How Much Do Skateboard Trucks Cost? A Guide to Pricing

Don’t underestimate the skateboard as a complete edition of the deck or the wheel. Furthermore, it requires a keen understanding of all the components of the skateboard. So that you can get balanced products considering your desire, budget, and quality.

As we are here with the skateboard truck, we need to research how the cost of the truck impacts the overall price! However, from budget-friendly options to premium, there is a mystery behind the price tags and the truck’s quality.  If you could reveal the mystery, obviously the day after, you will be the gainer to get the perfect products. Let’s see how much skateboard trucks cost ,and vice versa.

How much Do Skateboard Trucks Cost?

The cost of any product depends on the budget, preference, brands, features, and specifications they have. Skateboard trucks are also not far from these characteristics. However, entry-level trucks, suitable for beginners, typically cost between $20 to $50. 

how much do trucks for a skateboard cost

Costing of trucks

This price range is negligible; you don’t have to break your savings. On the other hand, the mid-range skateboard trucks cost between $50 to $100. Mid-range trucks comparatively come with quality materials and construction. If you compare these with the basic level, obviously they offer a more balance between quality and affordability.

Finally, the premium skateboard trucks, designed for the skateboard enthusiast or the professionals, can cost upwards of $100 to $500. 

These high-end options feature highly precise engineering, and they offer fantastic performance.

Ultimately, the cost of skateboard trucks depends on several factors. We would like to know the brand reputation, materials used, and specific features. Specific features include LED lighting facility, design, and other high-class graphics, etc. 

Do you want to see a video on- ‘’How Much Does a Good Skateboarding Setup Cost?’’.This video will give you a clear visual presentation for your convenience.

Understanding Skateboard Truck Components

how much do skateboard trucks cost

Ready Skateboard truck

The key components of any skateboard truck that not only impact the skating but also impact the overall cost are the baseplate, hanger, kingpin, and bushings.

The baseplate serves as the basic foundation. It connects the trucks with the main deck. 

The fact is that entry-level trucks often feature a basic or low-level baseplate. Suppose you have stamped steel baseplates, which are basic but have a lower cost.  But if you count the mid-range and premium options, higher-grade materials like aluminum-made baseplates are incorporated into the board. Ultimately, they provide more durable and enhanced performance.

The hanger, the T-shaped part, holds the axle. It plays a crucial role as well. Entry-level hangers are generally made of standard aluminum; mid-range and premium trucks  are made with more lightweight alloys, titanium, etc. They are Premium-grad materials, thus enhancing the overall strength without making the truck heavy.

The kingpin is the bolt that holds the trucks together. It determines the whole tightness or looseness of the trucks. Basic-grade trucks feature basic kingpins, whereas higher-quality trucks come with precise-machined kingpins. As the quality grade kingpin offers a smoother and more responsive ride, they impact the overall truck’s price. 

Bushings that cushion the kingpin are responsible for the overall stability and turning off the truck. Entry-level trucks come with basic bushings. On the other hand, the mid-range and premium options are prepared with high-quality urethane bushings. Thus, they offer better control, plus better prices too!

The materials and construction of the components mentioned above significantly impact the overall cost of the trucks. If you feel comfortable with the basic types of components, you have to pay less. Otherwise, for high-range or mid-range materials you have to pay more.

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Factors Influencing Skateboard Truck Prices

How Much Do Skateboard Trucks Cost

Truck swing

Several factors contribute to making the trucks expensive or affordable. Already, we have said a bit about this. However, the diverse price of all skateboards depends on the following factors-

Types of the skateboard truck

Whether it is a basic, mid-range, or high-end range, price ranges differ accordingly. For the basic range truck, as they are made with all basic types of materials and components, you can expect they will never be too expensive. On the other hand, the mid-range and the high-range trucks feature advanced-level components, so they become a little bit pricey automatically.

Market demand

Supply and demand both are electronic marketing terms that impact the product’s price directly. High demand for specific brands or models may drive prices up. Especially if it becomes a limited stock item, then the price increases automatically.  

Quality of the constructed materials

It is the main thing that determines the final cost of any product. If you bring a low-priced truck, you will rarely get good-quality components. Otherwise, the expensive trucks are produced with high-quality, premium-grade materials.  Besides this, trucks featuring innovative designs, materials, or manufacturing processes tend to be of higher cost.

It is very normal, that advanced technology always will enhance the performance, durability, and overall performance of the skateboard truck. Thus they also increase the price as well.

Special editions or signature series

Limited edition of signature series trucks come with a premium price tag.  This special edition collaborated with professional skateboarders for design and quality. However, all the unique designs, graphics, and specialized features make the whole truck exclusive and expensive.

Brand reputation

Established and reputed brands often command higher prices. As they feature a quality and reliable purchasing history, therefore, they demand more. However, a reputed brand will never give you defective or less responsive products.


Are expensive skateboard trucks worth it?

It depends on you. If you are expecting a top-tier performance, obviously an expensive skateboard truck will do it. As these trucks are made with premium materials, precise engineering, and brand reputation, the price is justified. These trucks provide a superior riding experience for a long time. 

Can I use 7.75 trucks on an 8-deck?

Using 7.75 trucks on an 8-deck is possible, but it will not give you a standard product. This price will affect the overall stability and performance of the skateboard. 


So, in conclusion, the cost of skateboard trucks varies widely. If you want to see the approximate range- budget-friendly options at $20 to $50 for beginners. Mid-range trucks between $50 and $100 and premium trucks exceeding $100 (towards $500)

Now, when it comes to the right choice for you, it depends on your preferences, skill level, and budget constraints.

That is how we covered how much do skateboard trucks cost. If you feel we have missed anything, please do not feel shy about commenting there.

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