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How long do skateboards last is a common question among skateboarders these days. This article is for you if you’d like to know the answer and tips for maximizing your skateboard’s lifespan.

While it is not an easy query to address, the typical lifetime of a skateboard is about two years. In reality, it is mostly determined by several important factors, including the skateboard’s manufacturer, efficiency, use, and maintenance.

In this article, I’ll go through all causes that influence the lifespan of a skateboard, as well as what you should know to enable your skateboard to last longer.

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Factors impacting skateboard’s life?

  • Always double-check if the wheels are properly tightened. If this isn’t the case, use the skate tool to tighten or loosen the skateboard nut in the truck.
  • Be familiar with all of the stunts and tricks associated with skateboarding. If you don’t know the fundamentals, don’t take all of these seriously.
  • One of the most important factors is skate style. Beginners usually destroy their skateboards easily since they are unfamiliar with the sport.

how long does a skateboard last

Breaking skateboards

  • Skating on rails and ledges would easily break down the skateboard because it impacts the skateboard more than usual.
  • Weight is a significant concern. The skateboard is more likely to break down quickly if you are overweight.
  • Many people get irritated and throw the skateboard when they are unable to ride properly. If you don’t want your skateboard to crack early and quickly, never do it and try to control yourself.
  • Skateboard durability Obviously, the higher the quality and robustness of your skateboard, the longer it will last. Skateboards with high quality often cost more money and last longer than inexpensive skateboards, so bear that in mind as well.

The lifespan of a skateboard varies based on the type of rider

While I mentioned that a skateboard will last around two years, this is only true for average riders. If you want to see how long your skateboard could last, figure out if you’re a Daily Rider, Amateur, or Professional.

To decide how long a skateboard last, you must first consider the three styles of skateboard riders and then define which group you belong to.

The daily skateboarder

The daily rider is a skateboarder who only rides from home to work or college, and many skateboarders just ride for fun from a certain location to another location that they favor every day.

Unlike the amateur rider who frequently does stunts and rides with friends, these riders just go out with friends and do stunts on occasion. Regular users should expect skateboards to last at least two to four years, based on where they ride and how they use them.

The amateur skateboarder

The amateur rider is primarily a rider who does not ride day after day, but at least three or four days per week in skateboard-friendly places.

The skateboard of an amateur rider can last at least 6 months to 2 years, and if you maintain it well and just ride occasionally, it can last much longer.

how long should a skateboard last

The pro skateboarder

Pro skateboarders are riders who compete in skateboarding events, ride for hours on skateboards, and practice tricks and stunts nearly every day in order to improve.

Skilled skateboarders damage their boards more rapidly. I know many professionals who adjust their boards monthly since they perform extreme tricks that lead their boards to break down more quickly.

They would like to pay extra for new skateboards. For example, if the manufacturers do not advance the wheels to make them more suitable for skateboarding, they will just substitute them.

how long do skateboards last

How to make your skateboard last longer

Here are good tips to take care of your board so that it can last as long as possible.

Skateboards should be well-maintained.

Your skateboard, like other devices, requires your attention and should be maintained daily. If you ignore it and leave dirt to accumulate on the skateboard for a long time, the effect is irreversible, and you’ll have to purchase a new board soon.

Even novice skateboard cleaners will find cleaning a board to be quite quick and easy. To prevent tearing, you should sand the skateboard’s sides regularly.

Sanding the edges would keep them clean and protect them from chipping. To remove the wheels from the board’s axle, use a skate tool.

Remove the wheel bearings. Brush and rinse them after soaking them.

Using grease, lubricate bearings to clean the trucks and wheels.

The wheels should be immersed in the washing liquid for a short period to soften grime and dirt. However, the rest of the skate should not be.

If it’s raining, don’t ride your skateboard.

Water damages, not just your deck, but also your trucks, bearings, and wheels. When the deck wood gets wet, it becomes soft and quickly breaks or slits apart.

how long should a skateboard last

Protect the board from rain and, if it does get wet, dry it quickly with an air dryer. Do not clean the board by dipping it in water because it can cause a lot of damage to the board. To clean the deck, wipe it off with a towel.

Don’t do any stunts or tricks that aren’t appropriate for your ability.

Many beginner riders underestimate the difficulty of doing stunts and tricks that are inappropriate for their skill level.

Doing tricks that are not relevant to your skill level is extremely dangerous. It increases your chances of splitting your skateboard into two pieces, especially if you are a beginner rider.

Rather than attempting stunts and tricks that are inappropriate for your skill level, begin with the fundamentals and gradually progress to a more challenging and critical level. This would make you better on the skateboard and reduce the chances of breaking the skateboard.

Riding on sand, glass, and stone is not recommended.

Skateboard wheels can be ruined if you ride on sand or glass, and if the skateboard crashes to the ground when standing on rough surfaces, it will be severely damaged.

And if it doesn’t crack, it will quickly lose its efficacy. and it will not last for long. So, find a flat road or a designated skate park where you can skateboard smoothly and learn all sorts of tricks.

Avoid slipping on the skateboard’s tail.

Many skateboarders like sliding or stopping on the tail, which not only rubs the tail against the surface but may also smash the board after a few tries. So, don’t slip on the skateboard’s tail because the tail is the most fragile component of the board.

how long do skateboards last

Avoid leaving the skateboard in your car

Many skateboarders make the big mistake of simply leaving skateboards in the car, assuming that keeping their skateboard in a car would be far more reliable than keeping it in a cold place.

However, if you leave your skateboard in the car, the heat will be much higher, which can affect your board, including the trigger and wheels, because these components are heat-sensitive.

The issue with a car is that it absorbs the maximum amount of heat while driving in the sun, particularly if the car is black; it will damage your skateboard more seriously.

Shoes Matter

Wearing the best skate shoes can extend the life of your skateboard. When skating, never purchase or wear low-quality shoes. It can put a strain on both your legs and your skateboard. You’ll likely get wounded as well if you wear the wrong shoes.

Land skateboard properly

Skateboarding depends solely on landing. If you don’t know how to land properly, your skateboard will most likely break down quickly. At the very least, you must try to land on your skateboard with one foot.

Try landing on both feet after you’ve learned to land with one foot. Every day, practice, practice, practice. Eventually, you’ll be able to land on two feet.

Store the skateboard

Many riders who purchase a skate are not even thinking about where to place it. There are many skateboarding racks available on the market. They are reliable and do not take up much space.

how long does a skateboard last

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about anyone accidentally trampling or damaging your skate. Moisture, cold, and heat are rivals of this board. As a result, streets, basements, and cars are not suitable places to store them.


I hope that your concern on “How long do skateboards last” has been answered in this article. Riding a skateboard is such a great activity, plus it is inexpensive and enjoyable. The production, repair, use, and quality of a skateboard all affect its lifespan.

If skaters want their boards to last for years, they should only use them on flat and dry surfaces. And after a long trip, remember to clean and lubricate your skateboard to maintain it.

Finally, suppose you want your skateboard to last longer. In that case, I recommend that you practice the fundamentals of skateboarding, advance slowly with the tricks, and purchase the best-branded skateboard possible. Best of luck!

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