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Top 2 Minority Skateboards Review in 2022

New skateboard brands are popping left and right, but only a handful are doing things right. Is Minority Skateboards one of them? If you’ve come across Minority’s gorgeous skateboards and are trying to do your homework on the brand, you’ve come to the right spot.

This Minority Skateboards review will explore exactly that.

We’ll cover everything about the brand and their skateboards, ending with a review of their top products. Moreover, you’ll get some general guidelines when choosing their products.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re buying your very first skateboard or adding to an already extensive collection, this new brand could be a viable option. Of course, it depends on whether it meets your riding needs and budget.

But first, let’s talk a little about the company.

About Minority Skateboards

Minority Skateboarding is a relatively new entrant in the market as they started back in 2018. While it’s yet to make a solid mark like some of the big new names like SCSK8 or Politic, it’s managed to grow and put out new products.

minority skateboards review

They make maple deck skateboards using eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced materials. The highlight of this brand is its designs, which really help it stand out.

Apparently, they don’t have a website yet, which is a bummer. You’ll find Minority Skateboarding products on online stores and marketplaces only.

If you’re not too brand conscious when it comes to skateboards, then perhaps this wouldn’t be an issue for you. Many skateboard riders prefer the quality of the actual skateboard more than the name associated with it.

Riding Experience

If general Minority Skateboard review is anything to go by, the skateboards are more than decent. The riding experience is suitable for both new riders and those experienced ones who want to perform tricks. So these are pretty versatile in terms of the kind of skateboard riders they cater to.

minority skateboards review

Their longboards are great for cruising, as the components are quality. Therefore, I always prioritize choosing Minority in my beach ride or picnics. In simpler words, you get your money’s worth as far as the riding experience is concerned.

What’s really impressive is their turning. They have incredible responsiveness to turns. So if that’s something you struggle with when riding a skateboard, you should think about getting one of their longboards.


The deck is hands-down the most essential part of any skateboard, and Minority puts particular focus on that. You can just tell by the looks of them that a lot of care went into making them.

These are mostly maple decks made of quality wood. They can easily withstand a weight of up to 220 pounds. The deck is shock-absorbent thanks to the 7-ply construction and methanol-free epoxy gluing of the different layers.

Their decks create the right ratio of sturdiness and comfort. Just because it’s sturdy doesn’t mean it has to be too bulky or hard.

This brand has gotten the decks right, without a doubt.

You have both concave tail decks and downhill decks with Minority Skateboards.


You have to consider the quality of the wheels regardless of what your skateboarding style is. Minority Maple skateboards feature 102A PU wheels that are soft and ride smoothly.

Minority Skateboard Review

These are high-rebound PU wheels that offer a fair degree of elasticity, similar to rubber wheels. At the same time, they have the toughness of metal wheels. So you get the best of both.


Trucks are something that is hard to distinguish between different brands, as they are almost identical in terms of construction. Minority skateboards use aluminum trucks that are five inches in size, and they have chromium steel kingpins.

minority skateboard

If you’re looking for trucks that distribute energy adequately so that you don’t have to put on a lot of force on the deck, then Minority skateboards are a viable option.


The bushings are suitable for the price range that Minority skateboards and longboards are going at. They have used 78A PU bushings, which pair well with the PU wheels.

You will not really have to replace them any time soon or need to upgrade for a better riding experience. It goes to show that this brand has paid attention to all the key components of the skateboard.


Minority Skateboards use ABEC bearings, which provide a smooth and noiseless (to some extent) experience.

ABEC bearings are most common in skateboards, but what people often oversee is that they have several categories. ABEC bearings are numbered 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. As the number increases, so does their speed and efficiency.

minority skateboards

You’ll find ABEC-9 bearings in Minority skateboards, arguably the best in the market right now. They are made of hardened chrome steel. Nevertheless, the quality can vary by manufacturer.

The bearings in Minority skateboards are quite decent, so they’ll only wear out when you used the skateboard quite a lot.

Grip Tape

Minority Skateboard deck designs have a philosophy that makes sense of the choice of their name.

The graphics on the decks take inspiration from different cultures and sub-cultures from around the world. Furthermore, the top is simple, with a strong adhesive grip tape that helps all kinds of riders maintain a good grip and balance.

The bottom is where the art is at. More importantly, this artwork is designed to be long-lasting, so it wouldn’t come off or fade with time, no matter how much of a beating your skateboard takes.

Overall, the design of these skateboards, both in technical and graphical terms, is a big plus for the brand.


Minority skateboards are hands-down great value for money. Almost all of their skateboard models/designs are under $100.

Some may argue that $50 or $60 for a skateboard is not exactly cheap, but when you look at some other brands that are easily over $150, you understand the vast difference in price.

