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Retrospec Skateboard Review: Good, Bad, or Average?

Given the popularity of skateboards, there are a variety of brands and models available in the market. Because of that, when I first started learning about skateboards, I had a lot of trouble choosing a good product suitable for my level.

It can be difficult to discern low-quality boards from high-quality ones, making it difficult to select the best skateboard for you.

The right way of figuring out the quality of the skateboard is by looking into the company. You can find out a lot about a product just by doing a little research on the company.

Retrospec is a well-known company that produces outdoor sports products.

Are their skateboards as high-quality as the rest of the equipment they sell? Is Retrospec Skateboard a reliable company?

This post will take a closer look at what Retrospec Skateboard is and what type of products it offers for skateboarders.

By the time you’re done reading this Retrospec skateboard review, you’ll be able to judge for yourself whether it’s a reliable brand or not.

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What is Retrospec Skateboard?

Retrospec first started by selling bikes, now they manufacture and sell all types of sports equipment. From skateboards to exercise equipment, you’ll find it all at Retrospec.

One of the best things about the company is that they sell high-quality products at an affordable price.

retrospec skateboard

You can really tell a lot about a company from the customer review section. Generally, customers are satisfied by the service as all products are designed by experts and are tested. Moreover, Retrospec also has a 50-day return policy in case you’re not satisfied with the product you purchased.

Besides the quality of products, Retrospec is popular amongst skateboards because of the decks’ colorful and eye-catching graphics. Plus, the company caters to a variety of customers with its wide range of skateboard sizes and styles.

Retrospec Skateboard Decks

Let’s start by talking about the construction of Retrospec skateboard decks. Usually, Retrospec skateboards are made of 8 layers of bamboo or Canadian maple wood. Their decks are sturdy yet lightweight.

While you might get a few scratches and dents on the deck over time, however, the deck is strong enough to bear any serious damage. However, one slight drawback I have noticed in some designs of Retrospec is that the styling is quite simple and unimpressive. Of course, you cannot deny the quality of these products.

Besides, regular maintenance is an excellent way to ensure the longevity of your skateboard.

retrospec review

As mentioned earlier, what draws attention to Retrospec Skateboards is their colorful and unique graphics. From classy-vintage designs to retro boards, you can find a wide variety of design options.

Many young skaters like using their skateboards to make fashion statements. If you’re one of these skaters, then, trust us, you’re sure to turn a few heads with a Retrospec skateboard.

The only downside to Retrospec decks is that there’s no option to personalize your deck. You also can’t mix the components of your skateboard according to your preferences.

Retrospec Skateboard Wheels

The sizes for longboards and shortboards vary. For longboards, the general diameter is 45×51 mm with an 85A durometer. These wheels are on the larger end, which means they’re fast, but also provide stability. In addition, the softer durometer gives riders better grip.

The longboard wheels are perfect for riding on rough surfaces like streets.

retrospec skateboards review

On the other hand, shortboards have smaller wheels with a diameter of 52×32 mm and a harder durometer of 95A. These boards are perfect for performing tricks and for riding in skate parks.

The smaller wheels give you more control, while the harder durometer provides more speed.

Retrospec wheels are made of high-quality materials and are quite durable. This means that these wheels can hold up against wear and tear.

Retrospec Skateboard Bearings

Bearings are small balls located inside your wheel and are responsible for making your wheels move. They’re usually made of steel or ceramic.

Retrospec bearings usually have an ABEC rating between 7 to 9, which means they’re made of steel like hard carbon, chrome, or titanium.

Retrospec Skateboards

Bearings made of these materials usually have a higher tolerance, which means they can roll longer and move at higher speeds without a lot of pushing. This also makes it the best skateboard for adult beginners.

However, with certain Retrospec models, the bearings tend to get stuck. A good way to avoid this issue is to regularly clean and lubricate your bearings.

Retrospec Skateboard Trucks

Retrospec uses high-quality hard steel trucks in all its skateboards. These trucks can bear high pressure while also providing you with stability while you perform tricks.

For longboards, in particular, Retrospec uses reverse kingpin trucks. This gives you an edge over other skaters, as reverse kingpins are great for carving and making sharp turns.

You can steer around all types of obstacles with ease, thanks to their reverse kingpin trucks.

Best Retrospec Skateboards Review

Not sure of what you think about Retrospec Skateboards?

Take a look at some of their best skateboards to see if the company lives up to its reputation.

1. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

retrospec skateboard review

View at Amazon || View at Retrospec

If you’ve done a little bit of research on Retrospec Skateboards, you’ve probably come across the Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard. It’s one of Retrospec’s most popular and eye-catching skateboards.

This hand-crafted kicktail board has an 8-ply maple wood and bamboo deck, which gives it the right amount of stiffness and flexibility.

The deck has a pintail shape, which gives riders enough room to stand comfortably while they skate. As soon as I owned this skateboard, I had the opportunity to experience the smooth skateboarding process without any difficulty. The shape of the deck is designed to enhance speed and balance.

