How Much Do Skateboard Bearings Cost? What Affects The Price?

How Much Do Skateboard Bearings Cost? The price of skateboard bearings mainly depends on some significant factors. Let’s look over them to get the right ones for various models. 

Plus, you should also know the average price of a skateboard bearing and if you should buy an expensive one or not. Fortunately! all you wonder about is present in this post. 

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How Much Do Skateboard Bearings Cost On Average?

how much are skateboard bearings

A Skateboard Bearing

Prices of skateboard bearings vary depending on the material and brands you choose. Therefore, it’s difficult to provide exact pricing for each skateboard bearing. 

In terms of materials in the skating industry, players may find them in three categories: steel, titanium, and ceramic in the bearings of roller skates, skateboards, or others

The quality of materials and other components utilized determines their speed, durability, and price. 

After compiling all of the different prices for various materials, we have figured out that the average price range for bearings is about $35 at skate shops or online shops.

Factors Deciding Skateboard Bearings’ Price 



how much do skateboard bearings cost

Steel Bearings

Steel bearings are the industry standard, and they are both long-lasting and cost-effective. The steel’s quality may vary. Using higher-quality steel may keep your balls from dust and make your ball bearing quicker and more durable. 

Steel bearings have the disadvantage of rusting when exposed to dampness. When unknown manufacturers use poor steel to make bearings, they are cheap but are prone to be rusted more quickly.

You can find both low-end and high-level steel bearings ranging anywhere from $8.00 to $70.00 in price or even more (but not common). And $35 will be the average for this section.

Ceramic Bearings

how much bearings for skateboard

Ceramic Bearings

Compared to steel skate bearings, ceramic bearings are tougher and bend less when pressure is applied. As a result of their heat resistance, ceramic features expand less and generate less friction while your skateboard travels at higher speeds. 

One more enjoyable point, this amazing material does not rust when exposed to moisture, but you should not avoid your skateboard wheels in the wet for longer. It is easy to understand that the bestselling skate bearing always includes this material ranging from about $10.00 – $150.00. 

The full ceramics will give you the highest cost, about $30 for a single bearing. On the other hand, you will not pay much for bearings with ceramic balls only or low quality.

Now, we must say it’s $50 which is the average for them.


how much are bearings for skateboards

Titanium Bearings

$10-$60 is the price you will often see at shops, so this type’s average price is about $30. we will see why they have some differences in price.

Titanium is a lightweight metal that is also very robust and corrosion-resistant. Bearings constructed of titanium function similarly to steel types, but this metal construction may last much longer due to titanium’s strength and corrosion resistance. 

It’d be great if you could get genuine 100% Titanium bearings – extremely light and insanely long-lasting, but it’s unbelievably costly! 

Unfortunately, it is highly costly as a raw material and very difficult to process and shape because of its hardness. It is that reason that manufacturers only use it to cover with other materials such as steel, so the cost of this bearing is just mentioned above.

ABEC Ratings

how much is skateboard bearings

Skate Bearing ABEC 5

The ABEC is a common way of assessing tolerance with a high-precision rating when it comes to bearings because the ratings rise in tandem with the number of revolutions per minute.

There are five levels on the scale: ABEC 9, ABEC 7, ABEC 5, ABEC 3, and ABEC 1.

ABEC 1: These are the cheapest bearings; bearings in this price range are often crude and lack a high precision factor. Furthermore, steel quality is slipping to the lower end of the scale.

ABEC 3: Although it costs a little more than ABEC 1, it is a bit cheap. At this pricing point, bearings do not roll smoothly or effectively.

ABEC 5:  leisure skateboarders often choose it because of the standard form of skating and high-speed performance at a low cost.

ABEC 7: These bearings are well known for their speed and smoothness. However, they are a little pricey to buy.

ABEC 9: These bearings have the highest grade and are used in very rapid machines. Perfect for downhill skating and speed navigation.

Obviously, the better the rating scale, the higher the price. At this point, these various levels may partly clarify the cost of skateboard bearings.


It’s undoubtedly that products from more reputable manufacturers will come at higher price tags. 

There are top skateboard-bearing brands in the skate industry recently, such as Bronson, Andale, Yellow Jacket, or Bones. 

The awesome products designed by Swiss companies or well-known businesses may be better and more expensive than unknown manufacturers. Still, there is also a common misconception. The best skateboard bearings may come from a brand you’ve never heard of before. 

Be awake throughout your whole buying experience for skateboarding bearings and anything else.

Should I Pick Expensive Bearings? 

It’s crucial to consider your riding style and level of expertise when selecting bearings. Bearings in the wheel skateboards that are made of higher-quality components will be quicker and last longer.

If you’re a novice who won’t be using your board very frequently, cheap steel bearings will be enough to satisfy your performance while not breaking your budget.

If you use your skateboard on a regular basis and prefer to ride quickly or hard, higher-quality bearing options will suit you best. And of course, they cost more than lower-quality ones.

Why so? Under the compression of your skateboarding, cheaper bearings may distort or shatter altogether, and believe us when we say. It won’t be safe! 

Inexpensive items may not be well sealed. And as a result, debris and dust cover your bearings, which may slow or halt your board after a week or so.

For these reasons, you should undoubtedly choose the better-quality bearings for a greater experience if your budget allows it.


So, how much do skateboard bearings cost? The answer is quite obvious now. 

At the conclusion of this article, you can see that the average price mentioned above is the aggregation of various categories.

We guarantee that getting comprehensive information will help you make the best choice. Even if you purchase a cheap or high-grade skateboard bearing, only remember that it is reasonable when meeting all your needs.

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