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How To Change The Bearings On A Skateboard? [Ultimate DIY Idea]

If you run your skateboard or longboard for a period, you might see the skate hubs wear out easily, especially in humid conditions. 

So, how to change the bearings on a skateboard? Can you mend them yourself or do you need to replace the nasty ones? The answer you are looking for is right below!

This article will provide the DIY method on how to change skate bearings in such a simple way. Let’s see!

Why Should Change The Bearings On A Skateboard?

Pushing will become much more difficult as your wheel’s hubs deteriorate. It may put the line between landing a trick and bailing out. 

The most crucial thing to remember is that current hubs are potentially hazardous. If a shield fails and your wheel’s hubs move, your wheels will become blocked, resulting in a dangerous tumble.

Sharp metal debris penetrating the core might potentially harm your wheel. Ceramic bearings or steel bearings are not very expensive, but replacing a pair of hubs and wheels can be costly. 

Sadly, you cannot buy a single hub; you’ll have to buy an entirely new set. If you need one, look around to see if anyone has a backup at an affordable price. This way will save you some bucks.

What Do You Need To Change The Bearings? 

how to change the bearings on a skateboard

Longboard Hubs

First thing first, you will need to prepare these tools:

  • A razor blade (to snap off the bearing shields) or a rubber shield (depending on hub type) is useful for the bearing cleaning process.
  • Nail polish remover, isopropyl alcohol, or acetone 
  • Paper towel, dry towel, or tissues
  • Skate tool
  • Bones Speed Cream

How To Replace Skateboard Bearings?

how to change bearings skateboard

Changing The Bearings

#1. Install Bearings

Place the dry and clean bearing into the wheel first. The majority of steel models feature colorful bearing shields on only one side. This side should be facing out. 

how to change skate bearings

Install Bearings

The quality bearing will not fit entirely into your wheel; it will be excessively tight. As a result, install the skate hub into your wheel. 

Add pressure to the metal rim outside of the bearing with spacers as you press it down the hole. Do not push upon the shield or even the center of the hub. It would be best if you pressed it down parallelly to the edge of the wheel. 

Rep this procedure with the remaining eight hubs, each wheel’s side for one hub. Place one of these bearing spacers in each skate or longboard wheel between the new bearings if you’re using them.

#2. Replace Washers

This is an extra step. Innovative skateboarders use bearing cleaners to reduce friction and allow their wheels to rotate quicker. If you’re not using a bearing cleaner, move along to the next stage. 

Washers are little metal rings that go on the inside and outer bearing. Put a washer on the truck axle before putting the wheel on. Add another washer after you have slipped the wheel into position.

#3. Place The Wheels In Their Proper Positions

How To Change The Bearings On A Skateboard (Helpful Tips)

Place The Wheels In Their Proper Positions

Place the wheels on the axle trucks once all of the steel bearings have been installed. It’s entirely up to you whether the graphical side of the wheels is facing out or not. 

Then, on your truck’s end, install an inserted half-inch nylon lock nut. If trucks do not come with a longboard axle nut, go to a neighborhood store or a bearing closet and buy a package of four. Every wheel must be positioned as shown in the illustration.

#4. Gently Tighten Your Wheels

Tighten every single nut gently with your bearing tool or a wrench. The ceramic skates will be pushed further into your wheels as a result of this. Bear in mind that you should not spin the axle nuts too fast or too hard, or your hubs will be damaged. 

Tighten the axle with the truck nut until you feel snug, then come to a halt. Don’t over tighten them; you want them to fit snugly and to have finished spinning. 

how to change the bearings on a skateboard

Gently Tighten Your Wheel

#5. Adjust The Screws 

Here is the trick: once you have tightened the nuts and sunk all of the skateboard bearings into position, you will need to loosen it up a bit. Loosen it, then wiggle the skate wheel back and forth a little on the trucks. 

You only need a little bit of play to get a sense of it. When you move the wheel sideways, you need it to create a little clicking sound.


After reading this article, you must have a better understanding of how to change the bearings on a skateboard. 

Replacing the dirty or broken bearings of the wheels with other high-quality ones is a regular process for many high-performance skaters.

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