Measuring at 44-inches in length and 9.5-inches in width, this board is a bit on the larger side. It has a weight capacity of 220 lbs.

The wheels on the Zed Bamboo have a diameter of 70 mm and a durometer of 85A. As the wheels are larger, they provide more stability. The softer durometer ensures you have a good grip as you ride on your board.

Plus, these wheels come with anti-bite technology, which means they’re going to last longer.

The best part about this board is that it has sturdy yet lightweight reverse kingpin trucks. Not only do these trucks provide more control on turns, but they’re also strong enough to conquer rocky terrains.


  • Pintail shape allows riders to stand comfortably
  • Larger wheels provide stability
  • The soft durometer ensures grip
  • Wheels have anti-bite technology
  • A reverse kingpin provides more control


  • Bearings aren’t super smooth

Bottom: Overall, if you’ve had the time to learn about Zed Bamboo, I highly recommend you quickly get your hands on this great board. Different from many product lines of the same brand, the color and design of Zed Bamboo attract me the most, even in terms of quality.

2. Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard

retrospec review

View at Amazon || View at Retrospec

If you’re looking for a longboard that promises speed, then look no further than the Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard. The unique board is made of high-quality 8-ply Canadian maple wood that is laminated vertically.

You can ride this board with complete grip and stability thanks to the 80AB grip tape on the deck. Because of that, I have never encountered any problems when using the skateboard.

Designed with a lower center of gravity, this drop-through board gives riders more stability and comfort. Measuring at 41-inches in length, this board is perfect for cruising and for commuting from one place to another.

Similar to the previous model, the Rift Drop-Through also has large 70×50 mm polyurethane wheels. The larger contact area of the wheels provides more stability.

Besides, these wheels have a hardness rating of 78A. As they’re on the softer side, they provide more grip. You can easily maneuver your board over cracks and bumps with the help of these wheels.

You can easily make sharp turns thanks to the 18mm kingpin aluminum trucks. The trucks, combined with the softness of the wheels, make this board suitable for street skating.


  • 8-ply vertically laminated maple wood deck
  • 80AB grip tape
  • The lower center of gravity ensures stability and comfort


  • Bearings prevent wheels from spinning smoothly

Bottom: With its sleek plank and well-fitting design, Retrospec Rift Drop is always my perfect choice for every trip or city tour. However, I think you should consider choosing mid-priced boards to ensure maximum quality and use time.

3. Retrospec Tidal Drop-Down Longboard

retrospec skateboards review

View at Amazon || View at Retrospec

Lastly, we have the Tidal Drop-Down Longboard, which is one of the more affordable boards by Retrospec. The best thing about this board is that it’s made of environmentally-friendly material.

The 41-inch long deck is made of sustainable Canadian maple. It is sturdy and durable; however, I strongly recommend that you maintain it regularly to prolong the life of the board. Not only is it extremely sturdy, but it’s also long-lasting. Plus, the deck also has an OS780 grip tape that helps you maintain your balance even at high speed.

The symmetrical design of this deck ensures even distribution of balance and improves push-power. Moreover, it prevents wheel bites.

Like the earlier model, this board also has a lower center of gravity, giving you more stability.

The Tidal also boasts super responsive reverse kingpin trucks with ABEC7 precision bearings, ensuring a smooth and stable riding experience.


  • Made of environment-friendly materials
  • OS780 grip tape helps maintain balance
  • The symmetrical design of the deck ensures even distribution of balance and improves push-power


  • Trucks require tightening
  • A bit on the heavy side

Bottom: I did not hesitate to choose a Retrospec Tidal skateboard for my son because it is stylish and trendy. However, I think you should consider its cost.

Is Retrospec Skateboard a Good Brand?

In terms of quality, Retrospec delivers the best to its customers. There’s no denying the quality of skateboards manufactured by Retrospec.

Retrospec skateboards are more popular among beginners as they are durable, high-quality, and easy to maneuver. Besides, they have some eye-catching graphics.

On the other hand, professionals appreciate Retrospec boards because of their high-quality, sturdy construction. These boards can handle all types of skating styles and are also quite affordable.

If you’re still having trouble figuring out if Retrospec is a good brand or not, these pros and cons might help you gather your thoughts:


  • Sturdy decks
  • Multiple deck sizes and styles
  • Wide variety of colorful graphics
  • High-quality wheels
  • Wheels don’t wear easily
  • Sturdy trucks


  • Bearings can get stuck for some models
  • No option to personalize or customize your skateboard


An excellent way to learn more about a product is to look at the company, as mentioned earlier. In this Retrospec skateboard review, we went over various details regarding the company to better understand what Retrospec is.

We discussed specific components, but we also looked at some of the top-rated Retrospec skateboards.

Overall, Retrospec offers excellent quality and high-performativity to its customers. We hope this post helped you make up your mind on whether Retrospec is a reliable company or not.

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