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What is The Best Skateboard For Heavy Riders?

If you’ve come to this article, I’m sure you’re searching for advice on picking the most suitable skateboard for heavy rider. Weight should not be a barrier for aspiring heavy people who would like to skateboard.

As we all know, professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds are big boys. Therefore, there’s no reason for big guys to stop skateboarding. All you need to do is practice harder to master it.

Some taller and heavier skateboarders choose bigger and longer boards to compensate for a higher center of gravity and strength to move the skater forward.

However, a bigger board isn’t the only thing a big guy should consider. There are a number of other factors to address when it comes to choosing the best skateboard for heavy riders.

To avoid buying a skateboard that cannot hold your weight or last long, take the time to read through this comprehensive review.

best skateboard for heavy riders

Skateboard for heavy riders

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How does weight affect skateboarding?

Skateboarding has no restrictions on height or weight. It only requires a lot of effort, practice, and (unfortunately) falls.

Centre of gravity

Skateboarding is mostly influenced by a person’s center of gravity. The hypothetical position where gravity acts on an object is called the center of gravity (or center of mass).

Try keeping a pencil on your finger and balancing it. It’s more often than not impossible to balance the subject on its ends. You must work with the center, where its gravity center lies.

What would you do if you had to balance a person on a hypothetical giant finger? You’d place the body in a balanced role. The center of gravity for most people is around the belly button.

A person’s center of mass is, of course, determined by their height. This figure of a shorter person is lower than that of a taller one.

The center of gravity is essential in a lot of skateboarding tricks. Consider the case of Ollie – one of the most basic skateboard tricks. The skateboarder decreases his center of gravity by bending his knees.

skateboard for heavy rider

Centre of gravity

The foundations of boarding

What role does physics play for skateboarders? It’s just a question of using gravity and momentum.

Let’s bring back Ollie as an example. This trick is simple yet crucial for serving as the fundamental for a variety of more complex tricks.

In the most common terminology, an Ollie is a jump. It’s a jump in which the rider and the board remain attached to each other when flying across the air.

The way the board seems to be glued to the skateboarder’s feet is incredible. Even if a skater is several feet in the air, they never lose control of their board.

What is the mechanism behind it? Working with gravity and the center of mass is the heart of an Ollie.

In an Ollie, three factors are involved:

  • The rider’s weight
  • The influence of gravity on the skateboard
  • The force of the ground pressing up

When these forces come together, they counterbalance each other. As a consequence, there’s no net force. The board does not gather momentum as a result of this but rather rolls alongside the skater.

Why is it so critical to select the right skateboard for heavy riders?

It’s vital to choose the best skateboard for heavyweight skateboarders. Because of the higher weight, you are in an unusual situation that you must consider seriously before stepping on a skateboard.

best skateboards for heavy riders

Safety is the most critical consideration. However, I will go through other factors to see why finding the right skateboard for heavy riders is essential.

Picking the best skateboard with the accurate weight can avoid squeaking noises from the truck due to wear and tear.

If you’re an overweight rider, you’re more likely to snap a thin, lightweight skateboard built for normal riders.

Bamboo or fiberglass are widely used in the design of skateboards for big riders. These durable substances provide extra support to endure the larger weight.

With the right skateboard, heavyweight riders can try tricks and stunts.

best skateboards for heavy riders

Top things to consider before purchasing a skateboard for big guys

Make sure to consider the following important things before selecting the best skateboards for heavy riders.

Deck material

Typically, there are three types of best deck materials for heavy riders to consider, including fiberglass, bamboo, and hardwood maple.

When selecting a wooden board, the number of wood layers is essential. Some boards have three to six levels, which are insufficient for your needs. Check out outboards of eight to eleven layers of wood. These are very durable and long-lasting.

Fiberglass and bamboo provide extra support. They are perfect for cruising and performing stunts and tricks.

Deck width

The deck width is measured at the skateboard’s widest point. The wider the width, the more balanced a heavy rider feels, especially when performing tricks or riding at high speeds.

best skateboard for heavy riders

Taller people usually need boards that are larger and broader. A skateboard’s width should be proportional to the height of the rider. For heavy riders, an 8″ deck is suitable, but a 10″ deck is preferable.

Weight limit

When shopping for a skateboard for heavy riders, the weight limit is the most important factor. You may want to avoid boards that can only support 220 pounds or less. They are insufficiently powerful and secure.

The majority of skateboards designed for heavy users will support up to 250 pounds and more. It’s wise to be mindful of your weight (plus any things you want to bring along on the ride) and the maximum weight that your skateboard can support.

Besides, the skateboard’s weight is essential as there will be occasions when you have to take it along with you – in areas where you won’t be able to ride it.

A worth considering example is the White Wave Bamboo, an outstanding skateboard for riders weighing up to 300 pounds.

