How Much Do Skateboard Wheels Cost? 6 Factors To Consider

Skaters are always on the hunt for a perfect set of skateboard wheels. But you can know it clearly! We all have our budget concerns. So, how much do skateboard wheels cost

Luckily, there’re many wheels out there for every budget. In this article, I will break down the cost of the wheels. Now, let’s dive in, and you will be ready!

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How Much Do Skateboard Wheels Cost? 

Skateboard wheels cost $10 to $50 or sometimes more, depending on the type, brand, material, size, shape, hardness, durometer rating, and contact patch.


Initially, I had a hard time finding the right skateboard wheel. But luckily, I’ve found out that each type serves different playing styles. They also differ in price. 

  • Park or street wheel: $10 to $30

Street skateboard wheels are awesome! They roll super fast on flat surfaces, and you can feel light!

Trust me, if you love doing power slides, you won’t be disappointed when investing in these wheels. They’re totally worth it!

  • Cruiser wheels: $15 to $40

Cruiser wheels are big enough to fit the large cruiser checks. Hence, they cost more than the street models. 

The big wheels can keep your board stable. You can also use them to roll over rugged terrain smoothly. They are fantastic choices for riding around your neighborhood or visiting the beach. 

  • Longboard wheels: $15 to $60

These wheels are the biggest yet softest. You won’t go wrong with them when carving, power sliding, and downhill riding. 

how much do wheels cost for a skateboard

There are many different types of wheels


Resin and polyurethane are the most materials used to make skateboard wheels. They come with different price tags. 

Polyurethane is durable. It can also provide excellent shock absorption and grip for downhill boarding and stunt skating. 

On the other hand, resin provides less grip. However, it can last longer, making it a more expensive option. 


Generally, the bigger the wheels, the more expensive they are. For example:

  • 50 to 53mm: From $20 to $30
  • 54 to 59mm: From $25 to $35
  • 60mm or bigger: From $30 to $50

The wheel diameters affect your skateboard’s speed. I can easily feel the difference when speeding up with wheels of different sizes.  


Different wheel shapes have different qualities. For example, if the wheel edges are rounded, they slide easily, making it super fun to do tricks. 

On the other hand, if the edges are sharp, you will get more grip and traction. It’s like having a better hold on the ground. 

A wheel profile requires specific manufacturing processes and design considerations. Then, those factors reflect the overall quality of the wheels. The price may change, too.  


Hardness, or durometer rating, indicates how soft or hard the wheels are. There are two options to consider:

  • Hard wheels provide increased speed and durability. Their long lifespan is another plus. 
  • Soft wheels give you more grip thanks to their flexibility. You can benefit greatly from using these wheels when skateboarding at high speeds and performing tricks. Unfortunately, they wear out faster. 

Generally, soft wheels are cheaper than their hard counterparts. Nevertheless, you should consider your preferences when choosing the better one between them.

Contact Patch

The contact patch refers to the part of the wheel that directly touches the ground. The size of the contact patch depends on the wheel size. Thus, it affects the wheel price. 

I notice that the contact patch affects how my skateboard feels. If it’s larger, it means less of my weight is on the wheels. Then, the wheels compress less, slowing down the wheel rolls. 

On the contrary, if the contact patch is wider, I will have more grip. Those who prioritize control and stability can benefit from it.

how much money do skateboard wheels cost

Various factors affect the price

How To Choose The Right Skateboard Wheels? 

I’ve learned that a few key factors can make a big difference in your skateboarding experience. Here’s what I look for:

  • Price: I check my budget and find a balance between affordability and quality. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Yet, I avoid extremely cheap options.
  • Size: Smaller wheels are great for technical tricks. Meanwhile, larger ones offer more stability for cruising and ramps.
  • Type: I’m a street skate. So, street skateboard wheels are my best bet. 
  • Material: I look for wheels made of polyurethane as it provides durability. 
  • Contact patch: I like a broader patch to get more grip. But if you prioritize flexibility, go for the narrower one.

Are Costly Skateboard Wheels Safer? 

Not really. Expensive models have high-quality materials and solid construction, making them safe. Meanwhile, cheaper models are easier to control. Thus, you can skate with them safely. 

Expensive wheels can typically enhance performance and make a difference in safety. Moreover, they offer better grip, helping me keep my balance while skating. 

Plus, costly skateboard wheels may have better designs that allow them to roll faster than cheaper models. Experienced skates don’t want to skip them. 

On the other hand, if you are new to skateboarding, consider whether the wheels can turn quickly. Sometimes, the high speed of costly wheels makes it hard for beginners to control. 

In contrast, cheaper skateboard wheels often roll slower. Hence, you can handle them better and have a safe trip. But please remember that inexpensive models may come with low-quality materials.

how much does skateboard wheels cost

Costly wheels are not always safe

Should You Save or Splurge When Purchasing Skateboard Wheels? 

Your safety is more important than your budget! It’s tempting to opt for the cheapest wheels. However, I recommend seeking a set of wheels that offer great value without breaking the bank. 

So how much should skateboard wheels cost? Beginners and occasional riders should use entry-level wheels. They often cost around $15. 

On the other hand, experienced skaters can buy branded wheels. They range from $20 to $50 or even more. Yet, they will provide unparalleled performance.

how much should skateboard wheels cost

Choose the right wheels for your budget and requirements


As you see, skateboard wheels cost from $10 to $50. The exact price depends on the wheel’s type, material, size, shape, hardness, and contact patch. 

There are many price ranges to choose from. So, consider your needs and riding styles to opt for the best.

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