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How To Choose A Skateboard? – Useful Tips From Scratch For You

Nowadays, skateboarding has become a popular activity among youngsters for the purpose of relaxing and commuting. That’s why there are more and more skaters who want to know how to choose a skateboard.

The article below will provide you with some useful tips and information for choosing the right riding board. Let’s get started!

How To Choose An Ideal Skateboard?

Consider Budgets Spent On Skateboard

There are hundreds of skateboard types available on the market with attractive designs and cutting-edge features for people at any skating level to choose from. It means that skateboards will come at a diverse range of prices, allowing you to freely pick the best one for your needs.

The average price for a skateboard is about $100. The price will go higher or lower based on the features and functions the product can serve you. The more modern the board is, the more expensive it costs and vice versa.

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Consider Skateboarding Purposes And Locations

Thinking about your skating purposes and locations will help you answer how to pick the right skateboard. These factors will directly affect your skateboarding experience, so you have to consider them carefully.

how to choose the right skateboard

Consider skateboards carefully

Street skating for your daily commutes like cruiser skateboards will differ from a board for professional skaters like the freeride longboarding. If you want to learn more technical tricks with your skateboard, go for the freestyle longboards.

Each model type will work well with each riding purpose, so it is important to consider your purposes before purchasing.

When riding a skateboard, you should avoid crowded streets or pedestrian paths to ensure that you don’t disturb others’ activities. A quiet neighborhood or your house’s backyard will be an ideal place for practicing and skating confidently without the worry of injuring someone.

how to choose a skateboard

Skateboarding location

It would be best to ride your board in a skatepark. This is a specialized area built for the use of skateboarding at high speeds, so you can freely take a ride here.

Decide A Complete Skateboard Or A Custom Board

When it comes to choosing a skateboard, there are two options for you: complete skateboards and custom ones.

With the choice of buying a complete skateboard, you can let your hair down and enjoy riding with a well-designed model by skillful designers. A pre-assembled skateboard with all included components will save your time on setting things up on your own.

how to choose your first skateboard

Complete skateboard

Another option is to customize a board according to your personal preference. With this option, you need to have a set of tools and painters to design a unique skateboard deck for yourself. You will rely on your creativity and meticulousness to finish the best skateboard with the right size.

Besides, you will need to purchase each part of a skateboard separately and follow the instruction book carefully to assemble it.

Decide A Longboard Or A Shortboard

When you want to choose a board, one of the most important categories you need to consider is the type of your favorite model. This factor will make it easier to answer the question, “what size skateboard should I get?”.

A board with great deck width will help you keep balance while riding, giving you an unforgettable experience. A perfect longboard often has a length from 42 inches to 50 inches. This type of longboard is suitable for beginners because the deck length is generous for more stability.

how to choose a good skateboard


A shortboard will offer a length of about 34 inches, helping young skaters to ride it without difficulties. The short length will make it easier to control your speed and movement with a great brake system.

Check Parts Of A Good Skateboard

All excellent boards share some similarities in terms of specific parts. Take a closer look at all the parts to make the right decision and find the right board for your needs.

The deck plays an important part in shaping the board size because it is the part that directly contacts your feet. A skateboard with a suitable deck size will do you good when it comes to street skateboarding. The grip tape at the top of the deck will provide a better grip for you to feel safe and stable when skating.

how to pick the right skateboard

Skateboard decks

While trucks allow the board to turn and stop without difficulties, flexible skateboard wheels allow the product to roll and move smoothly in each ride. You should pay extra care to the bearings that fit inside the skateboard wheels to allow them to spin freely.

how to choose your skateboard

Wheels Of Skateboard

The hardware part includes both nuts and bolts to help hold the trucks well. It will ensure that the trucks stick to the deck tightly for your best performance.


After reading the article, we hope that you will find out how to choose a skateboard and gain knowledge of some helpful tips to pick the best home.

Learning how to choose the right skateboard requires you to pay attention to every aspect and think about your optimal benefit when having a right board. It’s time for you to make up your mind and opt for the best choice after considering all the great suggestions.

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