How Much Do Skateboard Wheels Cost? 6 Factors To Consider

The cost of skateboard wheels nowadays has become a pivotal consideration. For this reason, many new skateboard riders often fall into the confusion of how much skateboard wheels cost and how much they should afford! You can not expect a to-the-point numeric number for your query! Why? Because there are lots of parameters that directly impact the skateboard’s price. So, before you know the approximate price range, you have to know what these factors or parameters are!

Let’s stop the introductory sections! If you read today’s session, we are pretty sure nothing can stop you from exploring quality wheels within your desired price range.

How Much Do Skateboard Wheels Cost?

Generally, the price range of all skateboard wheels differs from  $20 to $50 (more than $50 for the higher-end wheels). Skateboard wheel prices vary based on factors like brand, materials, and features. However, the entry-level wheels cost less than the high-end specialized wheels.  Entry-level wheels cost $20-$30 whereas high-quality wheels cost more than $50.

Also, we can categorize the price range, considering the quality of the skateboard. Like, budget-friendly options range from $10 to $30, and mid-range wheels cost $30 to $50. The high-end wheels can be $50 and above for a set of four. 

Never forget that individual wheel prices can vary from brand to brand. The same wheel will be available at different prices from the two companies. Additionally, wheels designed for specific styles of skateboarding ( I am talking about street or vert skating) may demand different prices.

Besides, let’s get the estimated price range as per different types of wheels.

how much are skateboard wheels

In a word, it is mandatory to consider your skill level, style of skating, and personal preferences when choosing skateboard wheels. Well, you must be thinking about how your expertise level could directly impact skateboard pricing.

Okay, budget-friendly options are suitable for beginners; more experienced skaters have to invest more in higher-end wheels so that they get a long-lasting performance. 

What are the Factors That Determine the Cost of Skateboard Wheels?

how much are wheels for skateboards

Four Wheels.

There are several factors that determine the cost of skateboard wheels. Some people believe that high-quality products automatically raise the price. But this does not always make sense. However, here is the list that you should consider carefully before buying the skateboard wheels.

Material grade: 

The type of material used to make the wheels directly impacts the cost. Polyurethane is a common material for skateboard wheels that comes in high quality. However, there are other durable formulations. 

Types of wheels: 

Yes, wheel cost also depends on its type. You might know that there are three major types of skateboard wheels. Street or park skateboard wheels cost $15–$30.  Soft or cruiser wheels cost $25–$40. Longboard wheels demand a relatively higher price; the range is between $30 and $60 plus.

Set durometer: 

The durometer refers to the hardness of the wheels. Softer wheels provide more grip, while harder wheels offer more speed. If you select any higher-quality urethane-made wheels, they will demand a higher cost. You will get a precise durometer measurement with such wheels.  

‘’Skateboard wheels that fall within 78A–90A are considered soft. Durometers within 90A to 98A are medium, while durometer ratings from 99A and up are.

Size of the wheels:

The size of the wheels is a vital factor. Larger wheels are generally more expensive than smaller ones. Bigger wheels provide a smoother ride over rough terrain. Moreover, if you are used to a long ride, a bigger wheel is good for you.

Brand value: 

You cannot be a popular brand if you are a newbie! It’s a common proverb, right? However, the fact is that well-known and reputable brands often charge more for their products. This is because they may invest more in research and development. 

As a result, they ensure enhanced performance and durability too.

In a word, the increased quality, precision engineering, and brand reputation have elevated the price range of the skateboard wheels. However, still, there are lots of other features and specifications that directly or indirectly impact the overall price of the wheels.

Is there a difference between cheap and expensive skateboard wheels?

how much do wheels cost for a skateboard

Cheap vs expensive wheels 

Everyone knows there is a big difference between street food and five-star food! Isn’t it? However, let’s get the points. Yes, there is a significant difference between cheap and experienced products.

Firstly, if we talk about material quality, expensive products come with a high class material. Skateboard whales made with urethane are expensive and of good quality. This can result in better durability, increased grip, and a smoother ride. Cheaper wheels may use lower-grade materials that can cause premature wear and tear.

Expensive wheels are manufactured through advanced technologies and precise manufacturing processes. For this, they feature better durability, good performance, and a smoother ride.

Plus, the higher-end wheels typically have more precise durometer measurements. This means that the hardness of the wheels is consistent in that case. Cheaper wheels may have less accurate durometer measurements. Which ultimately leads to a less inconsistent performance.

The choice between cheap and expensive wheels depends on individual preferences and the desired skateboarding experience. I do not think the budget could be a great consideration in that case. Because you can afford the whole skateboard, affording more for a good wheel is not a big issue!

Where to Buy Skateboard Wheels

Lots of places are moving around from where you can buy skateboard wheels. Before searching for any local online or offline shop, you can join several skateboard communities on platforms like Reddit or Facebook. The advantage of such communities is, they can provide recommendations on where to buy wheels. 

Fellow skateboarders often share their experiences and advice on reliable retailers. So at a time, you can get to the palace from where you should collect the wheels. Also, you can get a review about the good wheels too. From the below points, you can collect the skateboard wheels.-

  • Local skateboard shops
  • Sports items store
  • Online Retailer
  • Amazon and eBay

Some skateboarding events or competitions may have vendors selling skateboard gear, including wheels. It’s an opportunity to get quality wheels from such skateboard events or tournaments. It is a little bit exceptional, but believe us-it works well!


Why are skateboard wheels so expensive?

There are three reasons we have identified why skateboard wheels are so expensive. The high-quality constructed materials, the extensive manufacturing process, and the brand value make the wheels expensive. Additionally, specialized features like enhanced grip, speed, and durability can also increase the price.

What do skateboard wheel sizes mean? 

Skateboard wheel sizes are typically measured in millimeters (mm). This size indicates the diameter of the wheel. Smaller wheels range from 50-53mm and larger wheels range from 54-60mm or more. Also, you should know that the wheel size solely affects performance, speed, and terrain adaptability.


If you read the whole article, you already get the idea that skateboard wheel prices vary depending on different factors. However, consider your skating style, preferences, and budget to find the most suitable option for you. Once you get the perfect balance between cost and the ride you desire, you can decide whether to go with the basic set or the high-end option. That’s all on- how much do skateboard wheels cost?

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