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How Much Do Skateboard Bearings Cost? A Budget-friendly Discussion

Hesitating to change the bearings on your skateboard? Pretty understandable for a teen with a summer job. Or even with a little to decent earnings, buying a new set of bearings can seem like a lot. Hear me, pal. I’ve been there. If you invest in a good set, the price is worth it. So don’t stress yourself over such a trivial matter. Now, let’s cut the chase, how much do skateboard bearings cost?

How Much Do Skateboard Bearings Cost?

It usually starts at 815 bucks for the basic steel ones. If you want to be bold and upgrade, titanium works better, and there are some cheap ones ranging from $10. And most good ceramic sets are usually about $100 each.

However, if you can manage it without draining your pockets, why not? The price range for titanium is all over the place, given the manufacturing quality. $10 sounds like a bargain, but they can cross $40-50 regularly.

how much are skateboard bearings

A Skateboard Bearing

Are you gritting your teeth? Don’t; it’s just a suggestion. Ceramic bearings usually start at $70, if you still want to consider them. Although theyre the more basic ones, they’re not the ones a heavy skateboarder would prefer for their tricks.

Or, circle back to our familiar confidant made of steel. You’ll find something just as durable and firm in the range of $30-40 dollars. Some cheaper ones are pretty amazing too, despite the loaded feel. Leave the $70 ones for the daredevils, unless you’re one of them.

Now, you might be wondering why these prices are so different. Why is there not one fixed price? I’ll show you why.

Why Skateboard Bearing Prices Are So Different

Once, I used to wonder, too, why the price fluctuates this randomly. And I felt even more clueless when I’d come across an $8 steel bearing set, just to be shocked by a $60 steel set next. Dont worry, the mathematics behind it is not that complicated.

The prices differ mostly due to three reasons:

Name Value

It sounds a bit silly, but the bearing industry is not that different from most other industries. The brands that have made a name for themselves with stellar quality delivery tend to be a bit pricey. A bearing set from a famous company can be much less qualified for the job than other alternatives, but the price will still be higher.

ABEC Rating

If this abbreviated term feels unfamiliar to you, ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. They test the bearings for their durability and rate them afterward. Not just in the USA, the ABEC rating is considered the current industry standard for bearings in most other countries.

The ABEC rates the bearings at 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. The better the durability and quality, the higher the rating. The price tends to go higher with the rating. For a better understanding of the ABEC rating system, check out the guide in this link.

Material Difference

The tolerance, skill, and speed of bearings rely heavily on the material theyre constructed from. This is why the price varies between materials. And it doesnt just stop there, dont think youve won just because you chose a material thats known for better performance.

How the material is resourced and utilized plays a big role in the pricing. The price can decrease even if the bearing is made from the most durable material if the structure is poor. Which is often the case.

Speaking of materials, why are steel bearings cheaper than ceramic ones? Whats the deal with the price of the titanium bearings?

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Why do bearings made from different materials cost differently?

This is where it gets interesting. Most of us have been team-steel our entire life. But still, theyre super cheap compared to the ceramic sets. Whats the deal with that? Well be reflecting on the price differences between steel, titanium, and ceramic because Bearings for skateboards are built from usually these three materials:

Steel Bearings

how much do skateboard bearings cost

Steel Bearings

These are the go-to bearings for most skateboarders. Easy to use and low manufacturing cost, Hence, one-digit starter price. With about 15 bucks, you can pick from a good number of steel options.

The cheap offers do come with a price. Inexpensive steel bearings are more likely to break or be damaged under heavy pressure. Theyre also prone to get rusted with just a little touch of water. You have to upgrade the budget to around $50 at least if you want your new steel bearing sets to last for quite a while.

Titanium Bearings

Titanium is the best solution for those tired of heavy steel bearings not moving as fast as theyd hoped. Also, this material is the lightest when it comes to skateboard ball bearings. Titanium will make you feel like youre floating in the air, so it explains the slightly higher price.

A few words arent enough to explain why titanium bearings are amazing, you might have to check the link in the manual for that.

Ceramic Bearings

how much bearings for skateboard

Ceramic Bearings

These are the most expensive, and if youve checked one closely, you know exactly why. Theyre firm and sturdy, yet not too heavy to have a disadvantage of speed. And mineral-wise, good ceramics are expensive.

Check out this video on- CERAMIC BEARINGS VS STAINLESS STEEL BEARINGS | VS EP 9 for a better understanding of what makes ceramic bearings more expensive than metal ones.


How Much Can It Cost In Total For Replacing All The Ball Bearings?

If youre planning to replace all the sets from your skateboard, youll have to purchase 8 sets of bearings in total. Each wheel in a skateboard relies on two sets of those, and there are four wheels. So every time youre considering a set for purchase, make a total of eight sets to figure out the possible cost.

Are $70-100 Bearings Worth The Investment?

Given the material value, they are. Apart from the ceramic ones, the price of steel and titanium only increases when the production value is higher, the durability is at its peak, and theyre here for the long game. The ceramic ones are top-notch from the beginning; hence, theyre so highly rated on the ABEC scale.


At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours when it comes to the question, How much do skateboard bearings cost? If you want to stay traditional with a steel bearing set or get a fancier ceramic upgrade, do what makes you happy. Were just trying to look out for you so that your pocket doesnt get all miserable in the process.

Well, this is why youre here anyway! If you need to know more about balls and bearings, we have plenty more tips you could benefit from. Dont forget to take a peek at out our other articles that you might find helpful with the purchase.

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