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How Do You Turn On A Skateboard? 2 Beginner-Friendly Ways

You are a novice and wondering: How do you turn on a skateboard correctly? Congratulations! You are in the right place!

Here we will give you a thorough guide to turn on your skateboard with some tips to do it safely and smoothly.

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How to Turn On Your Skateboard?

Turning is the next big step in your skateboarding journey, right after balancing and inline skating. But why?

It helps you change direction on the ride when needed to avoid accidents and bad injuries.

There are plenty of ways to turn on a skateboard, and the 2 simplest ways we’re gonna show you today will be: leaning and kick turning. Each has its own perks, so you can choose the one that you are the most comfortable with.

Without further ado, let’s get skating!

how do you turn on a skateboard

How to turn on a skateboard


Leaning, also called carving, is the method that most skaters go for a turn. If you want to know how to turn on a skateboard for beginners, then here it is!

There are 5 steps to turn on your board by leaning:

Step 1: Adjust your trucks’ tightness. Try leaning on the board left and right to know how much you need to tighten or loosen your trucks.

Remember that loose trucks make a turn easier. It also requires more effort to control the ride. Therefore, tight trucks are recommended for beginners. After setting up, you are ready to turn.

Step 2: Starting pushing. Just ride in a straight line calmly and push until you reach a decent speed.

Step 3: Before making the turn, put your foot back so that both your feet are on the skateboard deck.

Step 4: Start leaning in the direction that you want to.

If you place your left foot in the front (regular stance), lean forward and put pressure on your toes to perform a frontside right turn. And for a backside left turn, press your heels down.

In case you are a goofy rider, apply the instruction in the opposite directions. The more you want your turn to look nice and sharp, the more you have to lean in.

Step 5: Last but not least, keep your balance. After turning successfully, you have to keep your core tight in order not to fall right after. Keep your center of gravity low by bending down your knees for better balance control.

how to turn on a skateboard for beginners

Keep your balance

Keep practicing with the steps above until you have mastered the trick, and you can go on with more advanced ones.


A kickturn means you have to steer the nose of the board, creating a sudden change in the direction even at a slow speed. To execute this advanced technique, do the following instructions:

Step 1: Start riding and pushing.

Step 2: Position your back foot on the tail of the deck, and the front foot will be right above the front truck. Always try to maintain the balance before doing the turn.

Step 3: Lift the nose of the board and swing it in the desired direction. You will have to add more weight to your back foot, steer the nose of the board with your front foot, and twist your hips at the same time.

To avoid falling backward, lean forward a bit so that your center is still in the middle of the board. The secret here is the coordination of your body parts. It is totally fine that you might fail the first few times. Everything takes practice.

how to turn with a skateboard

Lift the nose of the board

Step 4: Land your front wheels to the ground by shifting weight back on the front foot.

At first, it will be scary to do a 180-degree turn. But it is not as difficult as it sounds. Start slowly and then gradually increase the level so you can get used to it.

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A Must-do List For The Best Performance

How to make your skateboard turn better? Apart from practicing, these are things you should assure for effective performance:

1. Safety comes first.

Flat ground is a perfect option to avoid tripping and bad injuries. Also, remember to wear your helmet and knee pads before skating.

how do you turn a skateboard

Flat ground is a perfect place to practice

2. Set up your board.

Before starting, try to stand on the board and move your body side to side, backward and forward to find out if something needs adjustment.

3. Be patient.

We understand that you are longing for some flip tricks and everything, but the fundamentals are important. There is no point in learning higher skills if you haven’t mastered the basics yet.


Turning on a skateboard is a basic yet fundamental technique to obtain. So always learn the simple tricks before moving to the next one.

Skating is all about letting your body free. So have fun on the board, and always remember that safety is the priority.

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