How Long Do Skateboard Bushings Last? 5 Factors To Consider

Today, I want to talk about something on the minds of many skateboarders: How long do skateboard bushings last

As a skater who loves doing tricks, I’ve learned a lot about skateboard bushings. Multiple factors affect their lifespan, and I will discuss them all here. 

So, hop on your boards, and be ready to discover the secrets of skateboard bushings right now!

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How Long Do Skateboard Bushings Last? 

Skateboard bushings can last from a few months to a few years. Their lifespan varies depending on usage, maintenance, construction, material, and damage. 

I skateboard nearly every day. Thus, I usually replace them every few months. Fortunately, I can extend their lifespan by taking care of them properly. 

After replacing skateboard bushings several times, I find the following factors important for their longevity. So check them one by one, and you will know what to do with your bushings. 


How much you use your skateboard plays a significant role. For example, if you ride your skateboard every day like I do, you’ll need to replace your bushings often. 

Please note that the more you ride, the quicker your skateboard bushings wear out. Their lifespan will become shorter, then. 

Another factor is how you use your skateboard. I love doing tricks and riding on rough terrain. These experiences give me chills. 

Unfortunately, my bushings will wear out faster. The constant pressure really puts a strain on them, causing them to wear out. 


Skateboard bushings are vital for smooth turns. So, it’s important to keep them clean and free from debris. 

I make it a habit to clean my bushings regularly. I use isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth for this cleaning task. 

The cleaning solution works well for removing dirt and grime accumulating on my bushings. By keeping them clean, they can perform optimally and last longer. 


The construction of the bushings also matters. If you get high-quality bushings from a reliable manufacturer, they may last longer than cheaper ones. 

So, it’s worth investing in experience bushings. Then, they can be your companions for longer.  I call it a long-term investment. 


The material of the bushings can affect their lifespan too. There are multiple options, such as plastic, rubber, or metal.

Soft bushings, like rubber ones, tend to wear out faster than harder products. Hence, if you’re a heavier rider, consider getting hard bushings.

The choice on the bushing material also depends on your skateboarding style. For example, hard bushings offer more stability. Hence, they help you stay on your board for longer without losing your control.

Meanwhile, software bushings allow for smoother turning ability. So if you are a beginner or prioritize maneuverability, go for them! 

Physical damage

Lastly, physical damage can also shorten the lifespan of your bushings. They can’t work properly if you accidentally hit your bushings against something hard.  

how long does it take to break in skateboard bushings

Five factors affect the lifespan of your skateboard bushings

How To Change Your Skateboard Bushings?

To change your skateboard bushings, here’s what I usually do:

  • First, turn the skateboard over so that the wheels are facing up. 
  • Then, carefully remove the kingpin nuts. I keep them in a safe place, like a box, so I don’t lose them.
  • Next, take off the top bushing and washer on the kingpin. 
  • Lift off the truck hanger and give it a little juggle to loosen it. 
  • Once the truck hanger is free, remove it and take out the bottom bushing and washer.
  • Clean the skateboard. Many skaters skip this step. Yet, it’s a crucial treatment to make my skateboard durable and long-lasting.  
  • Remove the pivot cup with a screwdriver. 
  • Add the new pivot cup in its place, ensuring it fits snugly.
  • After that, insert the bottom washer onto the kingpin, followed by the bottom bushing.
  • Reattach the hanger to the kingpin.
  • Attach the top washer and top bushing. 
  • Tighten the kingpin nut that I set aside earlier. 
  • Finally, give it a test ride to ensure the new bushings feel right. 

when to replace skateboard bushings

How to replace the bushings

When To Replace Skateboard Bushings? 

There is no specific timeframe to follow. Instead, you should replace them when you notice signs of deterioration. 

Knowing when to replace skateboard bushings is essential. They should be in good condition to maintain the performance and safety of your skateboard. Here are some signs for replacement:


If you notice that your skateboard wheels are hitting the deck while turning, it’s a sign of wheel bite. This issue arises when the bushings wear down. 

To prevent wheel bite, I usually replace my bushings every year. The frequency of replacement depends on how much I ride. 

Worn-out bushings

If you notice signs of wear on the bushings, replace them. You can easily find new bushings at skate shops. 

Unstable bushings

If your skateboard trucks feel loose, it’s an indication that the bushings need replacement. So, ensure to get quality bushings from authorized dealers for the best skateboarding performance.

Loss of responsiveness

Over time, you may feel your bushings are becoming less responsive. They affect your ability to turn. I know it’s time for a replacement when I start noticing this. 

how long do bushings take to replace

Consider when to replace the bushings

Do Bad Skateboard Bushings Affect Your Performance? 

Yes. Bad skateboard bushings can affect your performance on the skateboard in two aspects:


Skateboard bushings act as shock absorbers. Meanwhile, worn-out bushings can’t effectively absorb energy from bumps, making your ride less stable. 


When bushings become too stiff or tight, they can hinder the responsiveness of your skateboard. If it takes longer for your board to respond when you turn, the bushings may be giving too much resistance. 

In this case, it would be best to improve their responsiveness. To loosen their tension, you can adjust the bushings with a wrench or a screwdriver.

However, be cautious when adjusting bushing tensions. If you overtighten them, making turns will be more difficult. The overall responsiveness will decrease.  

how long do skateboard bushings last

Bad bushings affect your performance on the board


How long do skateboard bushings last? They may work well for months or even years. Their construction, material, and frequency of use determine their lifespan. 

If you notice any signs of damage, consider replacing the bushings. Otherwise, they will affect your performance. Thank you for reading!

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