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Penny boards are a new invention that has become a sensation overnight with a huge following of young people thanks to their portable size, colorful design, and especially, affordable price. But if you’re late to the party, you must be wondering, How much does a penny board cost?.

It’s a genuine concern if you’re totally new to this pop-culture phenomenon. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. You’re not just going to find out the commonly expected cost of these small boards, but you can also learn more about what you can do with them.

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How Much Money Is A Penny Board?

The useful rule of thumb is that good penny skateboards from top brands usually cost you around $100-$120, while cheaper models and knockoffs go for anywhere between $20 and $30.

how much does a penny board cost

Penny boards are an affordable leisure activity for kids

You can trace this pricing back to the origin of plastic penny skateboards, which were invented by Ben Mackey, the owner of the Penny Skateboards company.

This Australian manufacturer made and sold the very first penny skateboards in their classic design. And for that reason, the name of the company became synonymous with the name of these short skateboards.

From the first glance at the Penny Skateboards company’s website, you can see that their boards are available from $109 to $119.

Just like Penny Skateboards has created a skateboard shape category of its own, and other manufacturers have copied and improved it ever since, these prices have become the norm of most quality penny skateboards, regardless of their brand.

And as penny boards have seen a growth in popularity, so do the budget models. Many of them have a starting price of just $20, and some are still good enough for skateboarding sessions.

But avoid those knockoffs if you want to have a penny board (also known as a mini cruiser board) that can last. They come with cheap, less durable plastic, and no high-quality wheels, and the bushings and trucks are mediocre at best.

Are Penny Boards Worth The Money?

The value of this investment ultimately boils down to what you’re going to do with your board.

If you’re in need of a plastic utility board that can outperform all other designs in terms of style and practicability, penny boards are well worth it.

how much is a penny board

Penny boards are a great option

This small size is not everyone’s cup of tea (we’re going to discuss it more in detail below), but it has distinct advantages that will make your purchase pay off.

These small boards are among the cheapest skateboards on the market. If you’re a newcomer, it’s much easier to decide whether to commit to a skateboard when you don’t have to splash a lot of money.

Most importantly, as affordable as they are, penny boards are an awesome tool for commuting in the city.

They’re light, lean, waterproof, durable enough, and portable. You can easily carry them around when not riding, especially when a bike or a regular skateboard is out of the question.

All of those super qualities make a penny board your best bet in many situations when they can bring the most value out of your money.

Should Beginners Use A Penny Board?

A quality penny board comes with some benefits that make really a good case for them as a choice for beginners:

  • Portable, convenient design: you don’t have to carry a big plastic penny board around when you’re just trying to get a grasp of skateboarding. Penny boards are easily the smallest style that is still fit for commuting.
  • Affordable: whether you’re seriously getting into skateboarding or just want to have a quick taste of it, a penny board doesn’t cost as much as its bigger brothers.
  • A wide range of color options: kids usually love to have the chance to pick out a favorite color and design for themselves, and plastic penny skateboards have all of that, from postcard or flame design to a bright solid color.

how much money is a penny board

Kids can learn to ride a penny board with no problem

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That said, here are some considerations beginners should have in mind too:

  • Limited use: Penny boards can’t help you with everything. While they excel at traveling, the fun with complicated tricks enabled by a penny board is quite restricted. The weight limit is also significantly lower.
  • Not for big people: the small size renders them penny boards, or even outright unsuitable, for people with big feet.

Can Penny Board Help You Learn Skateboard Tricks?

While it’s still possible to do a few basic techniques with a plastic penny board, it is generally not a good choice for skateboard tricks with complicated movements at high speed. This downside means you should not buy a penny board if carving downhill or doing the ollie at a skate park is what you’re after.

how much money are penny boards

Pennyboards are not suitable for doing tricks

The small, narrow deck and the common lack of grip tape make it a challenge to flip penny boards and land back onto them. Additionally, the softer and smaller wheels aren’t not suitable for going hard-core at a skatepark.

On top of that, it’s much harder to recover from your mistake with the short width of these boards, leading to more falls and injuries.

How To Choose A Penny Board?


Plastic penny boards lie on the shorter end of the length spectrum, but it doesn’t mean they have a universal and standard size. There are plenty of 22, 27, and 36-inch penny skateboards on the market, with each shape and size having its own advantages.

how much should a penny board cost

Pennyboards have the shortest skateboard design

If you want to have a really fast riding experience, have a look at the shortest models. They are 22 inches long – the classic penny board size of the first-ever models.

Experienced riders love these dwarf-sized boards: they are very easy to maneuver, and putting them inside your backpack or in your underarms is a real doss.

On the other hand, cruising is what 36-inch penny boards are made for. They come with reverse kingpin trucks and larger wheels. The deck is wider and longer, but these models can still help you pick up speed quickly, making them a great option for cruising on the streets.

The 27-inch models sit in the middle of the road, and their shape has the best features of both worlds.

They’re portable and beginner-friendly at the same time, able to offer a stable and smooth ride without taking too much money out of your wallet and space in your backpack.


Much like regular skateboards and longboards, penny skateboards have several similar deck designs you can pick out.

To provide better balance and a firm grip, manufacturers usually form a grip pattern (called waffle non-slip) on these plastic boards.

how much does a good penny board cost

Pennyboards usually come with a grip pattern

If you want to enhance this grip further, there are some aftermarket grip tape products specifically made for penny boards.

You can buy them separately and fit them onto your penny board later, just like you can do with a regular plain skateboard.


You can buy a ready-to-play penny board or build one yourself from necessary components like the main board, wheels, bearings, trucks, and grip tape.

Most manufacturers use 59mm wheels and 3-inch trucks made from high-quality aluminum for their 22 and 27-inch penny skateboards, while you should aim for the ABEC-7 tolerance for the bearings.

Going through this experience may also come in handy one day when you have to repair your penny board by buying a replacement part later.


Penny boards are made from plastic, but they’re still very durable if you can get the material right.

how much do penny board cost

Different penny boards can be built from different types of plastic

Many brands use their patented plastics that can last longer, like Globe, Naked, Annox, Sunset, and Penny, while nylon is the common material for cheaper penny boards.


So, how much does a penny board cost? For a quality board that could stay with you for several months to a year, ready to pay around $100-$120. This affordable price range is relatively cheaper than regular skateboards, making them very accessible for beginners of skateboarding in general.

They won’t help you much with learning fancy, complicated tricks. But you can still have an enjoyable time traveling around the town or on vacation with these small plastic boards.

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