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How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last? – Guiding Tips

Skateboarding is known as one of the most favorite sports for youths. Besides the great experience with this sport, skaters also have some concerns about the skateboard trucks after a long time of use.

They often have a common question of “How long do skateboard trucks last?” We will help you answer this question in today’s article and would like to give you guiding tips on when to renew your trucks. Let’s kick right in!

how long do trucks last skateboard

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How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last?

We all know that a truck is attached under the skateboard; the approximate time it can last is 2 to 4 years. Skateboard trucks can even last longer if users give them proper treatment. Below are should-know factors that affect directly on the strucks’ life:

  • The way users ride it: When you ride on the skateboard, the truck will suffer a very big pressure. Therefore, they will last longer only if you ride the board carefully instead of rigorously.
  • The road surfaces: Although riding on rougher roads is better for beginners as they can easily balance, it might reduce the trucks’ lives. Meanwhile, practicing your skating skills on smooth asphalt roads will help you roll for a longer time, as well as learn how to keep your bodies in balance better.
  • The weather: Skateboard trucks are commonly made from metals like steel, aluminum, and brass. Though they are water-resistant, they still rust if you let them soaked in wet for a long time. Therefore, avoid letting your skateboard under the rain!

When To Renew Your Skateboard Trucks?

In this part, we would love to tell you the signs that reveal it’s time to change the trucks. Let’s check one by one!

Truck Is An Important Part Of Skateboard

Change Your Trucks When They No Longer Work With Their Right Function

After a long time of using, you might find the board’s base plate got cracks, no pivot cup, and everything was rusty.

Although you gave many efforts to adjust the truck’s components, you still find it uncomfortable, rougher to ride, and difficult to keep balance on the board. It means the truck has already loosened its functions.

Hence, when the truck doesn’t work with its correct functions, it will lead to many risks for the skaters.

Once our trucks got their wheel bite, it immediately caused me and my brother to fall forwards. Thank God! Our knees just got some bruises, and we could stand up still. At that time, we realized that we must renew the trucks to better our board’s function.

Replace Your Trucks When They Are Visibly Broken

You might find it difficult to know whenever your truck is having a problem or not. But you still can figure out the issues by:

  • Check the axles and kingpin whether they’ve bent.
  • Check if the truck makes a lot of noise while rolling or not.
  • Check if you recognize that your skateboard doesn’t move smoothly anymore.

how long do skateboard trucks last

Even though everything seems to be fine, be aware if these below signs happen to your skateboard. It would be best if you did not ignore them to avoid future potential accidents.

Besides, you can choose either to replace the whole truck or its parts separately.

Change The Trucks If You Want To Try New Things With The Skateboards

Well, in case you want to have a new experience with your skateboard, try a new type of truck. Different trucks come in different shapes and sizes! But be mindful that the new one ought to fit your current board. Additionally, the most important thing is how you feel while riding on it.

There are three levels of trucks that you can pick from low, mid, to high levels. Generally, technical skaters are inclined to low-level and mid-level trucks, and transition skaters often prefer the high ones.

If you are unsure about your decisions, our advice is to borrow your friend’s skateboards and give them a try until you know which one is the most suitable.

Recommendation For New Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks generally consist of various parts like hangers, kingpins, axles, and bushing. These parts will directly affect your board riding. In this part, we will give you a few recommendations to get a new high-quality truck. Details as below:

how long do trucks last skateboard 3

Picking up the right truck’s size

First of all, people use the hanger width and axle to measure the truck size, which will decide how far your wheels can roll. To make the board stable, you must adjust the axle to approximately equal to your board width.

Furthermore, here are some references for you to choose truck widths depends on your riding styles:

  • Axle width of 6’’-7,25’’ matches with skateboard decks of 6,5’’-7,25.’’
  • Axle width of 7,5’’ matches with skateboard decks of 7,25’’-7,5.’’
  • Axle width of 7,75’’ matches with skateboard decks of 7,5’’-8,0.’’
  • Axle width of 8,0’’ matches with skateboard decks of 8,0’’-8,5.’’
  • Axle width of 8,5’’ matches with skateboard decks of 8,5’’-9,0.’’
  • Axle width of 9,0’’ matches with skateboard decks of 9,0’’-10,0.’’
  • Axle width of 10’’ matches with skateboard decks of 10,0’’ and above.

Choosing A Suitable Skateboard Trucks Profile

The truck profile is the distance between the bottom of the board and the hanger. There are three types of profiles: low-level, mid-level, and high-level. In detail, each profile has its typical features that support a specific rolling style:

Low-level: This profile is suitable for small wheel sizes, which are around 50-53 mm. With low trucks, the board produces more stability for flipping skills.

Mid-level: Mid-profile is specifically for wheels size of 53-56mm. If you enjoy skateboarding on the streets or within the park, this mid-level truck is surely a great option for you.

High-level: High-profile truck fits large wheels the most that have the size above 56mm. However, skaters should apply this profile for cruising and carving streets only.

Buying Trucks From Reputable Sellers

In our opinion, buying trucks from well-known sellers will assure buyers about product quality. In case there is something wrong with the trucks, you can immediately get assistance from the manufacturers.

how long do skateboard trucks last

Otherwise, if you buy trucks from online stores, check if they receive positive feedback from previous customers or not. Their number of stars is also a trustworthy sign of reputability; it’s a must to stay away from stores with low-star profiles!

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After renewing your trucks, adjust them to adapt with tricks and tighter turns with the board. Besides, you should look at the hard bushing as it will manage stiff turning better and use softer bushing for easy turning!

We suggest you have a chat with the sellers for more information and support on the item you want to purchase.

The Bottom Line!

For skateboarding lovers, the boards are their best friends. And knowing how long do skateboard trucks last will help them change these parts timely.

The replacement will help skaters play this sport more safely and prolong the boards’ lives. Finally, we hope you have had a great time reading this article. Good luck!

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