Learning How To Ride A Cruiser Board For A Great Experience

Cruising down streets is such a satisfaction for anyone, regardless of age and gender. However, it is not a piece of cake to learn how to ride a cruiser board for beginners.

The article below will introduce you to some practical tips and warnings so that you can fully understand the right way to skate this board. Let’s get started!

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How To Ride A Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners?

Step 1: Find Out Your Proper Stance

There are two stances for you to choose from: the regular and the goofy.

The two stances have a reverse standing position. While you place your left foot in the front and your right foot on the tail in the regular stance, the goofy stance means your right foot is in the front, and your left foot is on the tail.

how to ride a cruiser board

Choose The Suitable Stance

There’s not much difference between the two while riding a skateboard. According to your personal preference and comfort, you can choose the most suitable stance for you. It is advisable to test both stances before making a final decision on your favorite stance to stick with.

Step 2: Push Yourself

This skill is all about leaning back slightly and pushing forward with your front foot.

When you start having a feel of this technique, try to push with force to make the front wheels in the air. It will help increase speed and ensure constant momentum for a long and smooth ride.

A helpful tip is to keep your feet parallel on the left or right side of the board nose when you push yourself to avoid changing the direction.

There’s no need to rush into mastering this skill immediately. Take your time to learn it step by step until you find it easy to perform this technique.

how to ride a cruiser skateboard

Learn To Push Yourself

Step 3: Turn The Board

You will learn to turn a cruiser board naturally once you have mastered the pushing step.

The key is to control your body weight and push toward your desired direction to make a turn. With the regular stance, lean yourself to the toe-side edge when turning right and to the heel-side edge when turning left. Turning a skateboard in the goofy stance is in the reverse order compared to the regular one.

how to ride a cruiser board for beginners

Turn A Skateboard

Step 4: Stop The Board

There are various ways to stop a skateboard; however, the foot-to-brake method is the most suitable option for cruiser boards.

Whenever you want to stop skating, kick out your feet and lean on the board with your heel. While keeping your feet pointed, drag your toes to slow down and stop the board.

how do you ride a cruiser board

Learn To Stop A Cruiser board

Useful Tips For Your Cruising Experience

Choose The Right Board

Cruiser boards offer a wide range of lengths from 28 inches up to 46 inches. Thanks to the appropriate length range suitable for any skater, you will have a flexible way of riding and controlling your skateboard.

Beginners will love a cruiser board with a suitable length between 32 inches and 42 inches. The length range allows you to have deeper turns and smoother curves at any angle.

how to ride on a cruiser board

Pick An Ideal Cruiser Board

A longer cruiser board length of about 46-inch long will be the ideal choice for professional skaters. They will love the feeling of riding freely on a long cruiser board since they are familiar with all the basic tricks.

This board type often comes with large wheels, allowing you to smoothly turn, curve, and stop whenever you want. You will have no difficulty riding on different surfaces since the cruiser provides the best stability option for your wonderful experience.

Pick A Stance

As mentioned above, picking a suitable standing position on a skateboard will directly affect your skating time. Choose wisely between a regular stance and a goofy stance to ride a skateboard without difficulty.

how to ride a skateboard cruiser

Find A Stance For Yourself

Wear Protective Gear

In any circumstance, your safety comes first. Remember that the right safety gear will ensure your safest skating journey.

It is advisable to wear a high-quality helmet and thick pads on some body parts like hands and knees. It helps avoid serious injuries and gives you the ultimate protection when riding a skateboard.

how to ride on a cruiser board

Wear Skateboard Safety Gear

Master The Turn

If you want to master the cruising style, you should master the turn first. Based on your favorite stance, the way you shift your body weight forward or backward will determine your turning direction.

To get it down, you need to maintain your balance and coordination of all body parts. Don’t give up practicing until you become a professional in this category.

how to ride a skateboard cruiser

Learn To Master The Turn


There’s no better way to improve your skating skills than to keep practicing every day. It would be best to take your practice routine at a skatepark or a familiar area with a sparse population before skateboarding on busy city streets.

You need to get used to your cruiser board by keeping balance on the deck and performing basic moves first. Remember that success doesn’t come overnight, and you should sacrifice your time and effort for skateboarding if you want to become a pro one day.

how to learn to ride a cruiser board

Practice Skateboarding

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Be Courteous

The most common rule for skaters is to abide by the traffic signs when skateboarding on the street. You should carefully skate on the pavement to avoid disturbing other pedestrians.

Never get your mind distracted from observing unexpected actions of vehicles, and remember to give others the right to pass the zebra crossing.

It would be best to search for information about the skateboard laws in your country to avoid accidentally doing forbidden things.

how to ride a cruiser board

Ride A Skateboard Legally

What Tricks Can You Do On A Cruiser Board?

Flip On

This is one of the easiest tricks that any skater can do, no matter your level. The main point is to keep your feet on the wheels and land on the wide deck side of your cruiser.

how to ride a cruiser skateboard

Try The Flip While Skateboarding

Pro skaters often don’t consider it a trick; however, if you are a beginner, it is a good one to start with.

Fakie Kickturn

This is another easy trick to perform for amateurs. To successfully do this trick, you need to ride the board back and place your feet near the kicktail.

There is no specific requirement for this kickturn technique. You can perform it with any type of cruiser board according to your style.

how to ride a cruiser board for beginners

Kickturn Trick

Staple Gun

This is an ideal technique with a medium level of difficulty if you have already tried all the basic ones.

The staple gun movement requires a small bank or curb to perform it perfectly. When you ride a cruiser board, you have to use your front leg and pull your board back to its original position.

how to use a cruiser board

Staple Gun Trick

Hippie Jump

If you are a master in jumping from the board on flat surfaces, try to perform the hippie jump on rough areas with obstacles. This trick helps increase your confidence and take your skills to a new level.

You can try this cool trick on a stair rail. Go towards the rail and jump as high as possible so that the cruiser board will pass under the rail while you are jumping over it.

how to ride a cruiser skateboard for beginners

Jump Through Obstacles

Power Slide

This trick is suitable for skaters from intermediate to professional levels for tricky performance. In this power slide technique, you will stop your board wheels by turning the board sideways during your comfortable ride. You should have basic knowledge about regular braking and master it to perform this hard trick.

how do you ride a cruiser board

Slide The Skateboard


After reading the article, we hope you will gain a deep understanding of how to ride a cruiser board with our useful tips and suggestions.

You should take skateboarding seriously and spend time practicing to master cruising. There’s no such good result without hard work and dedication.

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