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How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost? Detail Explanation

Electric skateboards are gradually becoming popular among modern youngsters. To cater to specific tastes, manufacturers launch many designs and models aimed at different customer groups. This, of course, leads to the diversity of price range.

Similar to other products, most people pay attention to the price when shopping for this item. How much does an electric skateboard cost? Stay tuned for the following parts and find out the answer. 

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How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost?

how much does an electric skateboard cost

The market offers consumers a variety of electric skateboard prices. Walking around Amazon, you can come across a few options for as little as $200. Meanwhile, some others are worth up to several thousand dollars.

Typically, popular products range between $400 and $2,000. The building parts, featured features, customer service, etc., determine this difference.

The table below covers some popular models to show the wide range of prices.


Price Range

Apsuboard V3


AeBoard Hornet Belt


Backfire G3 Plus


Bajaboard G4X

$3.599 – $5.199

Bioboards Thorium X4

$3500 – $4100

Evolve GTR


Exway X1 Pro


Hoyt St EL1


Kaly NYC Boards


Lycaon Swift


Lacroix Boards


Maxfind FF Plus


Meepo Mini 2




OneWheel Pint


ONSRA Black Carve


Revel Kit


Unlimited X Loaded Cruiser


Verreal Mini


WowGo AT2


Please note that the above information is approximate only. The manufacturer can continuously change them at any time. If you want a lower budget, time their sale for the best deal.

What Are The Cost Determining Factors Of An Electric Skateboard? 

As noted above, businesses consider many factors to price their products at a time. Minority cases aside, quality often goes hand in hand with price.

Sad to say, consumers have to bear some other business fees such as marketing or warranty. In other words, you pay a little for brand value. Here are the details for each element.

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This heaviest part of the skateboard accounts for the largest share of the manufacturing cost. This means that it strongly influences price volatility. A set of batteries ranges from $150 -$500.

Each battery pack usually consists of 10-30 smaller cells. The 18650 type is the most common type of battery that is also commonly found in flashlights, vaporizers, or RC cars.

The expensiveness of this item determines its life cycle. Proper storage allows you to use a single battery for up to 3 years. Besides, a high-quality one can last from 300-1000 times for a cycle of exhaustion and recharge. The larger the capacity, the fewer times it needs to be charged.

Another factor driving the electric skateboard prices is safety technology. Recently, a new feature appeared that changed the game. Lithium Iron Phosphate is a guarantee of quality.

In comparison, the most popular type - Lithium-ion, similar to that found in laptops and smartphones, recorded ignition incidents. Lithium polymer batteries bring powerful energy but are also more dangerous.

In short, it is worth paying a huge amount for productivity and life span.


This kit converts the juice from the battery into speed and motion for the skateboard’s operation. Energy is generated based on the principle of electromagnetism.

The industry favors dual ones whose prices fall into the range of several hundred dollars. Meanwhile, the single motor is usually in the range of $50-$300.

When considering motor efficiency, pay attention to the KV rating (also known as revolutions per minute -RPM). The medium-range 170 to 270 KV gives the best efficiency.


how much do electric skateboards cost

The board cannot work the right way without a deck. Most manufacturers now go for wooden decks but in different ways. 

The most common option is plywood which consists of several diagonally stacked pieces of wood with 7-9 layers. It creates a strong base and cushions when traveling over rough terrain.

Another popular choice is composite materials from flexible cloth and epoxy. These include Kevlar, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. These options are impact-resistant, lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant on the bright sides. 

It also allows manufacturers to modify different shapes and designs. However, these types of deck suffer from shakes quite a bit.

Board size and materials affect the fees of production. People who fall for wood pay between $30 and $200. In comparison, with a range of $200 to $500, you may find the synthetic types extremely expensive. In addition, you can add some customizations to reveal your personality. Of course, it costs you a little more.

Additional Parts

Besides the main details, there are also a few small parts that affect the overall feature of the skateboard. Undoubtedly, their cost adds to your budget. You may feel shocked to realize that their total price is a significant number.

For example, vans, whose drivetrain moves the wheels, cost $50-$200. Besides, ESC (electric speed controller) is from $30 to $280. You cannot help but spend your money because it works as the brain of the device. To communicate remotely with this unit, it is essential for the remote control unit with a price of $20 to $200. Finally, an indispensable detail - wheels range from $30 to $250 based on quality, size, durability, etc.

As you have seen, it is a significant addition to the cost of production after taking all of the above factors into account. To limit your budget, you should evaluate which features are most important and only focus on them.

Customer Service And Warranty

Every customer expects excellent service when they buy a product from a company. Sad to say, it is not a free kind. In other words, you have to pay to satisfy your needs.

So what generates these fees? In the simplest terms, a manufacturer pays professionals to guide and give you the best advice 24/7. Hence, they add this to the overall price.

Warranty is also another cost-determining factor. Like its cousin, customers who want long-term security must increase their budget. The higher the price, the more additional features.

Fortunately, companies today offer a wide variety of options to buyers. Your electric skateboard can come at an economical price with no warranties or limited conditions. Those who want more protection spend more on their choice.

