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Tips On How Do I Become More Confident In Skateboarding?

If you have confidence in skateboarding, you can slide your skateboard everywhere without fear of being chastised. Confidence also assists you in practicing a technique consistently until you master it.

That’s why we’re here to solve the “how do I become more confident in skateboarding?” puzzle.

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How To Ride Your Skateboard With Self-Assurance

Here comes our mental game lesson. Let’s learn some tips and tricks on how to deal with a lack of confidence in skating!

How do I become more confident in skateboarding

Have Faith In Yourself

You’ve been skating for a long time and are familiar with the fundamentals. Tell yourself that you’ve already done more complicated techniques than this one and that falling doesn’t necessarily sting so terribly.

Just do it, and you’ll be fine! Practice it a few times without landing and persuade yourself that you’ve got it down.

Make Certain You’re Ready

Maybe your instincts are correct; you’re not ready to perform amazing tricks smoothly. Make sure that you are prepared, have the necessary skills, and have all the confidence to succeed.

how to be confident skateboarding

Confident to skateboard

When you grasp the basics, feel comfortable riding, and have good balance, then go for it. You can gradually increase your trust in nailing challenging tricks and stunts by using the following examples of beginner tricks:

  • Dropping in: It is among the terrifying first-time experiences. Find smaller and shorter ramps to start with and train there initially. Then gradually switch to higher ramps.
  • Ollies: First, practice on the grass or the carpet in your house.
  • Downhill riding: Skating down the hill might be a scary experience. Begin with modest slopes and gradually walk your way up.
  • Jumping off-ramps: It could be exciting; however, if you do not understand how to land correctly, the journey can be painful. Kickstart with riding off of lesser edges, such as curbs, then move up the ladder.

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Concentrate Only On Yourself

If someone is trying to support your development, they would never point out your flaws but will instead give you helpful advice on enhancing your talent. You should pay attention to them.

Whereas some individuals will always criticize you or recommend that you stop skating, ignore them. There are even some nasty skateboarders who constantly want people to stay away from the skate park so that they may enjoy it with no interruptions.

Skate spots are public spaces, and they must understand that it’s for everyone, not just a person or a group of individuals. Therefore, you should skate there without a doubt. Unfortunately, this is a prevalent attitude that seasoned skaters have toward newcomers.

Our goal is to grow the skateboarding community. Therefore, if you notice someone acting like this, ignore that class of people and continue skating at your favorite skate spot.

how to be more confident skateboarding

Doing Skateboard Trick

Falling To Reduce Fear

Falling may sound strange, but it helps boost confidence in skating. Each time you fail, you grow a little better. Your body begins to understand what it should not do.

how to be more confident skateboarding

Falling to reduce fear

You may also try falling. For instance, if you’d like to skate on ramps but also are frightened of losing in, sprint up the edge of the ramp, then drop to the knees; you’ll need knee protectors for this.

Run up, bend your knees, and slip back down. Therefore, if you fall when dropping in, you’ll know what to do to get back up. It will assist in alleviating your anxiety.

Practice Everyday

Skateboarding, similar to any other activity, needs daily practice to raise your comfort level on the board and progress more rapidly.

how to be confident skateboarding

Practice everyday

If you have only recently begun skating, maintain training for at least a week. You may take your skateboard to slide anywhere, such as the city center, your school campus, parks, or along the streets.

Please continue to practice whatever technique you are fascinated with, but make sure to take it in small steps to avoid injury.

Get Involved In A Skateboard Community

Regardless of where you reside, try to locate a skateboard group in your area and become active.

how to be confident skateboarding

Skateboarding Community

It not only allows you to make new acquaintances and get new experiences in this sport, but it also boosts your self-confidence, at least in your immediate surroundings. Once you’ve done it, you’ll get better and better with practice.

To that end, we strongly advise you to visit any local skate shops or a skateboarding group at your school. They are venues where you most likely meet lots of other skaters.

These organizations will undoubtedly warmly welcome you as a member because they are always eager to spread the word about this enjoyable and appealing sport with as many people as possible.

Skate With Friends

Skateboarding is a solitary activity, but it doesn’t mean you must do it alone the whole day. In your spare time, you can get together with your buddies and enjoy the day skating all around the streets. It isn’t very comfortable the first day you go skateboarding, especially if you’re at the beginner level.

Skating with your friends allows you to share your knowledge, discover new things from them and have much more pleasure. The essential thing would be that skating with friends motivates you to study and practice and gain confidence.

It not only makes skateboarding more thrilling, but it also helps you feel more secure and protected.

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided you with several practical ideas in this post to assist you in becoming a confident skateboarder. We hope you will see how it works with your fear of skateboarding if you use any or all of our tips.

If you think we’ve missed something, please let us know in the comment section. Or, if you’re having problems with your skateboards and looking for solutions, we’re always here to help.

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