It’s one of the few new names in the skateboard market that are offering prices commensurate with the product they are offering.

Then again, it comes in the cheaper skateboards category as per its price. While it does offer good value for money and a more than decent construction, you shouldn’t expect it to last a lifetime.

Are Minority Skateboards Worth it?

There isn’t much info available about the origins of the company or even where they are designed or produced. Nevertheless, the skateboards seem of decent quality and don’t cost a fortune.

If you’re just looking for a nice skateboard without it being from one of the famous skateboard brands, Minority Skateboards should make the cut. What they really have going for themselves is their attention to design and artwork on the deck.

Many skateboards with quality artwork cost a lot, but that’s not the case with this brand. You end up getting a skateboard that looks expensive but isn’t. That alone really makes them worth every penny.

Top 2 Best Minority Skateboards Review

To help you find a suitable skateboard, here are Minority’s maple skateboards reviews:

1. Minority 32-Inch Maple Skateboard

minority 32inch maple skateboard review

View at Amazon || View at Walmart

This Minority skateboard features a 7-ply hard rock maple deck cold-pressed with eco-friendly epoxy. It’s 32-inch in length and has a generous 8-inch width. Even riders with a big frame can ride this skateboard comfortably.

The concave tails provide room for easy maneuverability and even some basic tricks.

Equipped with the best components like five inches aluminum trucks and carbon steel kingpins, it provides a smooth ride. As for the PU wheels, they are 52 mm in diameter. Then you have the smooth-riding ABEC-9 bearings reinforced chrome steel.

There are plenty of cool artwork options to choose from, with each offering a unique aesthetic. Therefore, as an avid collector of artistic ideas from Europe, Russia, and Asia like me, designing boards with an eclectic mix of styles makes me most satisfied. In addition, digital printing technology also makes the board realistic with high-definition graphics.

They have incorporated their logo and name into the artwork one way or another, which is a nice touch. The designs really seem like the work of talented graphic designers.

It’s suitable for streets, sidewalks, and ramps in skate parks, making it a truly versatile skateboard. The wheels go pretty fast on this, as with just three sweeps, you’d be going a few miles an hour. That’s not bad for commuting.


  • Sustainable materials in the deck
  • High-quality 7-ply maple construction
  • Speedy and durable ABEC-9 bearings
  • Fantastic artwork with lots of options
  • Expansive deck for easy control and balance


  • Not great for advanced tricks

Bottom: Overall, what I like most about this 32-inch Minority skateboard is the variety of colors and graphic designs that range from trendy to classic. However, the comfort and durability of this board seem to meet the standards of experienced players more.

2. Minority Downhill Maple Longboard 40-Inch Drop Deck

minority longboard review

View at Amazon || View at Sears

Minority Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck is similar to the 32-inch maple skateboard with concave tails. However, it’s designed for downhill racing more than for regular riding, so safety is also a concern with this one.

As far as safety is concerned, it’s safe enough for both beginners and pros. I have been using this skateboard since learning about this exciting street sport. As with most truck parts, bushings or bearings provide durability and stability when going through rough terrain or downhill.

The trucks, the bearings, and the bushings all make for a safe downhill ride. The 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks can easily be adjusted at 45 or 50 degrees angles.

With 70 x 51 mm PU wheels and ABEC-9 bearings, it goes pretty fast, so it’s ideal for speed racers. The wheels are smooth and soft, making it useful for a bit of rough terrain as well.

With 100 percent maple construction of the deck, it manages to keep the overall weight of the longboard light. This 40-inch long skateboard weighs just 7.5 pounds. That’s an ideal weight for a downhill longboard.

The design boosts the overall performance of the board. As for the graphics, Minority once again shows how much attention it pays to the artwork on their decks. There are some really cool art options to choose from, and you may easily find something that matches your personal style or aesthetic.

Even the prints on the top are in line with the nature of this longboard. You have symbols of trees, hills, flowers, and fire that are all indicators of this being a speedy downhill longboard.


  • 8-ply maple longboard
  • Beautiful designs
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The broader base for more support and stability
  • Low-gravity construction for faster speeds


  • A bit too big for short or young riders

Bottom: Overall, Minority Downhill attracted me at first sight by its unique, bold design with a concave tail and small wheels. It is especially suitable for beginners as well as experienced people like me.


Now that you’ve gone through this comprehensive Minority Skateboard review, you can find something that suits your needs. These skateboards are quite affordable and offer good value for money with their maple decks and quality components.

They essentially produce long skateboards, so these are ideal for teenagers and adults. A board bigger than 27 inches may be too big for kids. Nevertheless, they are good for beginners, so this could be a good option if you’re just starting out.

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