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How To Apply Grip Tape On A Skateboard?

Any avid skateboarder would agree that the skateboard is their badge of honor. As such, having a unique-looking deck can help you stand out in a crowd! One of the best ways to customize your board is through grip tapes.

For that reason, we have conducted a guide on how to apply grip tape on a skateboard with ease.

how to apply grip tape to skateboard

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Grip Tapes

Below are some important tools you should have for the job:

  • The skateboard you want to apply

  • A piece of grip tape

  • A utility knife

  • A flat file

  • A skate tool (If you do not have it, any Philips head screwdrivers would be fine)

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How To Put Grip Tape On A Skateboard

Contrary to popular belief, it is rather simple to apply grip tape yourself at home. Below are the steps in order:

Step 1: Arrange Your Skateboard

  • Place your skateboard on a smooth, flat surface. This might be the floor or a tabletop.

  • Remove the old griptape from the deck. While you can peel it with your hands, using a hairdryer is more effective. Carefully and slowly pull it away from the deck. If you are too harsh, the tape could shred and split, and the task becomes even more difficult.

  • Wipe your skateboard thoroughly. Remove any dirt or debris from the deck to avoid damaging the adhesion. It should be spotless so that your new grip tape can stay on your skateboard for a longer duration.

how to apply grip tape on a skateboard

A Clean Wooden Skateboard

Step 2: Fasten Your Tape

Position The Grip Tape

  • Place the griptape in the middle of your skateboard deck. Begin by aligning the tape with the board to ensure that it is the right length and will not be stuck on unsteadily.

  • Make sure the grip surface is longer and broader than your deck. There is no need to worry about excess parts, as you can trim them away after you finish. If your grip has a unique design, position it to your liking.

how to apply grip tape on a skateboard

Position grip tape

Remove The Sticky Adhesive

Place the paper cover close to one end of the board, then peel it back a few inches. Remember to apply pressure and push down along the board length. This way, you are not only aligning the tape but also smoothen out any air bubbles underneath.

Smooth Out The Tape

Should there be sizable bubbles on the tape, they might cause wrinkles. To fix this, carefully pull back on the grip tape to clear them. Make sure that the glue does not adhere to other surfaces.

Check For Flaws

Unless you're leaving the wooden deck exposed in certain spots for decorative purposes, ensure the grip tape reaches the whole surface.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Covering The Sides

After the grip tape sticks to your board, you can notice the spare bits at the edges. This is when your file comes in handy. Scrape the sides of the board until the grip tape forms a white edge, overlapping the sides of your board.

how to apply grip tape on skateboard

How The Edges Should Look After Filing

Trim Excess Tape

  • Now is the hardest part: cutting the chunks of tape that are sticking out. Because most conventional boards have curved edges, you'll want to cut the tape past the two ends of the board.

  • One tip we have for you is to try long and steady cutting motions. Doing so and you are less likely to get uneven cuts.

Creates Truck Holes

  • This step is only necessary if you have not assembled the trucks into your deck or you want to replace them. Grab your screwdriver and create eight holes in the griptape for the truck screws to go through.

  • One trick to make this process easier is to get a truckless deck of the same size and mark the location of the holes with a paint marker.

how to put grip tape on a skateboard

Create Truck Holes On The Grip Tape

Add Decorations

  • Last but not least, put some finishing touches on your board to make it your own. Either stickers or permanent markers would work magic to give the skateboard a new lease of life!

  • Beware that putting too many stickers can make the tape lose its grip on your feet. We suggest you only stick decals on the underside of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions many people have while they browse through our guide, and we are here to solve them!

What Is Grip Tape?

Grip tape is a grippy, rigid coating with a similar texture to coarse sandpaper. It sticks to the top of a skate deck and increases the grip of the board. This is especially apparent when you are skating at high speed.

Skaters commonly carve designs into their grip tape before putting it on their boards. While these patterns give their board a unique look, they also act as markers to help users distinguish the deck's front and back sides.

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Do I Need Grip Tape On My Skateboard?

Grip tape is an important element of any skateboard setup, professionals and newbies alike. It gives you the extra grip you need to stay on the board, especially while executing tricks.


And that was our instructions on how to apply grip tape on a skateboard. We write every step from our own experience, so anyone can do it with relative ease.Thank you for reading, and we hope that you can give your board a new look through our guide.

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