How To Practice Skateboarding At Home? – The Ultimate Guide

Theres likely to be a time when the inclement weather, job commitments, or anything else in life does not allow you to get to your favorite skating spots.

And when it happens, do not box up your board or let it gather dust on the shelf; well show you how to practice skateboarding at home properly.

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Is It Possible To Practice Skateboarding At Home?

Although skateboarding is meant to be an outdoor activity, its perfectly fine to hone your skills at home if you cant access a skate park or the street. There is a world of ideas you can try at home beyond practice pushing the board.

You can improve your balance and learn how to put your feet properly with a balance board, use a carpet to learn some skateboarding tricks in a stationary position, or build a grind rail and practice with it.

how to practice skateboarding at home

Skateboarding At Home

In addition, keeping your muscles engaged with strength training or skateboard workouts is also important to prepare your body for skateboarding. Watching YouTube videos from pro skaters is a way to keep yourself educated, entertained, and inspired.

Practicing skateboarding at home does have some demerits. Keep in mind that skateboarding indoors is quite loud, and the board can damage your floors.

In addition, doing tricks in stationary positions is by no means the same as on the move, so its best to keep in touch with concrete from time to time.

How To Practice Skateboarding At Your Home?

Do Some Balance Board

Balance boards have proven to improve both balance and coordination of the body. These factors are quintessential to helping you learn tricks faster. A balance board consists of a flat board that rests on a cork or rubber roller, giving you a sense of balance and how it works.

how to practice skating at home

Standing On A Balance Board

Not only balance and coordination, but you can also improve your leg strength if you practice on this board for an hour every day. While being on the board, you also activate the brain and leg muscles, just as practicing with a skateboard.

Thus, balance board training will speed up the time the order is sent to the lower body, and this means your muscles will have a faster response time while riding a skateboard.

Use Your Board And Carpet To Practice Some Tricks

Carpet is a great addition to prevent you from forgetting tricks if you cant go to your outdoor skating spots.

Disassemble the trucks and wheels and place them on a thin carpet to practice some tricks, such as 180 or 360 flips, in a stationary position. Avoid practicing on thick carpets or grass as the wheels will behave differently.

how to practice skateboarding indoors

Use Thin Carpet To Practice Skateboarding Tricks

However, its worth mentioning that you should not spend too much time practicing on carpets unless you dont have the option to skate on concrete.

You might get used to the extra security of it, and the technique youve learned might change significantly from stationary to moving. Yet, carpet skating is still a nice option, especially for total beginners who want extra confidence to get ready for skating on concrete.

A trampoline is another nice alternative for more experienced skaters. You can bounce on it with your skateboard and do some flip tricks.

Otherwise, try to recreate the tricks while honing them on a trampoline, and most importantly, youre not returning to street or park skating with cold, inflexible muscles.

Practice Using Things At Home

Dr. Kyle Brown, a physical therapist and a skater himself, has created a list of training exercises that you can practice at home to set your body up for skating.

These exercises require a few simple things such as a resistance band, something to jump on (like a bed), a couch pillow, etc., so you can practice several tricks at home.

how to practice skateboarding inside

Skateboarding at home

If you dont have a dream home gym facility, lets be creative and use what you find in the house to replace gym equipment. Using a dust cover as a mattress is not a bad idea since as long as youre committed to the core training, youll see the result.

You can live without a kettlebell and enhance your muscle strength with something weighty, such as a full bottle of water. Its all about keeping yourself in good shape, so youre always ready for the street.

Do Some Resistance And Coordination Activities

According to Dr. Brown: A lot of skaters either dont stretch or they dont have proper stretching routines or exercise outside of skating. They skate and then chill afterward and do it again the next day. Theres a lack of cross-training in skating.

Resistance, flexibility, and coordination are what it takes to be a great skateboarder.

Resistance aids you in doing one trick after another in a row, while flexibility helps avoid the fall or make it less painful. And doing one thing with your left foot and something else with the other requires coordination.

To improve these qualities at home, we recommend including such training as push-ups, cross-training, and strength training in your routine. Yes, its not skateboarding, but these exercises are necessary to wake your muscles and brain up for skating while being at home.

how to practice skateboarding at home


Build Your Own Spot At Home

Theres nothing better than creating a skating spot in the comfort of your home to keep in touch with the sport.

If you want to build an all-steel rail, you will need to seek help from someone who knows how to weld. Alternatively, you can choose to build a wood and steel grind rail without any welding involved.

With a grind rail, you can stop complaining when not able to reach the park. Its a nice obstacle to practice your skateboarding skills with, and you can bring it anywhere you want.

how to practice skating at home

Why Not Building Your Own Grind Rail?

Watch Skateboarding Videos And Support Influencers

YouTube videos of skateboarders are a great source of inspiration to keep you motivated. In addition, you can learn a whole lot from them by analyzing their moves and techniques in slow motion.

how to practice skateboarding indoors

Learn From Pro Skateboarders Through Their Videos

There might be a time when you feel like youre hitting a plateau in skateboarding, such as getting stuck at the kickflip.

Watching videos from the pro performing that specific trick will shed some light on where you might go wrong; the right stances or techniques sometimes make all the difference.

The Nine Club, Andy Schrock, Dale Decker, NinjaLifestyle, ThrasherMagazine, etc., are some of the many inspirational YouTube channels to keep in mind.


Even right in the comfort of your home, you can get the thrills of rolling or at least keep yourself motivated by not giving up on practicing skating.

Were sure you now know how to practice skateboarding at home safely and effectively, so the next time you go to the skate park, your body is still up for any tricks in your repertoire. Keep in mind to put on safety gear if you’re going to get involved in a risky practice.

And if you’re still considering skateboarding, head to your local skate shop to pick a good board and enjoy the fun of the sport. Thanks for reading!

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