How Much Do Skateboard Trucks Cost? The Cost For A Good One

Trucks are the most important component that determines the quality of a skateboard. So how much do skateboard trucks cost

It is quite difficult for a beginner to determine the cost of skateboard trucks because it also involves many factors, thereby affecting the price. To make every ride safe, read the article to buy yourself a good and worthy truck.

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How Much Do Skateboard Trucks Cost On Average?

how much do trucks for a skateboard cost

Different skateboard trucks in ranges

There are many price ranges for trucks that you can choose from. Usually, a good truck ranges from 20$ to 60$

The first is the low-end type. These products are affordable, only from $10 to $20. They usually come from unknown brands. With a budget of $20 to $40, you’ll own average trucks. 

For $40 or above, they’re high-end. In the two latter categories, you will end up having a product from famous manufacturers.

Factors Deciding Skateboard Trucks’ Prices 


best skateboard trucks for beginners

They are usually made of aluminum

In general, if you look around the shopping sites, you will see steel axles and skateboard trucks made from aluminum. Besides, some other quality material options for the product can be brushed steel or even titanium. 

The market mainly sells aluminum trucks because this is the cheapest material of all, so it is popular with many people. Most of them are under $40. However, they are prone to peeling paint, a reason why they are so cheap.

In general, you will come across many products made of aluminum on the market. Their common feature is their reasonable price, usually under $40. That’s why customers often buy aluminum trucks. 

However, they are prone to peeling paint and scratching the surface when the user brakes. With titanium, the price will usually be above $40. Do you know why they are more expensive? They are harder and more durable. Especially, it takes longer for you to face problems like the former.


how much are skate trucks

Custom trucks to highlight your skateboard

Trucks are simply a part of a skateboard, so many people who follow minimalist trends do not care about their design very much. The low-priced non-decorated products, around $20, are their great choice. This classic design only has a simple outer metallic layer of paint, and maybe added the manufacturer’s logo if they come from well-known brands. 

With young people’s tastes nowadays, they require trucks to be eye-catching so that they can show off their personality. Manufacturers gradually bring to market designs that print unique shapes or choose vibrant color schemes. Custom items will of course cost more than classic ones. They will cost somewhere over $20, depending on the complexity of the decoration.


how much do trucks cost skateboard

A sample of Independent truck 

There are a number of reputable brand options that you can buy right away because their products are mostly quality tested. Products from the brands listed below will have high prices, ranging from $20 to $60, including brand recognition. However, customers will be satisfied with the quality because they have many years of experience in the field of manufacturing trucks.  

Independent is one of the oldest on the market and a perfect choice for most skaters. It stands out for its excellent turning response and stable bite. 

The next is Venture. This company is famous in Europe, especially for young people who love unique colors because their products are very diverse. In addition, Thunder is also a company that you can consider if you prefer light or hollow trucks.


Typically, trucks can last from 2 to 4 years, depending on the frequency of use, quality, and aggressiveness of the tricks you perform. Some brands that focus on the durability of their products will raise their prices, usually above $50. 

Those items can last more than 4 years. You don’t have to change them too soon and you can save some money

Should I Choose An Expensive Truck? 

As mentioned above, choosing to buy trucks will depend on your needs. For beginners, it is not necessary to buy expensive products because you need to spend money to buy other types of gear such as a helmet, a board, and protective items. 

A mid-priced truck is enough to help you train safely and effectively, from $20 to $40. For experienced riders, you need to spend about $50 to buy quality ones since trucks will not last long with frequent practices and difficult movements.


If you’ve read this far, you already know the answer to the question: how much do skateboard trucks cost? In addition to the material criteria, manufacturer and durability are also decisive aspects that affect, more or less, the overall price. 

So, feel free to pick up your favorite trucks, but don’t forget to consider the costs and other essential factors.

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