How To Get Back Into Skateboarding After Injuries Or Long Breaks

Anyone taking a long break from skateboarding faces some physical and mental hurdles finding their way back to the sport.

But rest assured; returning to your old board is not as challenging as you imagine. Check out this article to know how to get back into skateboarding at an old age or after getting injured.

Is It Too Late To Get Back Into Skateboarding?

Life happens, and many things occupy your timetable until there’s no place for such a pastime. Yet, you still visualize how you grind the rail or ollie over an obstacle since they’ve ingrained in your mind.

There’s no reason why not go for it when you desperately want to experience these moments once again.

how to get back into skateboarding

You’re Never Too Old To Learn Skateboarding

It’s not uncommon to find stories where people skated as a child and a teenager before picking up the sport again in their 40s or even 50s. There is no strict age limit for skateboarding, as long as your body is healthy enough to skate.

But don’t get us wrong; we do not mean that you’ll get to the same level back in your glory days. Age and life responsibilities pose a barrier to how hardcore you want to get, and injuries will take you more time to heal.

Skateboarding is a way to challenge yourself and keep you young physically and at heart, and there’s nothing that can hold you back from the game.

how to get back into skating

Skateboarding Helps You Stay Young And Healthy.

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How To Encourage Yourself To Skate Again?

Take It Slow

It’s wonderful to know you can enjoy the fun of rolling again, but it’s essential to acknowledge that your body is not the same as the glory days.

The best way to get back into skateboarding is to take your time and have fun. Spend your time to get comfortable on the board again and feel the connection between the board and your body working as a whole before attempting any tricks.

how to start skateboarding again

Make Sure You’re Comfortable On The Board Before Doing Tricks

Even after your muscles are finally engaged, you will soon find you’re no longer the hardcore devotee in the past.

But cruising in the neighborhood for a while and doing basic tricks are nothing to scoff after a long break. When you feel in control, you could challenge your muscles a bit and try some elaborate maneuvers.


Safe skating should begin with a proper warm-up, no matter how old you are. To ensure the muscles and joints are ready for extensive movements, joint rotation, cardio exercise, and dynamic stretching are the three core warm-ups you can do.

how to get back into skateboarding after injury

Stretching Before Skating

Wear Protective Gear

Whether you’re newbies in your teenage years or re-engaging oldies, we strongly recommend putting on some form of protective gear. Even when you take it slowly upon getting back into the game, accidents are unavoidable.

Safety gear such as helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads are a must. The body takes a longer time to heal as we get older. For example, a severe bruise heel will keep you off the board for not just a couple of weeks as in the 20s but maybe a year.

best way to get back into skateboarding

Safety Gear

Thus, getting some extra protection is never redundant, especially when you ride the board with your rusty balance skills and weak muscle strength.

Not to mention a boost of confidence that the safety equipment gives you to try more advanced tricks, and you can remove them once your confidence is restored.

Don’t Push Yourself Or Let Others Push You Doing Tricks You’re Not Ready For

You might be reminiscent of the days when you and your friends supported and challenged each other to reach a higher game level.

That spirit still exists in the sport when you’re getting back, yet life responsibilities might hold you back somehow. We need to get home in one piece, after all!

So, only do the tricks if your body is fully prepared for it and work at your own pace. Don’t take the risk even when others push you because a competitive attitude without the body’s readiness can wreak havoc on your bones and muscles.

how to get back into skateboarding

Don’t Attempt A Trick Unless You’re Ready

Practice Your Favorite Tricks Before Moving On

Your favorite tricks or the ones you were familiar with most are a good starting point. With a little patience, you’ll soon be able to perform the old tricks again proficiently, and it will give you extra confidence.

how to get back into skating

Skateboarding with your preferred tricks

If you’re not comfortable with unwanted spectators when you just get started again, you could spend the first days practicing in the garage or nearby unused parking lot.

How To Get Back Into Skateboarding After Injury

Work With Your Physicians And Physiotherapists

Your muscles and body are not the same after you give up skateboarding for several months. Hence, restoring their strength and power is crucial to get them ready for the sport again. It all comes down to how you break and take care of the injuries.

Your physicians and physiotherapists will help you with the healing process, so it is important to follow their regimes if you want to get back on the board sooner.

how to start skateboarding again

Work With Your Physicians And Physiotherapists Before Skateboarding

If the injuries are severe and take you quite a long time to recover, do yourself a favor by having sessions with a physiotherapist. They can assist you in returning to your favorite sport and also suggest prevention for re-occurring injuries.

Take Your Time

Even when your physicians and physiotherapists have agreed that you can continue to skate, you should listen to your body while on the board. You can still feel the pain and, thus, should take it easy to avoid another mishap when you’re not fully healed.

If there’s any discomfort or increasing pain, it’s best to see your physician for another checkup.

how to get back into skateboarding after injury

Don’t Rush As You Can Run Into Another Trouble

Warm-Up Before Sessions

A warm-up session is essential to get your muscles ready for whatever comes up. Those returning after a hiatus should not skip warm-up before skating since it’s beneficial for both injury prevention and recovery.

how to get back into skateboarding after injury

Warm-Up Plays A Crucial Role In Recovery And Injury Prevention

Before shredding the skate park, do gentle stretches and rotations of important body parts like calves, hips, pelvis, thighs, and ankles for around 5-10 minutes. When your body temperature increases, you’re good to go.

Also, make sure you do some post-skate stretching to return your body and muscles to a relaxed state.

Wear Appropriate Protective Gear

The importance of protective gear cannot be overrated, especially for those who just went through an accident. A helmet is a must, and the injured areas call for special care and protection.

how to get back into skateboarding

Protective Equipment First!

Get Back On The Board With An E-skate

The lower extremities are the most vulnerable to injuries in skateboarding. Strains, bruises, sprains, muscle tears, or whatever you have experienced might deter you from pushing the board for quite a while.

If you want to get your activity itch scratched without compromising much on the healing process, an electric skateboard is an answer (of course, if your budget permits).

how to get back into skating

On The Move On An Electric Skateboard

Yet, as electric skateboards can reach a higher speed than a regular board, speed should be secondary to safety gear. You will satiate your unquenchable desire to skate, but don’t take the risk and prolong the time you have to wait for the body to be fully capable of tricks and stunts.

How Can I Get Motivated To Skate Again?

There are countless skaters in their 40s and above who still keep shredding every day. Going online to read news, and see photos and videos of other skateboarders can encourage you to dip your toes in the sport again.

Or else, bask in the glory by looking at your old photos and videos and gaining some inspiration.

how to start skateboarding again

Watching Cool Skating Videos To Stay Motivated

There are also some mental hurdles to overcome after a long hiatus, such as a lack of confidence and self-doubts. You can join a group of skating friends who are the same age to get advice and share experiences with them.

There is a community of old skaters who still shred in most areas. You can reach out to them via skate park, social media, or forums. The connection you get can inspire you to keep trying and help you enjoy your journey back into skating.


Hopefully, this article provides you necessary information on how to get back into skateboarding. No matter how long your break from the sport, hop on the board and skate if you feel the calling.

Getting back into skateboarding is not that hard, but remember to take it slow and easy, wear essential safety guards, and warm up properly before each session.

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