Trucks and Wheels

Heavy riders are advised to purchase trucks with a 40-degree angle. It provides excellent speed and stability.

The size of the wheels is also significant. A 70 mm (2.75inches) wheel is ideal. However, one rule of thumb is that the wider the wheels on your skateboard, the easier it can travel and the more support it will offer.

The wheels’ durometer should also be considered. A 78A rating is an excellent choice. Big soft wheels will undoubtedly offer the best grip on the ground.

skateboard for heavy rider

The shape of the skateboard

For heavyweight skaters, drop-through skateboards are the best choice. The style aids in weight distribution and keeps the skateboard centered.

Regular concave-shaped boards are also a good option. There are some choices available if you want regular concave-shaped boards.

Look for boards that have wheels protruding from the deck. In this respect, the Sgodde bamboo board is an outstanding choice.


Skateboards are available at a broad variety of prices, ranging from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars!

Better options always are more expensive than normal ones, ensure that you get all of your best quality features.

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Tips to avoid skateboard breakage for big guys

You’re more likely to break the skateboard if you’re a heavy rider. As a result, learning useful hacks to prevent this from happening is a good idea. Here are a few tips:

Land correctly

Skateboard breakage is very likely to occur for heavy users, but individuals who have mastered how to land properly will rarely encounter this issue.

When you land, bend your knees and try to position your legs over your trucks. These two movements are supposed to protect the skateboard’s deck.

best skateboard for heavy riders

Use skateboards from reputable companies

The high quality skateboard always brings customers the greatest experience. This statement is accurate not just for heavy riders but for all skateboarders.

Therefore, you may want to buy skateboards that were designed by respectable manufacturers and made of sturdy materials.

Use a stronger and tougher skateboard deck

If you’ve been riding high-quality decks, landing appropriately, and yet still damaging them, it’s time to upgrade. Feel free to go for a tougher and more robust skateboard deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to skateboard if you’re overweight?

Skateboarding would not necessitate lightweight. Skateboarders are in all shapes and sizes.

Simply learning the requisite landing steps and techniques, as well as utilizing the appropriate product, will enable you to skateboard confidentially.

What’s the highest weight a skateboard can carry?

The maximum weight you can place on a skateboard is 272.3 pounds. Generally, it depends on the pace, the thrust, and the simplicity of riding.

Different types of skateboards have different weight limits. The longboard, for example, can carry a full weight of 300 pounds, while the penny board can only support 192 pounds.

Furthermore, according to expert advice, riders should be under the weight limit because sliding, turning, and tricks all necessitate some weight considerations. A skateboard weight chart will give you a quick idea.

Is a heavy rider skateboard expensive?

Yes, heavy rider skateboards are costly to purchase. Good-quality deck, robust truck and wheels, and safety rating are the key reasons for their high price.

In other terms, they are more costly than other boards because producers use expensive materials to create them.

Which are the best skateboards for heavy riders?

A wider deck with great thickness is necessary for a heavy rider. Both Whome and Arcade skateboards have a size of 31″ x 8″ and are highly suggested for heavy riders. Breakage would not be a concern since they are made of thick maple wood.

Beleev’s trucks are made of 7-ply maple wood that ensures turning and sliding effectively. Heavy riders need bearings that can support their weight. Beleeve produces cutting-edge bearings that can endure sideways cracks and street bumps.

On the other hand, Whome has trucks that contain electroplates and carbon steel shafts. With high precision 608RS bearings, Whome provides full speed.

With these special bearings, you’ll get the smoothest journey of your life. These boards are a must-have for a smoother and faster daily ride.

Safety tips for tall skateboarders

Skateboarding is an undeniably cool activity. But bear in mind that skateboarding accidents occur occasionally, particularly when riders skate in the wrong position or do not wear protective gear.

One thing, tall skateboarders should wear more padding to reduce the risk of injuries when skating because tall riders have a higher likelihood of falling.

skateboard for heavy rider

Besides, if you’re going on ramps, you should wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee caps, and wrist guards.

It is important to choose safe riding places to avoid accidents. Before riding on any surface, make sure it’s safe. Skateboard only on flat surfaces free of cracks or clutter, such as garbage or sticks.

Final Verdict

You can now understand that choosing the right skateboard for heavy people is extremely important to both your safety and ultimate skating comfort.

It is important to always keep in mind the features mentioned above to choose the right skateboard for your size and skating desires.

It all works out, as you can see. Relax, have fun, and go at your own pace when learning to skate. Don’t compare yourself to other skaters; enjoy yourself and keep practicing, and you’ll soon master this exciting sport.

Feel free to share this article with a friend who has always desired a skateboard but has been hesitant due to his or her weight. I hope you find this article useful. Have fun looking for the ideal skateboard for heavy riders!

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