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Finding The Best Skateboarding Stance For You

Skateboarders, like snowboarders, surfers, and other board sports enthusiasts, may ride with a standard or goofy posture. They should select the best skateboarding stance that is most comfortable for them when skating.

Foot Position On Skateboard

foot position skateboard

Foot position on skateboard

Foot placing ensures that your feet are in the right places to apply pressure before performing the feat. Although the difference in foot preference is typically little (less than one inch), if you change grip tapes without making the tiny adjustment, you will fall more.

To evenly distribute your weight, it is best to position your feet under the shoulders. And your stance will determine which foot to place at the front of the skateboard.

Now, let’s discover some popular stances when skateboarding.

What Are The Two Most Common Skating Stances?

skateboarding stance


After choosing the best skateboard, the next step to start the skateboarding journey is to decide your stance. There are two common stances: goofy-footed and regular-footed. These postures are determined from birth, similar to whether you are born right-handed or left-handed.

Some individuals are born with goofy feet, while others are born with standard feet. Even if it’s their first time, you can tell whether someone is a goofy rider or normal stance rider the moment they get on the skateboard.

Goofy Skateboard Stance

goofy skate stance

Goofy stance

The phrase “goofy-footed” simply refers to skating with your right foot in front and your left foot towards the tail. This stance does not imply that you skate unusually or that you seem to be on a skateboard.

A goofy stance utilizes the left foot to pop the tail and the right foot as the kicking foot while feats.

Regular Skateboard Stance

regular skateboard stance

Regular stance

Normal posture is the polar opposite of a goofy stance. A skater in a natural stance places their left foot near the nose and right foot towards the skateboard’s tail.

A regular-footed skater uses the right to pop and the left to flick or slide for flip tricks.

How To Know You Have Goofy Or Normal Foot?

goofy skateboard stance

If you’re new to skateboarding and want to know whether you’re goofy or have a regular footed stance, all you have to do is hop on the board. Before you do that, we want to caution you not to push Mongo; this will cause you to get confused about how to ride correctly.

What does it mean to “push mongo”? This means that when pushing, you place your standing foot on the rear of the board. So, if you’re a beginner skater, this is the easiest method to determine whether you’re goofy or regular.

Just note that there is no correct skateboard stance. It all depends on your body posture and preference.

Push around a couple of times after you’ve gotten on the board. You are goofy footed if you push with your left foot on the ground, and you are regularly footed if you push with your right foot on the ground.

If you ask, there is no specialized skateboard for goofy or regular stance. But you should choose a high-quality one from the best skateboard brands for safety and durability.

Other Skateboard Stances

There are different skateboard stances than the two common ones above.

Switch Stance

On a skateboard, you simply switch to the opposite of your normal posture. A switch is the most difficult among other alternatives.

It’s the same as attempting to hit a right-handed batter with a left-handed bat. A switch trick is when you are goofy footed and perform a trick in standard stances.

Nollie Stance

When you ride toward the front of the board, it’s called Nollie Position. Use your front foot for popping the nose rather than your rear foot to pop the tail. Your front foot will be your pop foot, while your rear foot will be your kick foot.


Some skaters struggle to decide what is the best skateboarding stance for them. Goofy and regular footed are the two common stances. You can decide your dominant foot stance with our guide above.

Continue skating in whatever direction you choose. Once you’ve got a solid handle on skating, you’ll want to attempt a riding switch, which is riding in the other direction of your preferred stance.

Skateboarding sounds so challenging at first that you think only adults can do the tricks. But in fact, this sport welcomes all ages if you want your child to take up it. And the best skateboard for kids can assist your children in making the first step to this practicing journey.

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