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How To Measure Skateboard Wheels? Easy To Follow

Some beginner riders may wonder about the necessity of knowing how to measure skateboard wheels. The main reason lies in the fact that wheels are in a variety of sizes and hardness levels. These differences do not come to no avail but serve a unique function.

We will explain the two criteria: softness and sizes in this article with a view to helping you estimate the skateboard wheels. Let’s get started!

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How Can You Measure Skateboard Wheels?

Wheel’s Sizes

The size of your wheels will decide your board’s capacity to roll over concrete or rough surfaces (even bumps and holes) or to flip when performing. The common unit in measuring is millimeters, and we usually calculate them across the wheel diameter.

how to measure skateboard wheels

A Closer View At The Skateboard’s Wheels

In general, the diameter size range is from about 48 millimeters to 75 millimeters. The bigger the wheel is, the faster and easier you can transit and go over rough ground. The lower millimeters are more suitable for street riding, whereas the bigger ones are more for cruiser wheels.

Below are some common types of wheel sizes:

Small (ranging from 48 millimeters – 54 millimeters)

With small size wheels and narrow decks, the boards will be less heavy, which allows them to maneuver more effectively. This modest size also enables street skating tricks. To perform freestyle technical skateboarding, 51 mm-52 mm is more opted for.

Large (ranging from 55mm to 60mm)

A larger skateboard wheel diameter will make your board taller. That would impede flip tricks because it gives you a steeper angle of pop. As usual, larger wheels are better for transition skateboarders and for those who use the board as a means of transportation.

how to measure skate wheels

Large Size

One highlight point of this group is its ability to run on rough surfaces. It will not slow down your momentum but allows you to ride faster.

Longboard (ranging from 60mm -75mm)

Longboard wheels are the largest ones that skateboarders mainly use to ride through rugged surfaces. There are several options to choose from carving, cruising, sliding, and downhill racing. It will surely give you a thrilling and exciting experience.

Wheels’ Hardness

We have a definition called the Durometer to examine the hardness of the wheels. Apart from skateboards’, we also can apply the Durometer definition on how to measure skate wheels’ hardness. The hardness level can reveal its grip capacity and ability to withstand pressure.

how do you measure skateboard wheels

Wheels’ Hardness

Commonly, most brands divide the degree of hardness into A scale and B scale. The higher the durometer is, the more hard the wheel delivers.

  • On scale A (the softer wheels), the rating is from 78A to 101A+3. The number of choices is limited.
  • Scale B presents the harder wheel value. An 84B wheel is equal to 104A at the same sized wheels.

Different hardness levels link to various skating styles.

  • From 75A to 80A, this level is typically for smooth rides like wandering around town, filming, and cruising. You can touch and push the wheels to check their softness.
  • From 80A to 90A, this level means that the material gets harder, and you can execute flip tricks or basic technical tricks. However, it is not ideal or preferable for landing because of its bounciness.
  • Up from 90A, the wheels with this durometer range are more popular in street skateboarding wheels. The hardness enables perfect tricks and professional techniques. The extra hardness also helps control the board better, making it easier to skate on even slippery ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wheel’s Softness Affect The Board Speed?

how to measure a skateboard wheel

Soft Skateboards – More Suitable For Daily Commuting

The answer is yes. A rule of thumb is that the softer the wheel is, the better the grip it will have. It results in speed impediment, and poor performance in situations when speed is in need, such as downhill racing, or commuting.

It is recommended that you use wheels with the durometer from 99A for the best experiences with speed and thrill.

Is 54mm Type Good For Street Skating?

54mm is probably the best if you are looking for a large variety of terrain. This size is deemed to provide most skateboarders with the perfect combination of speed and acceleration.

However, in the case of the limited hardness wheel, it will limit your speed, and street riders can only perform basic tricks.

how to measure skateboard wheels

Hard 54mm Wheels


Knowing how to measure skateboard wheels is a must for amateur or pro skateboarders. There are a variety of sizes and styles for you to choose from. It is up to your needs and preference to opt for.

We hope that after reading the article, you know how to calculate the wheels correctly and have a good adventure with your skateboards.

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