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How long do skateboard wheels last? The answer depends on various elements.

After 3 months of usage, I’ve discovered that the wheels begin to underperform, and their grip begins showing signs of wear. Of course, skateboard wheels made of durable materials will last a longer time, but on average, their lifespan is around three months.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose the right skateboard from the beginning if you dont want to find a replacement soon.

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Why Do Skateboard Wheels Wear Down?

The main cause of wheel wear is friction, but there’s more to it. The trucks’ axles may be bent, resulting in asymmetrical friction. This can happen to any truck, but lower-quality trucks are more vulnerable.

how long do skate wheels last

ad bearings, low-quality bushings, and the quality of the wheel itself may cause wheel wear. It may be a problem with the skateboard deck or with misaligned base plates. Your weight or the weather may contribute to the wheels degradation.

Wheel bite is another possible cause. This indicates that the wheels are too large and have collided with your board. You can either have risers to create more space between the wheels and the board or get smaller wheels.

how long do skateboard wheels last

Skateboard Wheels Wear Down

What Should I Do To Extend The Lifespan Of Skateboard Wheels?

At some point, you need to replace skateboard wheels, but you may still get a bit more used out of them. Here are a few tips to help the wheels last longer.

Keep Your Slides Under 90

If you drive the wheels at a 90 angle, they appear to stop rotating in the slide. Just one part of the wheel will wear out when sliding, resulting in a flat spot.

When this occurs frequently, the flat spots prevent the wheels from rolling smoothly, leading to an uncomfortable ride and, even worse, making the wheels unrideable.

To avoid this problem, keep your shoulders and foot pointing down the hill when sliding.

Wheel Rotation

Another effective way to increase the wheels lifespan is to rotate them.

If you do a lot of the same slide style, such as stand-up heelside, for an extended period, you might find that some wheels become smaller than others.

This difference in wheel size is because your weight is predominantly spread to one side of a skateboard. As a result, one wheel bears more weight and wears out faster than others..

You can easily overcome this issue by rotating small wheels in the direction of bigger ones and vice versa.

Pay Attention To The Wheels

Your wheels will let you know when is the right time to seek a replacement. You will notice they begin to slide around corners and feel weak on the flats.

Additionally, their appearance speaks volumes about their status. You will see cracks and wrinkles start to appear here and there.

how long do skate wheels last

People’s wrinkles aren’t a negative thing. However, for wheels, they signify one thing: it’s time to get rid of them!

Keep Skateboard Wheels Clean

After skating, clean the wheels with a hand towel or soak them in water (after removing the bearings, of course). Removing dust and soil from the wheels can minimize their decline.

What To Look Out When Choosing Skateboard Wheels?

One of the most important components of a skateboard is the wheels. Individuals will quickly move thanks to the wheels. It assists users in determining their maximum speed.

Wheels come in all shapes and sizes. It would be best if you choose the right wheels for your skateboard based on your preferences and needs. When shopping for skateboard wheels, there are a few things to consider.

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The first skateboard wheels were made of steel and cement, which were dangerous and tricky to maneuver.

Polyurethane is a new substance that is widely used in the wheel industry (PUR). Although there are several kinds of polyurethane, the reaction between two substances – polyols and diisocyanates – is constant.

how long do skateboard wheels last

When combined with appropriate additives and catalysts for the reaction, polyols, and diisocyanates are essential criteria for any kind of polyurethaneNatural gas and crude oil are the primary raw materials for polyurethane wheels.

The reaction of different polyols and polyisocyanates will regulate the thermal, chemical, and mechanical elements of polyurethane (PUR), making it an ideal material for wheels. The chemical foundation of this material can effectively influence the durometer (hardness) of wheels.

PUR is inexpensive to manufacture and stable over time. Better still, its long life cycle means that the material will leave a smaller carbon footprint to the environment.

Overall, PUR ranks high as one of the most favorite wheel materials owing to its superior efficiency and eco-friendliness.


When buying skateboard wheels, price is a crucial element. You should compare prices between various brands to choose the best wheels that are within your budget.

Wheel Diameter

The wheels diameter determines your pace and the tightness of your turns. They mainly use millimeters to measure the wheels diameter. The majority of wheels are between 50 and 75mm.

So, if you’re looking for small wheels, a 50mm wheel is a perfect choice. If youre after larger wheels, look around those 70-75mn in diameter.

Small Wheels

Smaller options create comfortable rides for slower riders. If you love technical skating and street skating, small wheels are the way to go. They are closer to the ground, making it easy to control the board.

Large Wheels

Larger wheels allow you to ride faster. They are cut out for vert skating, low-key cruising, and transportation. Their expanded diameter provides both speed and balance.

how long do skateboard wheels last

Wheel Diameter

To assess the hardness of a skateboard wheel, we use a durometer.

Most producers use the Durometer A Scale, a 100-point scale to evaluate how rough the wheel is. The higher the figure, the harder the wheel.

A hard skateboard wheel, for example, would be 101A, while a weaker one would be 75A. You will easily find a skateboard wheel’s durometer, along with the height printed somewhere on the wheel.

98A is the hardest of both the street and transfer wheels. Cruising wheels usually have a 78A mark, but they may go as high as 90A.

Harder wheels are quicker in general, whereas softer wheels are slower and provide users with extra grip. Harder wheels are best for flat roads, whereas softer ones are suitable for street skating.

The durometer rating scale used for Bones Wheels is a “B” scale. The B scale is a different method of calculating the same item, and it’s usually used for the toughest wheels. It’s an easy conversion: the B scale reads 20 values lower than the A scale, for example:

  • 81B = 101A
  • 82B = 102A
  • 83B = 103A

how long do skate wheels last

Wheel Durometer

Contact Patch

Contact patch, the surface area that directly touches the ground, is another crucial thing to consider when making a purchase. It can strongly influence your skating performance.

The wider your contact patch is; the more equally the skateboard distributes weight. Meanwhile, a smaller contact patch can gradually crush the urethane (the substance used to make strong skateboard wheels) and slow the wheels down over time.

We highly recommend a round-shaped contact patch over the square-shaped ones. They are the strongest contact patch that can help boost your performance.


So how long do skateboard wheels last? After reading this article, you know that there is not only one answer to the question. Consistency, durometer scale, diameter, the frequency of skating, and the type of skateboard all play different roles in determining the wheels lifespan.

Additionally, the type of surface on which you stake also has a significant impact on how long the wheels last. Your wheels can possibly stay with you longer if you skate on a smooth surface.

If you have cheap trucks on your wheels, you can experience shaking due to broken axles. Whether you’re a downhill skateboarder or simply want to perform more powerful slides, you’ll need to repair your wheels more often.

Like with any object, extra care and proper maintenance will help extend the wheels lifespan and you will have a longer time skating on them.

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