How To Be A Skater Girl? A Starter Pack For Your Experience

Having a passion for skateboarding but getting confused about the starting point is a common problem for beginners. Before learning skating skills and tricks, you need to learn to dress and behave like a skater.

We are here to help you out with detailed information on how to be a skater girl. If you consider our suggestions and make changes every day, you will achieve a well-deserved look and cool lifestyle like a skater girl. Lets get started!

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What Do You Need To Be A Skater Girl?

Changing Your Style Like A Skater Girl

Skate T-Shirts

Start learning how to look like a skater girl with the change in your taste of clothes. Graphic or grunge T-shirts are a must-have for any skater girl.

You need to show your spirits and self-color by wearing your favorite designs with dope images on your clothes. As a major element of this style, oversized T-shirts with amazing prints on them will bring your outfit a new level of skating fashion.

how to be a skater girl

For cooler months, you can mix and match your outfit by wearing T-shirts with other pieces of clothing. For example, a cool military T-shirt will go well with an underneath white long sleeves.

Skate Hoodies

If graphic T-shirts upgrade your skater style in the summer, hoodies will be a girls best friend when skating in cold weather. Hoodies will complete your chic look with comfort and flexibility, allowing you to skate and perform any skating trick without feeling constricted.

These items also do good as a soft padding cover to avoid unwanted injuries while riding a skateboard. It is recommended to choose those with bright colors to make winter days less dull and gloomy.

how to become a skater girl

Hoodies Style For Skateboarding

Skate Pants

Pants play an important part in ensuring your comfort when you go skateboarding. To perform creative movements, you have to bend down, flip over, or jump up. Thats why a pair of comfortable and long pants will live up to your expectations.

There are many options for you to choose from, allowing you to freely opt for the choice that says your characteristic. A pair of sporty pants or loose-fitting baggy pants will be a perfect match for the convenience of moving your legs.

how to look like a skater girl

Comfortable Skateboard Pants

Skate Jeans

When you are swamped with various options of pants, a pair of blue jeans never goes wrong! It is one of the easiest pieces of clothing that can go well with all kinds of tops. To dress more like a stylish skater girl, go for loose-fitting jeans or high-waisted denim.

how do you become a skater girl

Skateboard Jeans

Skate Shorts

If your living area is in a hot climate or the weather is getting scorching in the summer, denim shorts are ideal as the alternative to long-skate jeans. Modern skater girls will wear blue shorts with a crop top or tank top in bright colors like purple or red for a cool look.

how to be an skater girl

Wear Shorts For Skating

Skate Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is essential to your unforgettable skating experience. One of the most iconic skate brands is Vans Old Skool, which has a retro and aesthetic feel suitable for a skater girl.

Vans offers you durable suede and canvas uppers in diverse fashionable colorways, giving you cool yet comfy sneakers for riding a skateboard.

Another incredible choice is to wear the Converse All Stars, either in high tops or low tops. The authentic chunky and flat sole style will give you the most stable position on the skateboard.

how to be a cool skater girl

Skateboard Sneakers

It is highly recommended to wear your skater shoes with tall socks in plain color or with colorful patterns for more attraction.

Skate Accessories

Accessories are the last missing part of the How to Become a Skater Girl puzzle. There are some cool ways for you to make your outfit have a more authentic skater feel.

You should wear a beanie, bucket hat, or cap on your head to avoid having your hair in your view and look more fashionable. Wearing sunglasses will satisfy your need for shielding from dust and debris. It also helps add more chic vibes to your skating outfit.

what do you need to be a skater girl

Cool Accessories For Girls

Changing Your Action And Attitude Like A Skater Girl

Make Friends With Skaters

Socializing with other skaters within your local community will help you improve yourself through skateboarding and learning new tricks from them.

When you are at the skatepark, make friends with other skaters. Dont be shy to be the conversation opener and break the ice when you first meet a new friend. Feel free to share with them your journey of becoming a skate girl. Its a good way to get to know others and have fun while riding a skateboard.

how to be a skater girl

Meet New Skater Friends

Go Skateboarding With Friends

If you are worried about being the only girl at the skatepark, ask a friend who shares the same hobby to ride with you. When you ride a skateboard with your friends, you will find the motivation to keep up with the practice routine.

Going skateboarding with your friends also helps you with new tricks that you will have difficulty learning yourself. Its a lot more fun to have a skater squad accompanying and encouraging you to improve yourself day by day.

how to become a skater girl

Skate With Your Friends

Go To Skateparks Regularly

Theres nothing better to act like a skater girl than visiting skateparks frequently. It is advisable to set aside your time and have a thorough plan for practicing at the park.

Not only do you practice your own skating skills, but you also have a chance to meet other skaters and watch them perform their wonderful skateboarding tricks.

There is a wide range of skateparks with different types of obstacles and ramps, allowing you to practice skating no matter what level you are at. You had a better search on the city map to locate the most suitable skatepark based on your personal preference to have a great time skating there.

how to be skater girl

Keep Practicing At The Skatepark

Learn Tricks From Pro Skaters

When youre at the skatepark or hanging out with your skate friends, you will have a chance to meet other pro skaters. If you are sociable and know how to keep good relationships within the skating community, you can learn new techniques and cool tricks to improve your skills.

Going to professional competitions is also a great way to become a real skater. It would be best to follow brilliant skaters and watch their cool performances. Theres no better opportunity than these occasions to learn difficult movements and apply them to your skating style.

how to be an skater girl

Go To Pro Competitions To Learn New Skills

Defend Yourself From Critics

Most people dont understand the beauty of skateboarding, and they often make biased judgments about skaters, especially skate girls. For that reason, you may feel uncomfortable showing off your skills in public areas.

In such situations, it would be best to be confident and directly defend yourself against toxic comments. Remember that everyone has the right to pursue a different dream, and theres nothing wrong with riding a skateboard when you are a girl. Stand tall, be strong, and never let others comments prevent you from enjoying skateboarding.

how do you become a skater girl

Stay confident, girls!


After reading the article, we hope you will have the best idea of how to be a skater girl and get yourself some helpful tips to rock the game. Theres no need to rush; you can gradually change your style of clothes and your actions in the skateboarding journey.

You may find it challenging at first; however, you can overcome all difficulties if you keep up your spirits and have faith in yourself. The aftermath of the transformation will surprise you, and you will realize that its worth changing and learning!

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