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How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall? – 3 DIY Ideas

You want to mount skateboards on the wall to create a masterpiece of an in-home gallery with a sense of victory? Or you simply want to save up some room and make it look neat and pleasing on the wall?

This article will show you how to hang a skateboard on the wall in such an attractive manner.

how to hang a skateboard on the wall

How to hang a skateboard on the wall?

There are a variety of appealing, innovative solutions for displaying a retired skateboard or even longboards.

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Here are three choices that skateboard hangers recommend.

Using Wall Anchor

how to hang a skateboard

Many people use this solution to get a stunning deck display

There are numerous methods on how to mount a skateboard on the wall. However, many of them are too inconvenient, complicated, or won't last long on your board.

If you are searching for safety precautions for your skateboard wall, consider this approach which is simple to implement.

It's also a common method for assisting the skateboard deck to withstand minor strikes. Many individuals use this method to gain an appealing deck display rather than just hanging boards on walls.

However, this approach is more expensive compared to other traditional hanging methods.

First, create a hole in any type of wall (concrete wall, wooden wall, masonry wall, or brick walls) where your standard skateboard can be mounted with an electric drill. Then, insert a plastic wall anchor into it.

Second, attach your deck to the wall using a pack skateboard wall mount which includes a set of skateboard wall-mounted hangers and board mount screws. Drilling screws through the hole in the deck display.

Next, position your deck in place and put the bolts into the board's two topmost screw holes. The bolts will now be on your deck's hauling side.

Finally, place the T bolts on display after tightening them. Twist the T nuts on the display's two posts until they're snug against the deck. This should hold the deck in place and prevent any of its components from colliding with the wall.

Using Fishing Lines

how to hang up a skateboard

Using fishing line

This is the most common method for vertically hanging board orientation, and it is also a simple and affordable technique to get a sleek and unobtrusive look. 

The vertical lines may scrape and harm your artwork, although this method takes minimal time and effort to set up.

First, take your skateboard's trucks off. 

Use a screwdriver to remove screws. You will approach others in the same way.

Second, pass a piece of fishing line or alternatives to fishing lines through one-inch holes of the wall.

Next, create a granny knot at the end of the fishing line, leaving enough distance between boards and knots to make hanging easier.

Then, using any kind of drywall nails, secure the fishing line. If you’re hanging a lot of them, use a tape measure and a pencil to calculate the right position where the skate deck should go on the wall.

Finally, mount the fishing line from plastic wall hooks to avoid creating ugly holes in the wall.

Using Plastic Ropes

This is the only way on how to hang up a skateboard with wheels on the wall. This is an easy DIY project that anybody can do with their skateboards to create a beautiful decor.

You will just require low-cost supplies for the project. However, you may lose the knots and witness the rope rubbing by the time, which is bad for the paint and your deck.

how to hang a skateboard on wall

Using plastic ropes to hang skateboards

First, cut a piece of rope which is about 25 inches.

Second, make an additional knot on each end of the rope. To protect the ends from fraying, take a lighter and burn them beneath each one for a second.

Finally, locate the position where you wish to mount a skateboard deck. Bear in mind that, measure it properly unless you want to make uneven distances between them.

How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall Without Drilling?

how to hang your skateboard on the wall

Using wall hook to protect your wall

Tie a knot with the ends of the fishing line and hammer a nail into the wall to hang it. You can use a plastic wall hook instead of drilling holes in your wall if you don't want to drill holes in it.

Take the board down, cut the rope, and reinstall the trucks whenever you want to use it again. And you're ready to go.


After reading this article, you must know how to hang a skateboard on the wall easily.

While you may hang your deck anyway you like, we recommend the first technique to people who aren't sure where to begin. It satisfies the requirements for outstanding aesthetics, durability, and ease of installation.

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