Company Location

Taxes, quotas, or any additional fees may change the original price of the skateboard. For example, manufacturers in Europe must respond to the high demand for employee benefits. It leads to an additional cost compared to in China. Residents in tax havens often enjoy a lower standard of living than the rest of the country.

Consumer support for business interests, social activism, or ethical issues is a recent trend. They accept a higher price to create value for the community through their orders. Overall, it is a matter of personal choice.

Economy Of Scale

Mass production allows businesses to optimize productivity and costs. Sadly, electric skateboards are new on market with low demand. Manufacturers cannot produce a large volume of boards at the same time. Some experts see it as a niche product. Therefore, pricing failed to apply the advantage of scale.

Why Are Electric Skateboards Expensive?

how much does a electric skateboard cost

How much does an electric longboard cost? As soon as you find the answer, you find it much cheaper than the electronic ones. Some first-time buyers are shocked by this disparity. 

Most of the electronic components are at a premium price due to the advanced technology it brings. For example, just a single division (Li-Ion battery, electric motors, etc.) can cost more than a normal board. In addition, you also have to pay for special functions and assembly work. Several internal factors, such as marketing, customer care, warranties, etc., also affect the price.

Competition in the regular skateboard market is intense, which results in intense price comparisons. The opposite is happening in the electronic board market due to its small size. You have to pay a large amount to satisfy your current hobby for all the above factors.

However, we can count on stronger competition soon. The market is growing more and more, leading to good deals for customers.

What Mistakes To Avoid To Make An Electric Skateboard Worth Your Money?

An electric skateboard cuts your budget significantly. So, your purchase must be worth this huge investment. Be smart when shopping. If you experience this type for the first time, never make the mistakes below.

Inappropriate Wheels

Board lovers all agree that the wheel is the foundation of their device. It determines whether your experience is good or not. Neglecting quality can cost you dearly. Low-grade products may break down after just a few uses.

Cheap Material

No one can deny the importance of superior materials. The same goes for skateboards. Take your time on this issue to avoid serious accidents. Safety features should always come to your top of mind.

Most experienced people highly recommend the bamboo ones. It has high strength and flexibility. On the contrary, plastic skateboards are still controversial.

Sub-Standard Capacity

Make sure the board supports your body weight. Besides, it should remain the original performance, so you enjoy your rides for as long as possible.

Low Speed

Most skateboard enthusiasts derive real pleasure from speeding. Of course, they feel annoyed when their device fails to satisfy this preference. Or most simply, if you want to move quickly, find a board that can ensure high speed.

Wrong Size

This is a common mistake and has the biggest impact on your game. Remember to check the size carefully. No one wants to feel uncomfortable when their feet do not fit the board.

If the big board is not your true calling, quite the trend. Its bulkiness makes you miserable when getting on public transport.

Cheapest Electric Skateboards And Prices: Examples

how much is a electric skateboard cost

How much does an electric skateboard cost? It is hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer as the pricing depends on many factors. How about a budget-friendly option? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in!

Boosted Mini S - $749

Let’s start our list with a brand that guarantees lasting quality. And here is their cheaper model. Sadly, its capacity stats did not receive much positive feedback. 18mph (miles per hour) speed and 7 miles range - is it worth your money?

Skatebolt Tornado Pro – $599

A monster has come to your town at up to 25mph speed. It is a great improvement over the first option with its 22-mile range and 25% incline rate. You can experience 4-speed modes for every purpose.

On the downside, you may come across a few negative reviews about the battery and controller if you spend time reading the reviews.

Maxfind Max 4 - $529

This Chinese company can break the negative pressures on its products. Those are absolutely impressive numbers: 25mph max speed, 16-mile range, and a 30% incline rate.

Meepo V3 - $409

Here we go again with a Chinese manufacturer. Is it that they all offer impressive products? You can expect 28mph top speed and a 20-mile range at an incredibly economical price. The best part is good deals that appear continuously on popular e-commerce platforms.

Ownboard W1S – $369

The same quality as the leading companies like Evolve or Boosted but cheaper? That's how we describe the underrated brand. An expensive product often goes hand in hand with good capabilities. This is true, but not for this model. Buy it right now and experience great features.

Blitzart Hurricane Electric - $289

If you look for products under $300, go for Blitzart, which often services its customers with good deals. Here is one of the popular models that stays on the Christmas gifts list of most parents. 

However, some people get frustrated with its board and remote connection. In short, it is not excellent, but not terrible either.

RazorX - $150

We have never expected to come across this ridiculously low price. It is a beneficial discount for Amazon shoppers. However, you must lower your standards if you decide to own this product.

Most buyers complement its performance in the first 1-2 weeks. After that, they reported its spoilage. It is best to consider carefully before taking further actions.


How much does an electric skateboard cost? This article has just given you a full explanation. As mentioned above, this device is a huge investment if you look for superior quality and a long lifespan. Remember that your payments give you a longer-term commitment.

We hope that our advice can benefit your shopping as a final word. Do not forget to check out our examples to save your budget.

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