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How To Store Skateboards? A Step-by-step Guide For Beginners

Skateboarding is a sport that has a large community of participants. A good skateboard is usually quite expensive, and if you don’t take good care of it, it can be damaged. We’ll show you some ways how to store skateboards effectively!

Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!

Reason Why You Should Store The Skateboard

A skateboard is a thin wooden or plastic board with wheels underneath. So it can slip away and accidentally hit someone else. Not storing your skates properly can damage your wheels, bearings, and the quality of your rack.

In addition, in some seasons with particular climates, such as rain or high humidity, it is easy to make the quality of your skateboard go down.

After not using the board, many people have seen noticeable wear and tear after taking it out for a while.

The plywood body becomes brittle and fragile due to termites forming inside. The wheels and bearings are also squeaky and difficult to move due to rust and dirt due to poor cleaning.

Proper care of your skateboard will help your item last longer and avoid these accidents. So it would help if you found a dry and suitable temperature to hang the board after use.

Before that, you also need to clean it, especially during the season changes and you decide not to use it for a long time. Any impact from temperature or weather can affect, wear and reduce the life of the skateboard.

How To Store Skateboards?

There are many different ways you can protect your skateboard from unnecessary risks. You can try one of the following ways, and you can be creative or combine to suit your space and conditions.

In a closet

If you have a large wardrobe and don’t use it all, you can reserve a separate compartment, which is the best way to store skateboards.

However, one point to note when you use this method is to clean the skateboard after each use. After playing, there will be a lot of dirt and mud on the board or wheel. You certainly don’t want those stains on your clean clothes.

This storage method is not too expensive and requires a lot of tools. You can also store it in tool cabinets or any other space that has room to store.

To avoid getting wet on rainy or humid days, you can buy an additional air conditioner or store it in a vented cabinet.

On racks

Rack stands are a fairly common method for skaters. You can easily find different types of racks on e-commerce platforms. Depending on your needs, there are many racks for you to choose from.

The small type will have about 1-3 compartments for you to hang 1-3 skates. While there are more significant types, you can order according to your needs.

Not only the skateboard, but you can also put other items such as helmets on it.

The mount is generally cheap, easy to find, and very easy to assemble without any additional tools. The rack size is suitable for many spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms, etc. So if your house is not too large, this is a reasonable storage solution.

In a garage

As long as you don’t throw the skateboard around on the ground and stay in a dry place, any location you can see will be suitable.

So, how to store skateboard in the garage?

If you have an oversized garage, you should use it as a display place for skateboards. Especially when you are an enthusiast of this subject and have a hobby of collecting, there seems to be no better place to preserve it than the garage.

You can take advantage of a wall or a space in the garage to design it into a storage space. Make sure your skateboard is some distance off the ground so no one can step on it or put anything on it.

You can use some wall hooks or cords, or even a guitar hook, to make a hanger for your board. With this method, it is not only easy, fast, and cheap to apply, but it can also keep your skateboard safe from dirt and moisture.

On the wall

How to store skateboard on the wall? Skateboards are generally relatively thin and do not affect much space. So many people have taken advantage of the empty walls to hang their skateboards.

This storage method is excellent for art skaters. Not only for preservation, but also can form a unique art space right in your own home.

If you use this method, you will need to impact the wall. So you need to determine a reasonable space to display. If drilling is wrong, it will significantly affect the house’s overall aesthetic.

However, you still need to pay attention to the area in the room and adjust the temperature appropriately to avoid abrasion or oxidation.

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If you find the above methods too cumbersome or not suitable for your family’s conditions, you can also refer to some of the following methods.

  • Storing in a sack or specialized skateboard bag is one of the methods most people use. Some people only need to play for fun, often not putting too much emphasis on aesthetic needs. So this way will be suitable for those who are simple and appreciate the convenience.
  • Maintaining in the trunk of a car is how enthusiasts often choose. You can take your skateboard with you anywhere and experience skateboarding in many new terrains or locations. However, the temperature in the trunk is quite hot, and you need to check it regularly to avoid affecting the quality of the skateboard.
  • A way that is not very popular but many people apply is to take advantage of the guitar hook in the family. However, this method is only suitable if you have 1-2 skateboards because preserving is not aesthetically pleasing.

Now, check this video for more tips to do:


Skateboarding is both a sport and an art. However, there are not many common forums for everyone to share about this subject.

So we’re going to dedicate this last section to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about skateboard maintenance.

Is the cold bad for skateboards?

Any change or abnormality in weather temperature affects the skateboard.

However, if you own a good skateboard, the cold is not too much of a problem. In many places, they still skateboard even when the temperature drops low.

At this time, to ensure your safety and maintain the durability of the skateboard, you should perform some maintenance methods such as lubricating or stretching the bearing.

Is it OK to skate in the rain?

There aren’t any laws prohibiting you from skateboarding in the rain, but this will affect your safety.

When it rains, the road is slippery, and you can fall at any time. Then not only does your body ache and pains, but the skateboard is also at high risk of damage.

If it encounters an obstacle or a strong impact, the board may break, and the internal components deteriorate. Bearings become rusty and lose their oil layer, and the tape can peel off and lose grip.

In addition, the wheel will gradually lose grip, and you will need to replace a new set of wheels.

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Do skateboards rot?

When skateboards get wet from the rain or have just been washed, their bearings can lose their ability to lubricate, and bolts can become rusty.

When lubrication is lost, the skateboard will slow down as the bearings weaken from the inside out.

Can I wash my skateboard?

Washing your skateboard is a must if you want to keep your skateboard clean and ensure its longevity. You will need to prepare a few tools to clean the skateboard effectively, such as a wheel remover, cleaning cloth, brush, and specialized soap.

However, you need to pay attention when cleaning the skateboard to prevent water absorption or loss of drawings on the board.

Why do skateboards have rails?

The rails on the skateboard act as a slippery barrier so you can slide farther and longer on any surface. In addition, these rails serve to protect the deck, which reduces wear and tear.

These tracks make your skateboarding experience smoother and more accessible when you encounter rough roads or ledges.


There are many ways you can take care of your skateboard. The methods we introduce to you are simple and do not cost too much to implement.

Whether you are an amateur skateboarder or a professional or pursue artistic skateboarding, it is essential to correctly take care of your skateboard.

Some artists with groundbreaking creations even can box or have a separate room to store their works. Hopefully, you have received useful knowledge through this article. Thank you for reading!

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