What To Do With Old Skateboard Decks? 14 Creative Ideas

You have unrideable skateboard decks and want to change them because of the lack of safety and inconvenience. However, some of them can not be sold. Hence, what to do with old skateboard decks?

If you are someone who doesn’t want to send old things to the landfill, then check out our article to learn some ways to reuse them.

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Here are 14 creative ideas to give your retired skateboard decks a new lease of life:

#1. Skate Balance Board

what to do with old skate decks

Skate balance board

It’s a great way for your children to learn how to balance in their early years. You may want to buy good skateboards for kids for their first try. Nevertheless, their tools can be broken gradually.

Hence, with an unused skate deck, PVC pipe, and bolts, you can easily build a balance board in no more than 1 hour. Don’t forget to cut the grip tape and stick it on the surface to mark the place your kids should put their feet on.

#2. Recycled Skateboard Swing

what to do with old skateboard decks

Recycled Skateboard Swing

A recycled skateboard swing will keep your kids delighted for several years. All you need is an old concave skateboard deck, a reliable rope, and your basic drilling skills. Check the board shape and sharp edges to ensure your kids’ safety.

#3. Old Skateboard Mirror

Transform your camber-style decks, shaped decks, and school pool decks into beautiful mirrors. Noticeably, the majority of skateboard decks can be used in this way. Paint them again to protect the layers of wood before hanging them on the wall.

#4. Skateboard Shelf

what to do with old skate decks

Skateboard Shelf

It is an interesting idea to turn your unrideable skateboard into a one-of-a-kind bookshelf. 2 school pool decks or conventional decks are what you need for this DIY project.

If you’re planning to put a collection of books on the shelf, make sure to check the deck construction and its weight limit in the first place.

#5. Skateboard Table

things to do with old skateboard decks

Skateboard Table

Use two cruiser skateboard decks to build up an impressive table. You can also recycle cruiser longboards or conventional 7-ply decks. Buy a top-quality piece of wood or glass to set it as the tabletop.

#6. Skateboard Bathroom Paper Holder

Here is another creative idea to give your broken skateboard deck a new purpose in life. Attach it to the wall by drilling some holes or using adhesive wood glue. Remove the wheels and add your toilet paper to the body of your skateboard.

#7. Skateboard Chair

what to do with old skateboard decks

Skateboard Chair

A cool skateboard chair will greatly impress your kids. Paint the decks again with oil-based or water-based colors to protect the wood layers. Place these outstanding chairs in your playroom to sit comfortably while playing your favorite games.

#8. Repurposed Skateboard Nest

Do you want to save money instead of buying a birdnest? Find your blank deck and convert it into a beautiful nesting box. This plan will attract more birds flying to your garden.

You can paint it with an exterior color or waxed-based color to retain the wood layers and board shape. It’s also when you can get your creative juices flowing and bring a piece of art to life.

#9. Recycled Skateboard Lights

When it’s time for bed, unrideable skateboard lights will brighten your kid’s bedroom when you start telling a story. Install some small LED bulbs next to the wheels. It is advisable to buy high-quality products to protect your children.

#10. Old Skateboard Bench

what to do with old skate decks

Old Skateboard Bench

Try to make your classy popsicle decks into beautiful benches if you don’t want to throw them away. Remember to sand the surface and sharp edges carefully to avoid any severe injury. Paint your masterpiece with water-based colors to protect wood layers.

You can place this bench in your garden to enjoy a picnic or any weekend activities with your friends.

#11. Old Skateboard Deck Stairs

These creative stairs will make your room stand out from the crowd. However, always check the used skateboard structure whether it is strong enough to protect your family’s safety. If you are not sure about its construction, you can ask the manufacturers or a local recycling center.

#12. Skateboard Toys

Boys always love slingshots, and your used deck concave is an excellent component for these toys. You can use remnant leather to make the pouch, which brings the user a comfortable touch when playing.

#13. Skateboard Coat Racks

things to do with old skateboard decks

Skateboard Coat Racks

This great idea can help you hang your coats, clothes, or hats in a smart arrangement. Put your concave deck on the wall, install some hangers on it, and you are good to go.

#14. Wall-Mounted Skateboard Clock

You can highlight your living room with this cool wall clock. Paint your skate deck with any colors you love. Next, add clockwork kits based on their manufacturer’s guidelines. Connect picture hooks on the top of the item. Extend a tire wire between those hooks. Finally, hang it on the wall.


With these 14 brilliant ideas, we hope you won’t look at the pile of old and unused skateboards and ask: What to do with old skateboard decks?

Kickstart your creative journey and convert your deck into a masterpiece. Keep in mind to always paint your deck within weeks to protect the wood layers. Also, checking its structure is vital before trying these interesting designs.

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