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How To Fall On A Skateboard? – Minimize The Injuries

Want to learn how to fall on a skateboard correctly to minimize serious injuries? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you with this article!

For experienced skateboarders, instead of wondering how not to fall off the skateboard, the right question to ask is how to fall on a skateboard correctly.

Indeed, any skateboarder who has spent a decent amount of time on the street will eventually come to the point of accepting falling as an inevitable part of skating.

There is no way you will be able to prevent falls from happening, but you can equip yourself with some basic tricks and tips to make the experience less painful.

This article will show you safe landing strategies during a fall to boost your confidence in trying out new skateboarding tricks.

how to fall on a skateboard

Falling Is Unavoidable In Skating

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Most Common Kinds Of Skateboard Falls

Knowing the most common ways of falling will help you adjust the body posture accordingly upon landing, therefore optimally protecting your body.

how to fall off a skateboard

Each Falling Type Requires Different Protective Body Posture


Fumbling is the most common error when practicing skateboarding. The injuries this type causes are the least serious and preventable. It happens when you find yourself gradually losing balance on your feet, but things still stay under control.


It happens when you find yourself getting slightly out of control with the movement of the board. Sometimes, the losing of balance might make you get on your knees, but most the time you will manage to stand up on the board again.

how to fall on a skateboard


This type of falling is less predictable and harder to control compared to the previous one. However, it still spares you a fair amount of time to defend yourself.


This falling type happens when you completely lose the balance, fall off the board, and slam yourself on the ground.

You want to stay away from slamming on the ground as much as you can since this falling type is the worst case to happen when skateboarding. It is completely unpredictable, and the fall might happen too quickly for you to take any action.

how to fall properly on a skateboard

Slamming Is The Most Unpredictable And Causes More Serious Injuries

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How To Fall Properly On A Skateboard

In this part, let’s look closer at how you can fall safely on a skateboard and make a fall less dangerous. No matter what skateboard tricks you’re performing, make sure to protect your head, arms, and legs.

Make Sure To Protect The Head

When you fall off the skateboard, your fragile head will be exposed the most to the iron-hard, flat surfaces of the ground. For that reason, protecting your head needs to be an utmost priority when any accident happens.

how to fall correctly on a skateboard

Protect head

If you pay more attention to how advanced skaters deal with falls, you can notice they all share the same head posture. Specifically, their heads are always facing upward no matter in which position they will land on the ground.

If the falling position makes it hard for you to keep your head up, you can use your arms to protect the head. For instance, when you fall forward, your face will head toward the ground. It would be best to use two lower arms to create a circle to embrace your head.

On the other hand, if you fall backward, the back of your head will be more vulnerable to injuries.Hence, it is advisable to use your arms to fully cover the back of the head to lessen the pain.

Keep Your Arms And Legs Safe

Even though your arms and legs are less fragile and hard to get injured than the head area, they tend to be the parts that endure the most impact when any skating falls happen.

Also, skaters often use their arms and legs to protect themselves as an instinct upon impact. It can lead to more severe injuries for these body parts than it should be.

For that reason, it would help to wear safety gear on the most vulnerable parts of your arms and legs. Cotton, flexible shielding elbow, ankle, and knee pads will suffice to mitigate skateboarding injuries tremendously.

how to fall on skateboard

Wearing Protective Gear Is The Best Way To Reduce The Severity Of Skateboard Falls

Besides that, equipping yourself with some protective landing strategies might help to reduce the severity of your arms and legs’ injuries. These are some of the most helpful posture that you can practice at home:

  • Roll to land on your back and shoulder: These body parts can be a great support to the body weight when you land on the ground. For that reason, this posture will minimize the pressure on your arms and legs.

  • The Ninja roll: When you fall to the ground, try to keep your shoulder towards the landing direction while covering your chin with your chest. Next, roll forward with the force of your back and feet.

The Bottom Line

Our post on how to fall on a skateboard has eventually come to an end. It has been a pleasure sharing this useful piece of information to help you better protect yourself when skating.

To land safely on the ground, your first instinct should be to protect your head and to minimize common injuries on the arms and legs as much as you can.

Above all, make sure you put on all the necessary protective gear. Wearing a fitting helmet can significantly reduce the severity of the head’s injuries. Besides that, don’t forget to protect your elbows, knees, and ankles with pads.

Take care, and we will see you in our next post!

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