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How to Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard – The Best Ways Ever

When you own an electric skateboard, you have a desire to make it better at everything e.g. faster running speed, better looking boards, etc. But the question is how to know what needs to change and how to change it.

This task seems difficult, but turns out it is very easy. First, consider your current e-skateboard performance, what strengths and weaknesses it has, and from that information you will be able to maintain and promote those strengths while removing and/or upgrading limited points.

List out things you want to change on your board, then you could start to change your e-board parts. In this article, I will let you know the reasons why you should upgrade your board and how to do it properly.

Before diving into the article, I would like to recommend to you a great electric skateboard website that has been earning great attention from the community recently. The site is called eSkateBuddy. Here you could find all information for all your electric skateboarding needs.

How to Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard

1. Increase range

Use 1 motor:

Running two motors at the same time can somehow increase the ability to climb up a hill, but in overall, two motors running in a board cause thirty-percent loss of range. Those who insist on enjoying the power of 2 motors shouldn’t consider this method.

Use smaller wheels:

Consider this method as it affects your top speed. If you use smaller wheels your board will run a little slower, but in return you'll get a bit more range. If you need range more than speed use smaller wheels.

In electric skateboarding, there is a term called xSyP.

x stands for the amount of cells in Series, and y stands for the amount of cells in a parallel group. If you want to increase your board, you can increase y as high as possible.

2. Increase your speed

Use bigger wheels:

The larger the wheel, the faster the board will be. Let's upgrade the wheel to somewhere around 97mm.

The top speed will increase by 2-3mph compared to the current fastest speed. Be sure to purchase the correct wheel pulley to fit the new wheels.

Also note that bigger wheels will also cause some unexpected points such as lessened hill climbing abilities or slow acceleration. If you don’t mind those disadvantages, then this method is worth trying.

Increase battery voltage

Your top speed will increase from 16-18mph to 20-25mph if you switch from 10s battery to 6s battery. However, you should leave the priority of this method last as it is quite expensive.

One thing you must definitely check if you want to increase your voltage is your ESC. If ESC doesn't match, you will either have to alter it or buy a brand new one.

Use 2 motors:

It is unsure that the second motor can help your top speed. The second will definitely push your single motor past its capacity. Using the 2nd motor will also help to spread the load out. Since this is unsure, I wouldn’t really recommend it. Just list it here for those who are interested.

3. Torque, Acceleration, and Hill Climbing Ability increase

Increasing Battery Discharge Capabilities:

You will have more torque if you can draw more power from your pack and send it to your motors. This can also increase your range.

Increase motor size

The bigger the size of the motors, the more torque you will have. The torque will automatically increase with the size of motors. You won't need to use any sophisticated techniques to achieve this.

Use smaller wheel size

You will obtain more torque on your board if your wheels are small.

How to Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard – The Best Ways Ever

4. Upgrade the board look

Your board will look more Aesthetics if you make these following changes:

  • Replace your old container with a beautiful sleek Esk8 Enclosure.
  • Use a new grip tape or stickers to decorate your board.
  • Add light to your board to increase your look and safety at the same time.

Additional increase

  • Consider adding a power switch to your board can increase the convenience level of your board. Now that you don’t need to unplug your battery in a traditional manner, just press the button and you are ready to go. Real fast!
  • The remote controls are home to the most pro features. Upgrade your controller to a VX1 or VX2 Pro to get more features than traditional controls like digital displays, reverse functions, cruise control, and ride modes.

The above are tips for you to upgrade your electric skateboard. You do not have to apply all of the things listed above. Based on your current board's performance to make proper changes. Once again I would like to refer to eSkateBuddy as a useful website about electric skateboards. I will leave the information of this website below so that you can easily contact them:

Phone: +1 952-495-2386

Address: 121 W Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601, United States.

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