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How To Kickturn On A Skateboard For Beginners In 4 Steps

To perform a precise kickturn, you will need a balance stance combined with steady navigation of your movements. By utilizing these skills, you’ll know how to kickturn on a skateboard properly and level up to more advanced tricks.

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Understanding The Basics

When you do a kickturn, you will focus balance on the back wheels, then direct the board nose to the side of your toes or heels. Aside from a good balance, nailing a kickturn requires the right posture and a suitable practice environment.

Maintain Your Balance

how to kickturn on a skateboard

Practicing Balance Exercise Builds Great Momentum For A Successful Kickturn

The key to staying in balance is proactive control of your footing and upper body. Start by positioning your dominant foot across the board tail while placing the other just above the front wheels. Bend your knees slightly to ensure you have the center of gravity.

Next, adjust your shoulders to stay parallel with the deck. Create pressure with your back foot while lifting the front foot slowly. This action will raise the board’s nose. Practice these steps in sequence until you are familiar with the motion with no shaky arms and legs.

Posture For A Kickturn

Body posture plays a vital role in how to do a kick turn on a skateboard when you are strolling. The first factor to remember is your upper body movements determine the board’s direction. Next, always bend your knees before shifting weight on your back foot.

how to do kick turn skateboard

Skateboard Kickturn

Steady breathing also maintains the center of balance. This practice removes bad habits such as swinging arms, which helps you stay on the board. It is best to relax your arm muscles while maintaining a balance stance.


We recommend a spacious area with flat ground and no ramp for safe practice. You can choose anywhere from the driveway, backyard to the basic skateboard park. Once you have mastered kickturn on the flat surface, you are ready to move on to the mini ramp.

how to kickturn on a skateboard

Skateboarding Location

For first-time skateboarders, the carpet in the living room is great for keeping the skateboard wheels in place. Make sure you have a short time gap between practicing on the carpet to the street since the carpet is an overprotective environment.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Kickturn On A Skateboard

In the following section, you will find 4 easy steps to practice this trick right on the spot:

  • Step 1: Start with a duck walk

  • Step 2: Frontside kickturn

  • Step 3: Backside kickturn

  • Step 4: Tic tac kickturn

Start With Duck Walk

how to kick turn skateboard

Get Familiar With Your Board Via A Duck Walk Exercise

Duck walk improves your overall control of the skateboard, from direction to foot position. As the name suggests, the objective of this step is to learn to walk forward with your board.

First, get yourself into the balance stance, this time with the front foot on the board nose. Then, focus weight on your back foot and move the front foot forward at the same time.

Be careful to keep both feet on the skateboard deck throughout the process. Make sure your upper body is stable to avoid the wheels moving to the side.

Repeat the process until you can walk on the board with ease and get used to shifting weight from one foot to the other. A high-quality skateboard from this list of best skateboard brands will help you master duck walks safely.

Frontside Kickturn

how to do a kick turn on a skateboard

Better Control Over The Back Foot Makes A Seamless Kickturn

Now that you have pulled off the duck walk, it’s time to learn the first kickturn style. In short, a frontside kickturn directs the board to the side of your toes.

Once you are in the regular skateboarding stance, turn your upper body to your toe side while bending your knees. Keep your arms steady, then put weight on the back foot until you reach the right timing to lift the front foot. Then, push the toes of your back foot on the board nose immediately.

A simple exercise you can try out is doing frontside kick turns in a circle. This practice supports you in identifying flaws in body movement.

Backside Kickturn

how to do a kick turn on a skateboard

Backside Kickturn

Similar to the previous step, start by getting into the balance stance. For this kickturn style, orient your upper body to your heel side. Bend your knees, then focus pressure on your back foot. When you have lifted the front foot, use your heels to put extra weight on the board, and you will turn backside.

Skateboarders tend to struggle with how to kick turn skateboard backward since it is more challenging to control the heels than the toes. It is advisable to use safety gear such as helmets, arm and knee guards during backside turn practice.

Tic Tac Kickturn

how to do kick turn skateboard

A Good Tic Tac Kickturn Helps You Stroll Effortlessly

Tic Tac kickturn is generally a combination of frontside turns and backside turns. You will perform a sequence of these kick turns at a fast speed. Once you are in motion, push extra weight on the back foot to move the board forward.

With this trick, you won’t have to rely on your foot pushing off the ground to keep the board moving at a comfortable speed.


Similar to any other skill, it is best to practice this basic skateboard trick until it becomes a second nature before stepping up your game. A common mistake for professionals is they tend to neglect this trick, resulting in a longer duration to switch between tricks.

It is recommended that you have quick kickturns at the right timing to have full control of your tricks. We hope you can enjoy skateboarding with this article!

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