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How Do You Stop On A Skateboard By The Most Popular Techniques

Imagine a situation when you are on your skateboard and encounter a sloppy road with nothing to hold onto. So how do you stop on a skateboard without getting any injuries?

Even when you’re just a novice player or already a professional skateboarder in the field, it’s a rule of thumb to know how to put the brakes on. The article will help you deal with slowing down and prevent accidents before it has chances to happen.

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Step-By-Step Instructions

There are many ways you can stop a running skateboard, including jumping off, foot brake, heel brake, tail scrape, board pop, carving, power slide, hand power slide, and many more. Each of the techniques requires days of practice and instructions to handle it professionally for each situation.

Jumping Off and Foot Brake

Jumping off and foot brake are the two easiest and most basic stopping methods or slowing down a skateboard. They are easily applied even for beginner skateboarders and require no skills when taken into practice.

how do you stop on a skateboard

Foot Brake

Jumping off means jump off the board when it’s still sliding, and you can hop off the side, in front, or the back of the skate. Foot brake means to put your foot down the road and use the friction to fully stop the sliding.

Heel Brake and Tail Scrape

The heel brake and tail scraping techniques should be applied when fully understanding how casual skating really works. Both methods are similar with two steps:

  • Raise the two front wheels

  • Drop the heel/tail on the ground to create some friction for stopping power

  • And you’re set!

how do you stop a skateboard

Tail Brake

While the heel brake might ruin your shoes in the long term, the tail brake is likely to erode the skateboard’s end for constant dragging.

Board pop

Board pop is suitable when you are riding slowly. This method does not have any drawbacks but requires time to learn the technique.

how to stop a skateboard for beginners

Board Pop

All you have to do is:

  • Slam your foot into the tail of your board

  • The board will pop up into the air

  • Use your opposite hand to grab the top of the board

The closer your toes are to the edge of your tail, the easier it will be to pull it up into your hand.


Carving is the act of making large, quick turns in the edges of transitions on a skateboard. This will teach you how to slow down on a skateboard to the point where you can pick up the board and walk away.

how to stop on your skateboard


Here is how to carve:

  • Maintain your body weight on the center of the board

  • Bend your knees

  • Lean your body backward while stressing the heels

  • Use the front foot as a turning axis by applying pressure on it

  • Extend your arms and use your shoulders to direct and steer your movement

  • Keep your head above the board to avoid losing your balance

  • Return to a standing position once you’ve finished carving

Frontside Powerslide

Powerslide tricks are one of the coolest ways regarding how to stop your skateboard, but they ask advanced skateboarders to have some skateboarding experience to achieve the best result.

how to stop with skateboard

Frontside powerslide

The frontside powerslide occurs when skaters face forward and slide the board with their back foot. The step-by-step of how to do frontside includes:

  • Center your body weight

  • Your back foot is on the tail’s edge, pressing the side of the tail

  • The front foot works as the axis of turn

  • Start turning your body forward once you’ve gained enough speed

  • With the front half of your heel, press down on the side of your tail

  • Maintain your balance when sliding by using your shoulders and arms as stoppers to restrict your body from turning too much

  • Make sure your head stays forward while your body weight is a little behind your board

  • When you’ve slid far enough, simply relax your back foot’s strength and return to normal form

Backside Powerslide

An advanced backside powerslide technique occurs when skaters flip their body the other way and slide the board with their rear foot. Keep in mind that the backside and frontside might look the same, but they require different steps:

how do you stop on a skateboard

Backside powerslide

  • Place your back foot on the tail’s edge, which is a little out from the tail

  • Your front foot is firmly planted on the front hardware

  • Bend your knees slightly and push the side of your tail with your back foot toe

  • Turn your body in the opposite direction of your rear foot and look in front of the heel of your back foot

  • Push your board using your back foot and upper body

  • Do not let your body weight from leaning too far backward

  • Put a little extra weight on the back wheels when sliding to keep the front wheels from stacking on the ground

Hand Powerslide

how to stop your skateboard

Hand Powerslide

The main goal of this type of slide stop is to reach your comfortable speed while using your own hands to create friction. However, it’s quite risky for the hands, and the time spent sliding your hand across the surface should not be excessive. You have to:

  • Keep your body position as low as possible

  • Bend forward a little

  • Make sure you don’t overextend yourself and that your board doesn’t get too far away from you

  • Scrub your hands against the road surface to stop the board

Skateboard Advice

The heel brake might ruin your shoes in the long term, while the tail brake is likely to erode the skateboard’s end for constant dragging. But before learning any other high-end tricks like the flip trick, these two are classic stopping techniques.

Our advice is to look for the designed shoes for skateboard activities and, especially, to find the best skateboard for beginners.

Do you know that sometimes you can reduce the risk of getting injuries by landing with your body parts? We don’t recommend this method. But just in case it’s an emergency situation, it’s better to roll your body towards the direction of your fall as soon as you make contact with the ground.

This will assist in reducing the force that your entire body would otherwise suffer.


In the end, how do you stop on a skateboard without getting hurt? We hope you can find your answer throughout the articles. You can begin with any of the following stopping techniques that you find simple and convenient.

And of course, these are not the only methods for stopping skateboards. Stay tuned for other exciting techniques in our upcoming articles.

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