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How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last? Learn About Trucks Lifespan!

The question of “How long do skateboard trucks last has always been my main worry as a skateboarder. It seems like you’re also interested in how long these skateboard trucks will last. Well, don’t worry, because I’m about to spill the beans on these metal marvels!

Buckle up, or, uh, strap on your helmet, as we jump on a rollicking ride through the world of skate truck lifespan. No bluffing, just the real deal! Let’s roll!

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How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last?

Skateboard trucks usually last between 6 months and 2 years, depending on things such as usage frequency, riding style, rider weight, and maintenance. Regular checkups, care, and timely replacement of old components can extend their lifespan by a lot. Its like your relationship, give effort and make it last longer.

how long do trucks last skateboard

Skateboard Trucks Lifespan?

The life of skateboard trucks depends on various factors that impact their durability and sustainability. One crucial thing is the frequency and style of usage.

Frequent skateboarders who ride daily and engage in aggressive stunts may experience faster wear and tear on their trucks compared to normal riders.

Additionally, the weight of the rider plays a role in how long the trucks last; heavier skateboarders put more pressure on the trucks, leading to increased damage.

Also, rough surfaces with cracks can cause more wear compared to smoother environments. These are pretty basic things to know as a skateboarder.

Changing skateboard trucks depends on usage, riding style, and quality. Heavy truck dudes might swap them every 6 to 12 months, while casual riders could go a couple of years. If you tear it within 6 months, my friend you are a pro already.

Or maybe you need to be more careful. Routine cleaning, bolt checks, and maintenance can add a few months to the lifespan.

Watch for signs of wear, such as wobbling. People usually dont care about wobbling that much and try to deal with it. But its a big sign. Dont be like me, who is lazy.

To make your skateboard trucks last longer, take care of them. Here is a full guide on how to maintain your skateboard. Clean them after each skate session to remove dirt. Usually, I have seen my skateboard become sick with dirt more than anything else.

Many of my friends told me that when they dont clean dirt and sand, they start losing it. Adjust your riding style if you’re into aggressive tricks. Slow down, my friend, for the sake of your skateboard.

Rotate your wheels to spread out wear, and use shock pads for less strain. Do not store your board in a place with moisture, dirt, or smell. And inspect the trucks for cracks or damage. Don’t overload the board, and invest in high-quality gear for your vehicle and your overall experience.

Treating your trucks like your girlfriend will keep them rolling smoothly and extend their lifespan. I am trying to save you hassle and money.

When Should I Replace My Skateboard Trucks?

how long do skate trucks last

What Affects Skateboard Truck Lifespan?

Okay, listen up. There is no exact time for that. When those things start looking old with cracks, bent axles, and wobbly pivot cups, it’s a sign that they are tired after some serious sessions. And let’s not forget about the kingpin, if it’s as loose as your ex’s grip on reality.

It’s time for a change, buddy! Now, I know we all have different kinds of usage, but lets go very basic: every 1-2 years, give them an upgrade.

Your ride will be smoother than the previous one, and you’ll nail those flips like a pro player.

I assure you Hit the streets hard and speed up like there’s no tomorrow; just don’t forget to replace those trucks when they are ready to retire. You shouldnt have to have a crappy experience with your skateboard.

Does A Skateboard Truck Loosen Over Time?

how long do skate trucks last

Let’s explore the wild world of skateboard trucks and their cunning little tricks. Imagine yourself riding the streets like a super badass, landing all of your tricks, and generally feeling on top of the world.

But as time passes, you can begin to feel as though your skateboard is acting strangely or as though it has a mind of its own. I’ve at least felt this many times.

That, my buddy, is a serious red flag indicator that those trucks are quickly losing speed.

The majority of the action takes place while skating on those trucks, which is an amazing experience for all adventurous people. Every crack, jump and grind vibrates through them.

Your skateboard’s secret hero, these little rubber friends help it spin and carve like a pro. The buttery-smooth movements that make skating so wonderful are made by them.

Unfortunately, after time and with frequent usage, those bushings may begin to become crappy and lose their grip, giving you less control and more wobbling than a young giraffe on wheels.

Don’t panic just yet, there’s no reason to be worried. There are techniques to control those trucks, and it’s all a part of life as a skateboarder.

The secret to a skateboard lasting a long time is regular maintenance. Give those nuts and bolts a good tightening every now and then to keep them secure and safe.

Does Water Ruin Skateboard Trucks?

how often should you replace skateboard trucks

Water is one of the biggest enemies of skateboard trucks, so watch out for those. So the very straight and short answer is- yes, water ruins skateboards very badly.

When water sneaks into the metal components, it leads to rust, causing the trucks to weaken and lose their structural function day by day.

Rusty trucks become less stable and responsive, and you will have less control, making your skateboard ride difficult over time.

To protect your precious ride, avoid skating through wet areas and store your board in a dry place. If your trucks do get wet, dry them ASAP.

When to Get New Skateboard Trucks

Dude, knowing when to grab those new skateboard trucks is key! I mean it. If you see cracks, dents, or major scratches on your trucks, it’s like a big neon sign screaming, “Time to upgrade!” And don’t forget about those bent axles messing up your turns.

That’s a red flag right there, which you shouldn’t ignore. Feeling wobbly or having less control? Yup, that’s a sign your trucks need some love.

When your bushings go a little or completely flat, it’s truck swap time! And hey, safety first: if your trucks have been through the gnarly ringer, it’s better to invest in fresh ones for a smooth and awesome ride.


No one can give you an exact answer to how long skateboard trucks last. The lifespan of skateboard trucks varies depending on usage and maintenance. I tried to showcase this point throughout the article.

If you see that your friends skateboard lasts longer than yours, you can be sure that he treats his or her skateboard in the right manner. Or read my blog. With regular care and responsible skating, quality trucks can last anywhere from several months to a couple of years.

Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear, and when in doubt, treat yourself to a fresh truck for a smoother and safer ride. Happy shredding, and stay safe. Dont break your knee like me.

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