing the whole setup, you can repair those. Repairing the bushing stops you from paying extra money, and it is a very user-friendly move. 

Gather all the tools:

You will need a few tools to repair or replace the skateboard bushings. These are-

  • Skate wrench/Skate tool
  • An old toothbrush/ a piece of thick cloth
  • Skateboard-specific lubricant
  • Replacement bushings (if needed)

Remove the trucks:

Use a skate tool or wrench and lose the nuts. Once the nuts become loose, remove them from the kingpin (on both trucks). Also, remove the rubber shield carefully. 

Lubricate the bushings: 

Before applying the lubricants, wipe away any dirt or debris from the trucks and bushings. Use a cloth or toothbrush to do it accurately. Inspect the bushings for signs of wear, cracks, or any sort of severe deformation. If you see any of these, replace the bushings. However, apply a little bit of skateboard-specific lubricant to the bushings. 

Adjust the kingpin tensions:

Decide your preferred level of kingpin nut tightness. Here, personal preference may vary depending on the expected tightness. However, tighter nuts provide stability, while looser nuts provide easier turning. Once all is done, re-apply all shields. 

Replace the damaged bushing

if there is any significant wear or damage to the bushings, replace them. First, remove the nuts from the kingpins. Then, remove the damaged bushings from the wheel and gather the new ones. Match the hardness of the new bushings to your riding style. Now place the trucks back onto the skateboard deck.

Tighten the kingpin nuts to your preferred level of tension. Ensure all nuts are secure but not overly tight. Once you are done, give it a test ride to see how you feel about this change. Until you get fitted, please allow any sort of adjustment. 


When should I replace skateboard bushings?

If your skateboard bushings have sustained any significant damage, you have to replace them. Or if the whole board is giving you an odd feel of movement, it’s time to replace those.

Does bad skateboarding matter?

Yes, bad skateboard bushings matter. Worn or damaged bushings can affect board stability, responsiveness, and overall ride quality. Regularly inspect and replace them to maintain optimal performance and control.


To get a long-lasting skateboard bearing service, follow a few tricks. Always clean the bushings, avoid the extra load, and go for the replacements on time.

So that’s all about how long do skateboard bushings last! If you have read our full session, we hope you are now an expert on skateboard bushing details. So it is your time to check the bearings and to take the next steps!

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